May 29, 2009

'Motivation' - A change to bring about!

MOTIVATION comes from the Latin word 'moveers' which means to move.

It is the energizer of behavior and mother of all actions. Motivation is one key factor in understanding oneself. It is the WHY behind every action of ours. It is that push that makes you to do something worthwhile.

All of us are here to find the motive behind our lives. Every single day we are engaged in the process called self-understanding...why we want to follow a particular path, where will that path lead us to, what will be the repercussions of following that particular path and what if we don't choose to follow that path.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors...heard of them?

Intrinsic factors include...doing something for internal happiness, may be. For example, playing a soccer match? When doing an activity itself becomes a reward for you, that form of motivation is called Intrinsic.

Extrinsic factors includes rewads from external sources. For example, money or recognition.

My point is that each activity we perform is a result of some direct or indirect motivational factors. Motivation is something that keeps us alive and kickin'.

Hunger for success motivates you.

Thirst for something you have always dreamt of having motivates you.

Financial Security? Why? Your family's faces motivate you.

Work and earn points at work? Why? The fator called Recognition motivates you.

There might be different reasons why to feel motivated. Your reasons and mine may be entirely different. But what I mean to say is everyone feels and should feel motivated!

'Motivation' is one thing that should run in your blood, in every vein! When your goal seems to be unrealistic to anyone, don't you think that you need that push in you to show everyone that it was very much achievable? So that you feel like celebrating with the world after you accomplish it?

I know, with each tough moment, it gets difficult to keep oneself motivated... but it is only this M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. that will keep you going and sail through every storm.

With motivations, comes happiness.

A lot of difference lies in saying - 'would want' and 'I must'. 'I must' will give you the push! Whereas, 'would want' will help you remain laid back! Getting out of that 'comfort zones' we enjoy needs Motivation, realizing those goals needs the motivation. There is some part of us that does not want to accept that change, that does not want to reach our objectives in life. For this, breaking those inhibitions and remaining motivated is the key!

Stay motivated, no matter what in you forces you to remain laid back!

Staying motivated, is staying happily and successfully.

Wishing each one of you all the success and happiness you desire!

Love and blessings,

P.S.: This post is inspired by two people very special to me. Thank you Pushkala didi and Sandeep! Love ya guys!


The Pink Orchid said...

waah waah...human psychology ka ek poora chapter tha ye.. :)

p.s. made me smile..

proud of ya lil one.. :)

Arun Kumar said...

Yep... agree with on this...
motivation n recognition keep u alive n proceeding..

Arjun said...

So very true Aarthi..!! :)

Got me motivated... :)


Priyanka said...

good one!
motivating indeed! :)

Leo said...

feels like u talked with a psychologist... did u talk with Raash? :)

it did make me smile... very motivating! tc Dop!