May 29, 2009

'Motivation' - A change to bring about!

MOTIVATION comes from the Latin word 'moveers' which means to move.

It is the energizer of behavior and mother of all actions. Motivation is one key factor in understanding oneself. It is the WHY behind every action of ours. It is that push that makes you to do something worthwhile.

All of us are here to find the motive behind our lives. Every single day we are engaged in the process called self-understanding...why we want to follow a particular path, where will that path lead us to, what will be the repercussions of following that particular path and what if we don't choose to follow that path.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors...heard of them?

Intrinsic factors include...doing something for internal happiness, may be. For example, playing a soccer match? When doing an activity itself becomes a reward for you, that form of motivation is called Intrinsic.

Extrinsic factors includes rewads from external sources. For example, money or recognition.

My point is that each activity we perform is a result of some direct or indirect motivational factors. Motivation is something that keeps us alive and kickin'.

Hunger for success motivates you.

Thirst for something you have always dreamt of having motivates you.

Financial Security? Why? Your family's faces motivate you.

Work and earn points at work? Why? The fator called Recognition motivates you.

There might be different reasons why to feel motivated. Your reasons and mine may be entirely different. But what I mean to say is everyone feels and should feel motivated!

'Motivation' is one thing that should run in your blood, in every vein! When your goal seems to be unrealistic to anyone, don't you think that you need that push in you to show everyone that it was very much achievable? So that you feel like celebrating with the world after you accomplish it?

I know, with each tough moment, it gets difficult to keep oneself motivated... but it is only this M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. that will keep you going and sail through every storm.

With motivations, comes happiness.

A lot of difference lies in saying - 'would want' and 'I must'. 'I must' will give you the push! Whereas, 'would want' will help you remain laid back! Getting out of that 'comfort zones' we enjoy needs Motivation, realizing those goals needs the motivation. There is some part of us that does not want to accept that change, that does not want to reach our objectives in life. For this, breaking those inhibitions and remaining motivated is the key!

Stay motivated, no matter what in you forces you to remain laid back!

Staying motivated, is staying happily and successfully.

Wishing each one of you all the success and happiness you desire!

Love and blessings,

P.S.: This post is inspired by two people very special to me. Thank you Pushkala didi and Sandeep! Love ya guys!

May 28, 2009

DOP's PU Becomes Half A Year Old :)

I wish I could tell you friend,
How much you mean to me,
I don’t have any words to express,
What our friendship has been.

A little sweet, a little sour,
Yet it has been the best,
In this little time we’ve been friends,
I feel that I have been blessed.

Very friendly, sometimes shy,
You’ve been quite a friend to me,
Giving me smiles and tears of joy,
With words that all could see

Loads of laughs we had together,
Shared the sorrows we have had,
Been by each other’s side indeed,
Both in good times and even bad

Little fights, a little madness,
Strong in our friendship throughout,
You were there when I felt lonely,
Coming to my side when I did shout

For you Artz, I don’t know dear,
What words to write, what to say,
I am your friend always and forever,
By your side, come what may.

PS: I want to write more Dop, but I am not getting words…. Additional one will write soon, give me invite to Pragmatic Utopia then also ok? Love ya loads, my bestest friend. Keep smiling, and I will definitely call you up and read out this poem to you! Heheh…

For You, My Silly Li'l Bestest Friend Artz!
Yours Always,


Hey people,

Today is 28th May, 2009 and today my blog turns six months old!!!!! Yays!!!!!

As a part of the celebrations, I have a few guest posts... :)

I was introduced to the world of blogging by Stephen! He was my first friend on orkut! This word called 'blogging'...has done so much to me! I have never been so addicted to anything in my life. Every single moment associated with this blog world has become a sweet memory!

I met so many people here...some of them mean so much to me now - Kajal, Sandeep, Vinay, Chirag, Prats, Kings, Chriz, Arjun, Priyanka, Asbah, Rashi and many more! My first big thanks goes to Stephen for this.

