July 15, 2011

...Everything that was once a part of what I called 'My Life'

"Remember those walls I built,
Well, baby they're tumbling down,
And they didn't even put up a fight,
They didn't even make up a sound..."
...Says Beyonce in her outstanding track called 'HALO.'

Everything is just going to amount to something really big in the coming few days. REALLY BIG!

Yes, I am here almost after eternity. Someone has been forcing me a lot to write. But, I am here not because of that someone today. I am here because I really have to take it all out of me. I really feel the need to 'vent' it out on someone. I do not want anyone to tell me - 'Do this or do that.' I really need someone who can just listen to me. And, no one else better than this blog (which was my Utopian World) can come to my rescue.

There is just nothing that is permanent. Every thing, person, emotions and situations undergo the stage of transition. Trust me, the recent best understanding of mine... there is nothing that is YOURS forever. People will break your heart (and yes, this time, they didn't even make up a sound), you would be royally screwed from all sides, no one would ever tell you what to do, there would be no running away, no tears and no comforting hugs always by your side!

Sometimes it is better to be YOU... alone, struggling but happy! ...at least you don't owe a goddamn explanation to every person on earth. It can be so difficult at times to stand someone who just knows how to be stubborn, to dominate and wants you to sacrifice your dreams so that his dreams become a reality!

Male chauvinistic society, I tell you.

It would have been much better if I was born a Muslim. I would at least have valid reasons for me being this way!

And today, you are also going away. For the better, of course, I trust.
I do not have a problem. I am not complaining. I really wanted everything to be good. But now, I am prepared...to see, what is really going to come in front of me. Because now, I have learnt it the hard way that... this is LIFE! ...No dependency, no hard feelings, no more crying. Wish you luck!

Pathetic it may be, but this is Reality! ...and this time, I am not running away from this.

Take Care people.
More rants coming your way!