November 29, 2008

Somewhere Anisha knew what was going wrong but never did she want to help it. She cried..waiting that one day someone would come and help her. Call it her destiny that even her parents failed to notice that Anisha was no more that "happy" angel that she used to be.
"Anisha, we know that you would love to make a career in the field of accounts. But, darling, we propose that you should take up science as your subject and pursue Architecture," her dad said. Unlike her friends, she had always been a very submissive girl. She never resented to what her parents thought was right for her..but this time it was a decision of a lifetime for her.
Lying in her bed, she thought about everything that her parents did for her ever since she stepped into this world. "Dad..i would love to take up science" she said..with her eyes brimmed with tears.
The word "compromise" that had never been a part of her dictionary soon started making its presence felt.
It was the last day of her Class X Board Exams..that very night she had decided that she would be talking to her parents and yes..she did..
She told them what she wanted from her wasnt wasnt this loneliness that she had ever dreamt of..she wanted to be happy.. She loved freedom..and it was just this freedom that she wanted..
"Dad..i wanna make my life on my own! I would love to learn from my mistakes! Even if i don't end up being a bigshot someday..i would know that i tried..and atleast that would surely put my heart to rest..!!"
Today..Anisha is pursuing her studies in the field of commerce. She knows that she would make it big someday. She is happy. Her "friends"..they love this independent, free-spirited girl. And i must say..with time, she has grown immensely beautiful.
But not everyone like Anisha get what they want and what they've been longing for. What matters is..who tried and who didn't.
"I will get what i want..may be not today..but tomorrow for sure! I will never stop trying..!"

November 28, 2008

Mysterious "BEAUTY"..

In the normal day-to-day life we come across hundreds of people..and to our dismay, we find everyone to be very "ordinary"..!! Monotonous..thats the word!! Our eyes forget to notice how everyone is special.
Sometimes i'm forced to think..that is it an art to make yourself get noticed or is it just luck and pure destiny that makes you grab all the attention..!! For a very long time I've lived a life under-cover..a life that, for a long time, has gone unnoticed..a soul inside me screaming for freedom..a freedom which was always a distant dream to me. To describe how it felt at those times, when people who mattered looked down upon me with those eyes filled with disgust, i will have to re-live those moments and this very thought of re-living those moments sends shivers down my spine.
Anisha, a girl in her mid-teens, is truly an angel. For her, everything was perfect when she was a kid..everything..happiness, smiles, frequent outings with her parents, few friends, those toys and the innocence. But as they say.."With a sunrise comes a sunset"..things soon started changing. Life soon became all the more demanding..harsh realities of life started chasing her. Unable to escape from the clutches of this ruthless life, she gave in.
All those whom she cherished as her true friends turned their back at her. Her life was really undergoing a complete paradigm shift. Tears, disappointment and sleepless nights..She tried and thought about every possible reason that took away her friends from her who were, in the past, the only solace for her.
Life answered..and she felt disgusted..devastated..and broken!! She realized she wasnt beautiful..she wasnt an extrovert and she wasnt all that..all that her schoolmates were. With time, she understood that she was no longer the person she was..a fun-loving girl, with ambitions and lots of dreams in her kitty! The so-called "INFERIORITY COMPLEX" found a permanent home in her. She was scared everytime she met someone.."What if he too dislikes me..loathes me??"
Her silence was her best friend..her room was her world..!!