Alright guys, now its Awards Time... YayyyyyY!

My first award - 'FRIENDS FOREVER AWARD'.

Ste, Kajal, Sandeep, Arjun, Vinay, Priyanka, Princess Sonshu, Rashi, Kings, Prats, Chirag, Princess Nuchu, Chriz, Arun, Bhargav, Pulkit, Hashan, Rose and Charu.

Thanks for being there for me and appreciating my work when no one read it. Thanks Ste and Arjun, this one specially goes out for you! Thank you all for supporting me throughout. Love ya tonnez! :)

The second award - Best Teacher Award (Poetry) -

This award is only for three people who taught me the art of writing poetry. Their works have inspired me in times when I needed it the most. They have been the source of my inspiration and have always motivated me to write more and more. Prats, Vinay and Kajal...this is for you guys!! :)

The third award - Best Teacher (Prose)

I learnt a lot from the way Ste wrote his stories! He is such an inspiration. The second person I would like to mention about is Priyanka...amazing talent. So, Ste and Priyanka...this award is for you! :)

The fourth award - The Biggest Heart Award

Kajal, Sandeep, Ste, Vinay and Arjun...this is for you! You guys have the biggest and the most beautiful heart!! Love ya guys!! :)

The fifth award - Sweetness Personified Award!

The blog world is so full of people who are sweetness personified. Kajal, Sandeep, Ste, Vinay (You can take this award twice), Arjun, Arun, Nik, Rashi, Asbah, Priyanka, Prats, Sonshu, Nuchu, Insiya, Tan, Rose, Chriz, Chirag, Yamini, Pulkit, Bhargav, Hashan...phew!! This is for all of you!! :)

The sixth award - LOL Award
This can be for none other than - SANDEEP, ARJUN & CHRIZ!! You never cease to make me laugh.

The seventh award - Your Heart Speaks To Me award.
This award is for none other than - KAJAL. Her blog speaks to me! She is so much like me or rather I am so much like her!! My angel...Kajal! Whenever I read her, my life comes in front of my eyes as a snapshot! I just love the way she expresses herself...Mwah girl...mwah my angel!

The eighth award - Your Blog Rocks Award!

Ste, Kajal, Sandeep, Arjun, Vinay, Priyanka, Asbah, Chirag, Chriz, Sonshu and Nuchu...this is for you!

I want you guys to accept these awards and put it up on your blogs!

Thanks for being there with me...this journey has been worth it!!!

Love ya all!

In the comments section, I would like you all to talk a little about the awards you got and how you liked it.

P.S.: This is my first experiment with photoshop ever!!


Hey Aarthi,

First, congrats on completing six months in blogs ville. Second, I’m totally enjoying this celebration. Third, I’m going to GRAB and STEAL (yeah both) this opportunity to dedicate a small little, though heartfelt, something for you. Fourth, You are a sweet heart. Fifth, Eat well. ……………………………………………………………………….. One hundred and forty ninth, My smile has gone out of control. :)

This time, trust me on that. Now go watch that video again ( you know which one ). Take Care.

If you are smiling by the end of this post, keep that ‘smile’ ON forever. If you are not, then get back to the picture all over again.

Just for you Artz ...

Artz completes six months in blogsvilla today !! So what's there for me ?? I will tell you... I found a sweet sis for me in her ... thanks to blogs ... I can never forget how you took care to defend me when i needed it most ... how you fought with me when i left lounge ... how you were so vwery happy to see me back there ... and how you fill my life with smiles by ech sweet thing you do and say ...

I am indeed blessed to know you.. and i know all who know you will be ... So here's a little some thing for the sweet you :

Some one once asked me,
tell me of colors i know,
I let my heart open to nature
With my eyes closed,
I felt.....
red love
white peace
blue dreams
brown hardwork
yellow hope
orange smiles
green ideas
pink success
black sorrow
transparent tears

rainbow is joy...
just one thing had no color,
but also all of them,i saw
varying hues of

Cares is what i give to you all time .. coated in love and respect !! May you grow stronger and wiser with every day ... God bless your ink and your pens and keyboard to handle the wonderful ideas of your brains !!

God bless ya !
Luv 'n' Luck !!

Mind Games

Chronicwriter is doing a guest post in my page on the occasion of me completing 6 months of blogging.Over to the Chronicwriter...

Hi Folks,

I would like to congratulate Aarthi for this achievement. Kudos young girl. I would like to dedicate an article that would make everyone to think a lot.This kind of writing is something that you would never associate with the Chronicwriter. People wear different masks in different places. Chronicwriter wears a humor mask in his page and now in Paragmatic Utopia's page he is gonna wear a philosphical mask. He will guide the readers through a philosophical game. Anyone game to play this game?

Let us picture ourselves in a field of lush green grass.Now let is sit down on the grassfield.Now can we have absolute silence, focusing on pure emotion and intoxicating sensuality. Just imagine that you are sitting in darkness, in dark garments, blending in with the night, Invisible. Watching strangers when they think that no one is watching.

Every so often we will become infatuated with someone. The object/s of our infatuation can be anyone from characters in books to people online whom we have never met face to face before; people who we never (or rarely) see in physical form, just through the beauty of their words. Their gender is irrelevant to us. There are very few things that can compare to that euphoric enchantment of discovering someone or something that we can admire. For years we have thought that it would be nice to have someone to pretend things with; to look at the world around us and see familiar things as something magical.

It used to be easier to pretend. We might have thought maybe, as an adult, its easier to become swept away by make-believe when it involves two (or more) adult minds. The imaginative powers combine powerfully and it doesn't seem at all like an adult trying to recapture something lost.

Now let us focus on the game more. Just imagine that you are washing that person's hair with strawberry scented shampoo and watch the wind dry it on a cool, breezy calm day under a white sky; petting each others soft hair and looking into each others eyes.
Meloncholia,joy,euphoria all combined. The sadness we have felt, the loneliness, cruelty & depression that has been a part of our experiences is no longer forced to the back of our minds. The aesthetics of it romanticize it for us so it is more acceptable and rather than it being a burden it is an art form.
And it is something that attracts us to that person: Your ability to make those type of emotions have an enchanting, peaceful almost euphoric feeling attached to them. It makes me feel very joyful. Who would have thought that what's considered the 'hidden' emotions could make a person feel such bliss?

Note: If you had really played this psychological game, you would have fallen in love with that person you had in your mind by now. You need high degree of concentration to play this game. Our dreams follow this set of patterns. We could make our dreams come true, if only we are good in playing MIND GAMES.


Smile ever,Hurt never...

"One smile can stop 1000 tears"
How thoughtful this statement is.It is just a statement ,but think the impact it creates on ones mind. Parul always used to remind me of this statement time and again and tell me the hidden meaning behind it.Have you ever wondered what a smile can do ?A smile is a catalyst which has the property of melting even the heart of a dictator.By dictator,I refer to people who fail to understand the feelings of others.They are the people who consistently hurt others.Life is all about joy,sorrow and the things that surround us.There are certain things in life which may not remain constant forever.For instance,smile belongs to only those who learns to cherish and enjoy life.Life is all about ups and downs.If we try to rectify the reason behind these shortcomings,then life will be miserable.Being a smiler admist problems is a difficult task.

The other day I met a person who lives in a slum . I was amazed at the kind of life he was living. His life is full of sorrows and failures.Instead of cursing his fate,he learned how to overcome the difficulties in life.
We are not here to talk about smile and happiness.I just want to ask where we people are heading.As a firm believer of Islam and Prophet Muhamad,I would like to ask my fellow friends something.Did almighty Allah ever say that violence or extremism is the answer to all evils happening in the world.Could any one succumb to do such things that would hurt others.
Writing a blog is one way of expressing yourself. Blog is one such medium that gives the liberty to express yourself.The Pink Orchid,Chronic writer,The Solitary Writer,Yem Bee Aye,Busy writer,Simply Me,Pretty Me,The silent soul ,Common Man and many have used this meduim to reach their readers.I am not using this post to promote these bloggers.I just want my readers to take a note of these guys.Well,I don't want to divert the topic. Hurting people is an art.Well its crazy ,but thats my view and I should say that I have mastered this art of hurting people.Initial half we concentrated on "SMILE" and now lets lay our emphasis on "HURT"factor.I would say better think twice before hurting any one.The great Napolean Bonaparte was said to have hurt his soldiers,but later on he regret for his actions.Hurting one through words or actions is very easy. The 'COMMON MAN' in this country needs to learn a lot. God knows why RK Laxman sketched his infamous "COMMON MAN" character.This is just because he was confident that through his art character he could reach people.But it should be noted that the 'COMMON MAN' has no rights of hurting others verbally or by any means.Well ,look who is talking?To talk about Buddha ,you don't need to be Buddha.I have hurt this girl several time.Parul would better answer this question when you ask her how many times Stephen has hurt her and why.Infact she could better create a blog . Not just Parul ,many others would answer it of which most of them are my beloved ones.Hurting is bad and this statement coming from me may not and should not surprise you.I'm an experienced pro in this matter.Thus I want to conclude that smile ever hurt never.
A smile can change your life, but few words that tend to hurt others should be avoided.It induces something which would create enmity between friends.It can turn great friends into worst foes. A smile is a medicine for all your wounds. Life is a pool of water which contain ripples of joy and sorrow.Try throwing a stone on the pool,it will splash water on you.Try implementing this in real world scenario.Help others, and it would get counted as a blessing.

About this guest post,I would like to thank Aarthi for giving me this opportunity to write for her blog.Her baby has just started growing and it has turned 6 months old.A proud moment for a Mom.Aarthi would be proud as well.My bond with Aarthi is too old.When I met her I was not the Solitary Writer.I was just normal Ste to everyone.I would like to drag you to the summers of May 2006 when I met her first time in this real world of virtuality.She was my 5th Orkut friend.(God!!I remember this).Later on 320 friends joined the list.But she is amongst my oldest friend who is still in touch with me.She is a sweetheart friend,my sister,my alter ego and moreover a great person.
Don't have words after seeing your gesture.I don't know I will return back your gesture.She entered the blogworld recently and thanks to Sensational Ste.He was the one who inspired her to write blogs.Now someone please pat on my back.Guys!!Our gang is large . Sandeep, Asbah ,Insi, Leo, Rashi, Aarthi, Arjun, Priyanka, Kajal and our list goes on.So all Common girls,Common boys, Common man,Common woman, Common uncle,Common aunty, Common brothers, Common sisters,Common fiances (ouch!!not common ),Common best friends,Common engineers and Common doctors ...we are not sleeping here....Time is the wisest counseller..Hahaha.

With this I conclude this post.Once again congratulations to your baby"Pragmatic Utopia"for turning half yr old. Congragulations Aarthi for this milestone.

May 27, 2009

To My Tigress..

Hey Aarthi,

I am really honoured that you thought of me during this half yearly blog anniversary celebration. I am really excited that I am writing in your space. :D

You were always there in my gtalk list. Quiet! 'coz we hardly talked. But do you know what was the best part? You knew everything about me, even without me telling you and the same goes for me too.

I really don't want to write a story or a poem. All I want to say is that -

I treasure you and I guess I've never cared for someone so much, someone with whom I've not talked much. But you are this soft rose petal for me, full of fragrance, but delicate. Yet, you are my tigress, and together we make a bombshell team. ;) You look the best when you are happy, it makes everything look bright and when you are sad, it breaks my heart.

Do ask Sandeep, sometime, that how many instructions did I give him before he made that call to you? (though he didnt need any, but still) I am so proud that you found a brother in him. He would never let that smile fade. Never!

Do you get the point? I wouldn't want any kinda hurt or sorrow to even come close to you. You are in my prayers since the day we started talking. Now I pray for both my sisters that all the sorrows that are gonna come your way should be given to me and my smiles should go to you two. I will smile in your smiles and you could cry in my tears.

Gosh! I don't know why I get so emotional everytime I write something for you. I shall end it here. Just wanted to let you know, I am always here for you! ALWAYS!!


Keep Blogging and keep discovering yourself in your writes!! I am happy for you and every beautiful piece that you write, makes me immensely proud of you.



With all my love and care,

May 26, 2009

Love ya Bhai...!! I really do!! :)

Image Courtesy
Sometimes I just hate everything around me. Everything stops making sense to me. And precisely, that is when I hide my face into the pillow and cry my heart out. I cry till I end up laughing.
But every day is not the same!
Yesterday was a lot more different than any other day. I was blamed for something that I just did not do.
Yesterday I felt the need of someone who would listen to me, comfort me and give me a feeling that he/she is there for me. A feeling that he/she just does not love me only when I am happy but also when am sad, dejected, when I feel lonely and need a shoulder to lean on and cry!

Believe me, yesterday night was very tough for me.
And all thanks to you...I am back to the smiling me! You brought me back. I was always afraid of you for no bloody reason. Just that the aura around you had always left me speechless bhai! Really!
I always stopped myself from talking to you, from calling you. But yesterday was it!! I just had to. Had I not called you, I would have cursed myself, my life and everything that happened and cried all night long. Thankfully, I did call you.
That one word by which you addressed me did wonders for me Bhai. You called my 'beta'. It was so genuine and I know that. :)
The way you handled me, no one would have ever been able to do that. I don't know how you do it, I just look up to you!! :)

I slept with that smile on my face...a smile for which I will be forever indebted to you! :)

'Thank you' is something that is said to a friend, an acquaintance. But for words, no thank you's, no sorries! Words would always fail to describe what I feel for you.
*World's biggest and tightest hug to you bhai*
Love ya tonnes! :)

P.S.: I hope you read this. Teri raatein ab gayi. Expect my call anytime ab se. :)

May 25, 2009

Emotional Atyachaar...!!

I remember one day when I was in my home town, and was sitting in the courtyard of my house. We lived in an Agraharam, a lane where only Brahmins could live {Link}.

I saw two school boys perfectly dressed in uniforms walking past my house. From the other side of the lane, they saw two old men walking towards them. Those were the times when the school declared a holiday on the event of a death of any old person from the village!

The name of the first boy was Ramalingam and the second boy's name was Shyamu.

Enjoy the conversation:
Ramalingam - Hey, do you see these old men coming from the other side of the lane?
Shyamu - Oh yes da, why?? Whats wrong?? Do you know them??
Ramalingam - No, not about knowing them. But it feels as if our TWO HOLIDAYS are approaching towards us. Wonder when will we get them!!
Both winked at each other.


Same is the case with the Indian Government. After the campaining (begging), polling and results of elections 2009, all I see is many more holidays to come!! :)

With the office bearers' age bracket as 65-75, I see many more holidays and hence, more happiness and smiles.

All the best to the Indian Government!! :)

May 21, 2009

Savior for Me, A Life to See...

He is my Angel
My Savior
He took me by my hand
And showed to me
The Road to Happiness!
I worried
I had lost my smile
Kept yearning for someone
Who would
Bless me with a life!
God heard my cries
He sent you for me
That soothing smile
My sorrows
I saw them flee!
With you by my side
The journey seems joyful
Every pain seems to fade away
Happiness our companion
Along with all those smiles!
Being with me
Is what I need as a promise
With you with me
I am ready for more to see!
This is a dedication for my friend Vinay a.k.a. Leo! It has been a pleasure knowing you! :)

Dear Mom...!!

Dear Mom,

I always wanted to know
How much you love me
Staying awake through the night
I cried for that love

That love
That I wanted to see in your eyes
I never saw it ever
Why mom? Why?

Why do you make me cry
Can't you see the pain in my eyes?
I know you know my pain
Still you never hold my hand
My tears all in vain!

Hold me dear Mom
You mean the world to me
Let me share your worries
Will I ever see your love
Raining on Me?

Will you let me confide in you?
A moment of happiness
A single moment of bliss
Is all that I desire!

When I try to hug you next
Please do not push me away
Let me rest in peace there
Because that is my world
My world to stay!

- Your Daughter!

May 18, 2009

Fly away with freedom :)

I write this post not out of frustration, but out of sheer understanding of WHAT I AM. It might surprise you guys but it took me time to make myself understand that rather than being sad because I am not the sort of person that my friends want me to be, I should understand that if 5 or 6 people hate me, I have a 100 more to love me for what I am!

You say I am to be blamed if I don't fit in properly into a so-called extraordinary group of yours? I don't think I should be blamed after all for what I think you all did to me! When will some people understand that I cannot be like them? If you think I don't match up to your standards, its alright! After all no one is that dependent on anybody! Right??

You cannot blame Usha Utthup for not singing like Shreya Ghoshal, can you?? Nor can you blame Romesh Powar for not playing like Sachin Tendulkar! Right?? Hah! How dumb!! And I kept blaming myself for it all this while.

Sometimes it is just so better to let go of things.
We have a habit of clinging on to things. We indulge so much in emotions that we somehow turn our backs to practicality! Emotions are good, but not at the expense of hurting yourself. People may not necessarily understand you all the time - why you did it, what you did etc. We, for that matter at least I, always think of giving it one more try - one more try to strike a chord with the other person, one more try to keep him/her happy, but all I end up doing is getting hurt and still getting up to give it a try ONE MORE TIME! It is better at times to realize that you are not the one for this. I can't let someone rule on me!

I have been a philanthropist all my life, but now I feel the need to change! I want to live for myself, my family and the ones whom I love. I don't want to be hurt all the time when I am trying so hard to bring a smile to your face!

Life is tough, a lot more tougher for me now! I have to take every expectation in my stride and I have to fulfill them! I might disappoint a few, but that would always have a reason!

I always wondered Why ME? May be certain things are better left unanswered. And that is what life teaches you! Take everything that comes your way...disappointments, happiness, love, failures, success, pain...everything! Set yourself free...! Trust me on will only see yourself changed for the better! :)

P.S.: You might end up feeling that I am oh so sad, but duh!! You are wrong! I am so very happy that I rediscovered so many things about myself!

Image Courtesy

May 14, 2009


Your thoughts slowly creep
As I toss and turn in the sleep,
That walk on the beach
The happiness beginning to seep!

The dreams we saw
Of a happy tomorrow,
Once they were real
Once when you were here!

My life now colorless
To live I fight each day,
The withered soul
I wish I had you with me, i pray!

Why did you teach me how to smile
When you had to take it all away,
Should I blame it on you
Or should it be considered my mistake?

True was my love for you
You still wandering in my thoughts,
And you know what they say
Better not to have loved than to have loved and lost!!

May 13, 2009

Congrats Dear Poetic Princess :)

Hug Graphics

Dearest Poetic Princess,

Through this post I take the opportunity to congratulate you on reaching this milestone of 100 posts!!

Wow!! What a journey it was...isn't it??

Its not been very long since I know you but reading your writes has been a wonderful experience for all of us!

You are such a sweetheart!! The 145+ followers' count makes it all the more evident.

May God keep our Poetic Princess happy always. May that smile never fade away!!

Your writes teach me a lot...they really do!! So, keep writing...!!

Today you've posted your 100th one, and no soon will that count jump to 200th. :)

So glad to have you as my friend. May you be the reigning Queen of the blog world. May you grow with every passing day. May God be kind to you.

Thank you so much for all the awards you honoured me with!
This is for you Kajal -

Love and hugs,

Artz!! :)

May 11, 2009

Thanksgiving No. 2 ... SEBY!

*Coughs again*
*Music plays*

I proudly present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Seby John!!! No, no, no...not the Security Exchange Board of India! :P

I met him three years was his freshers' party. I was his senior in college. There was a classmate of mine, lets say A, who came running to me and told me about this guy...she was telling me how cute he is...and she went blah blah blah about him. I was not attending college just when the new session had I just had no idea about who Seby was!
Then I was told that A was trying to test her luck and she had tried striking a conversation with Seby and she pronounced his name as Saby...he striked back saying... "Its not name is Seby...Seby John!" Whoa!! James Bond style...not bad! I still wonder how A would have! She was trying her best to start a conversation with the so-called new kid on the block...and he stops her right then!! Anyways, lets continue with the Thanksgiving now. far as my memory goes, he is the one whom I loved like my own kid. I could never and I still can never see something happening to him. During my college days, he was the most precious possession of mine! As I just said, it was almost as if I POSSESSED HIM or may be as if HE WAS MINE. :P

May be I was stupid, but I know Seby understands why I felt that way!
When we had just started talking, I realised that we hit off immediately. Being a sort of person who gets uncomfortable in front of strangers, I did not even realize how everthing had turned around.

He is one emotionless wreck...nope, may be that is what some people feel! Outwardly an emotionless wreck may be! But all those 'revelation sessions' we had during our late night! Thank God! I know, he aint a robot!
Chocolate boy kinds with a super cute lover boy image...yes, that is what he looks like!
I am not in touch with any of my college friends after I graduated. But this is one guy whom I cannot do without. I have cried a million times whenever he fought with me. I've laughed a zillion times when I was with him. I never knew what life had in store for me...glad to know it was him!
I know how possessive we are about each other, the amount of love we hold in our hearts!
Once there was a fight in my college which had me and him involved in it. I tried my best to support him and guess what guys, at 4.45 AM in the morning I had this guy messaging me. He messaged me this -
"Yaar Aarthi, neend nahi aa rahi...teri yaad aa rahi hai :(
You've supported me so much. Agar aaj tu nahi hoti toh sab meri &%#2% maar dete.
Pata nahi how am I gonna make up for everything that you've done for me. I'm surviving in this college only because of you. Thanks a lot.
You dunno how much you mean to me, may be I wont be able to express either. Muah, bye!"
And people call him inexpressive and he??
Atleast for me, he is not!
He was my bestestest friend, my support system! I was myself in front of him and he loved me that way!
Dear My Beast, this is what I still feel for you. I was never able to do without you and its still the same. You mean a lot to'll always be this way! Please lets not fight anymore! :)

P.S.: Sorry for that message thing :P
Love you tonnez!! Muah! :)

P.P.S.: That the worst pic of ours. But its okayy! After all, its just the feelings that matter! :P

May 9, 2009

I'm Waiting! :(

I'm waiting
I'm waiting for this plant to grow
That one day it becomes a tree
And from all the burdens it sets me free!

Twenty girls I liked
Twenty Five I proposed
Thirty slapped me
And therefore I tied this rope!

You know not the pain
We hold in our little hearts
The way we run after you
And you make us see the stars!

Damn all these damsels
I've now decided
Agonised is my soul
I feel alienated!

I trusted in you
Your 'No's have hurt me
All my savings
You've made me spend all the money!

I water this plant every day
Let it grow
And to end my agony
I've tied this rope!

Image Courtesy

May 8, 2009

The Second Childhood...!

Just when I was a kid,
I never felt the burden of any responsibility,
Everything was so filled with innocence,
Everything full of sanctity.

When I grew up,
Life was never again simple,
Such rough patches,
My skin's wrinkle.

Today I stand alone,
Like an oak tree,
I see these children,
Climbing the mountains in a spree.

I've lost all my glory,
Lost the twinkle in the eye,
The dull remembrance of everything,
All frozen up within.

Tonight as the sun sets,
When I am growing old by another day,
I have a wish in my heart,
Do not cry, just remember me all day!

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May 4, 2009

And I Finally Saw You...

Three years back
Just three years back
You turned away from Me
And I couldn't call you back!

My soul in anguish
My dreams you shattered
You turned away from Me
As if I never mattered!

I ran away from home
It is my wedding tonight
I can see you, feel you and speak to you
They say I am not alright!

I know you still exist
I am not wrong
They call me insane
But to you I belong!

I've run a long way to find you
A long way tonight
And to be one with you
Is going to be my last rite!

In the midst of this starry paradise
I gaze at the sky
I see you looking at me
And you winked thrice!

I finally saw you tonight
To prove to everyone that I am right
That our love is true
And I finally saw you! :)

P.S. : Thank you for choosing the picture for me and inspiring and motivating me to try my hand at poetry dear Vinay.

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Together from the Womb :)

From the womb we are connected,
That is where we stem from,
Ever since then,
Together we have been throwing a tantrum!

He pushes me,
I throw on him my toys,
He hates me,
And I hate these boys!

He is ill,
And I cannot sleep,
Didn't I tell you I hate him,
Then why do I weep?

That is how we are,

Just the way you are,

Every leaf is our sibling,
And the roots, the womb!

We take birth, live together,
If any one of us dies,
We mourn the loss together.
We protect each other, we protect you,
From sun, from rain,
No matter what we go through.

We fight, we crib, we rant,

Together we live, we plan,

To be happy, to grow each day,

To learn the life's lessons,

The lessons our way! :)

P.S.: Thank you Vinay for the picture and motivating me to write another poem! :) I hope I did justice to it.

May 2, 2009

Color me the way you want...!

I see you coming every day to meet us,
But never do you come close to me.
I know not why,
May be because I'm white,
And others, are colors galore.

I am sometimes prodded by unworthy passers-by,
I know not what my mistake is.
I return the next season,
Blooming dauntlessly.

I see you have grown old,
But something in you is still the same,
You still ignore me,
And I still feel the pain.

I may be white,
I may be colorless,
I may not be pleasing and appealing,
But I am here, waiting for you.
Waiting for the day you would touch me,
Waiting for the day my setting dream would see a sunrise.

Color me the way you want,
Color me Red, Blue, Pink or Cyan,
Color me the way you want to see me,
I am here, only for you.

P.S.: This is my first attempt at poetry ever in life. Please bear with me if I have made any mistake.

May 1, 2009

EaCh ExPeRiEnCe EnRiChEs LiFe!!

"Each experience counts."

You would have often heard people saying this, ain't it?

True! Each experience does count...

Let me explain this by being a bit more illustrative.

All of us hated going to school. For us SCHOOL meant - homework, classes, teachers, intelligent students, bullying, fights, principal...phew!! But it has taught us so much...if not anything, then at least we can understand the difference between the good and the bad! :)

Financial difficulties... This teaches you how to be stronger. When your friends become your foes, you are just left with the ones who are truly concerned about you...that is when you know who are the ones who care for you. Each difficulty that comes along with it only makes you stronger. You learn how to hold on to your God, you learn how to manage your family, everything!

When you have no friends...You learn how to be at peace with yourself. You learn how to grow.

When you see poverty around you, you learn how to be happy with what you have!

When you are in love, you understand the importance of giving that love to someone, no matter who they are. They might be your friends, family, a stranger or may be your loved one! You realize how important it is to care for them.

When you are sad and see a smile on somebody's face, you feel like being happy. That is when you realize the importance of a smile.

When you see your parents fighting for petty issues, you realize your to make peace between them, how to bring back that love in them for each other.

Go paragliding, you will learn how to curb that fear in you.

When someone does something bad to you, you realize how wicked the outside world is.

Each experiences truly enriches life, whether bad or good.

It acts as a coat to life that never wears out.... they mould you into a better human being. So whenever you face something difficult, it'll be for the better.
P.S.: This is a very random post. You may feel that there is no essence, but you'll have to bear with me because...this is my blog! Simple! :P