February 19, 2009

Spirit Re-Motivated...

It was drizzling that night...Vidisha removed the curtains off her window and she went back to her table. She was trying hard to complete the story she was writing. She could hear the fluttering sound of her window. It became impossible for her to concentrate on her work.
She lay on her bed. Many things needed her attention in life. She recalled the day when she had lost her husband. Somehow that pain had sunk in. She turned and saw both her kids sleeping peacefully. Once she remembered, she had asked her daughter Amrita...if she should marry someone else. To this Amrita replied that she was not afraid if their new father would treat them well or not but she was scared whether he would keep Vidisha happy! Vidisha decided that she would not marry anyone else ever again.

Mohit fell in love with Vidisha the very first day he saw her. But to his dismay, he knew that Vidisha was married to his cousin brother. He never expressed his feelings for her. His love for Vidisha never faded.

Two years after Vidisha lost her husband...Mohit expressed what he had always felt for Vidisha. She was taken aback. She was lost in a state of trance. After her husband's death all she knew was that she would keep her kids happy. There was no place for any other man in her life. An year later, with time, Vidisha had also started developing feelings for Mohit. She told Mohit about her feelings. No one knew about their relationship.

After six months, Mohit's mother expired and within another 3 months' time, Mohit's father was diagnosed of cancer. His father has started to force him to marry before he dies. Mohit has now stopped talking to Vidisha.

This has not weakened Vidisha but has only made her stronger in life. She knows that no one will come to help her or calm her soul...it has to be herself to take care of everyone...her family, her kids and herself.

When someone leaves us, we feel so weak...we feel helpless and clueless as to what we are going to do. This is because of the bond that we share with that person. But we should remember that when God snatches something from our hands he is not punishing us but he is taking away something to give the better one to us. So don't feel weak when your friends back stab you or they leave you...God wants you to receive something better!

Today, Vidisha is happy with her kids. She sees God in them. She has seen great dreams for them..and this has made Vidisha ambitious and her kids have given her a motivation to live.

February 17, 2009


Hey everyone,

I am really sorry as I have just not been able to update my blog regularly.

I'm just busy trying to stabilise my life...going through a rough phase! I don't want to disclose anything here! I hope you all understand this...

I'll get back as soon as everything gets under control.



February 16, 2009

25 branches of the tree called ME...!

Thanks Arjun for the tag... This is precisely the second tag that I am attempting. Please bear with me if I make some mistakes. I really hope that this tag makes a good read...

1. I am very moody by nature. I can never change my mood according to the situation. Rather, I always want people to change their mood according to mine. (Fine, I know that is bad...now you don't overreact!) :P
2. I am a bookworm. At the age of 21, I am still not able to digest that I am working and that NO MORE COLLEGE is the status message!
3. I am a shopaholic...I can shop till I drop. But...BEWARE! If I don't get what I had set out for, you can see my worst mood swing. I still wonder what sort of a preset thinking this is of mine.
4. People and incidents don't fade away from within me that easily. I remember the good and the bad done to me.
5. Many people (and by 'many' I mean except a handful) find me boring, disinterested and yes, I can make them feel awkward with my silence. I take a lot of time to start talking to new people.
6. I am a great cook...my family and friends love the food I prepare. My friend has given me an award for this - "The Fastest Cook In The World."
7. I am highly pessimistic. My blog might not demonstrate it to you all, but yes I am.
8. I hate what I am being made today! My dream was to become a journo...yeah like the so-famous Barkha Dutt... I know...'BE happy with what you have' is what I should do...but I am sorry...I do not want to help it and I can never digest it!
9. I find life very complicated. I seek simplicity in it.
10. My dad says that just when a baby takes birth, you should keep a hand just below its head because a baby's head is unstable for three months. But in my case, it is not the head but my feet. I just keep stumbling down the staircase...no matter if I am running up the staircase or down. :P
11. I cannot skip the habit of reading the newspaper every morning. I've just started improving my G.K. I might not read something important but yeah...that's OK!
12. I cry a lot! I can cry on anything and every possible thing!
13. I love black...no...not the movie but that color! :D
14. I love buying new clothes. I tend to get bored with the ones I have easily.
15. I love doing tags...just that not many people know me in the blog world and I get to do the tags not that often.
16. I always wanted a sibling...an elder one! He/she could have been my saviour.
17. I sing well...had a fair chance of becoming a singer! I love singing.
18. I am a narcissist. I love myself. I keep myself happy by gifting things to myself!
19. I hate coffee...I think it tastes awful.
20. I lose my temper very easily.
21. I have a bitch...a daschund by breed. My mom and dad treat her like their second child (They even call her my sister). I am jealous! I hate her...but yeah...I just cannot live without her. 22. My mom's sister gave my bitch a name - CHULBULI. C'mon...that is such a funny name. I wanted to give her a name that would sound both cute and cool...but this act of my maasi just poured a full cup of hot tea over my ice-cool names.
23. I want to own a Labrador one day.
24. I am getting bored of this tag...thanks to you Arjun.
25. I am an English Literature graduate...but I don't watch many Hollywood flicks. I find them monotonous! No naach gaana and no gaana bajana...huh!

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...finally I am over with this tag!

February 6, 2009

I Grew...

I thought of sharing,
They snatched it all from me...
I thought of loving,
They left me to weep...

I thought I said the truth,
They thought I was shrewd...
They made me a clown,
They gave me names,
I confess I made some innocent mistakes,
But why was I the only one top be FRAMED?
Am I sounding weak?
Am I sounding broken?
No I am not...
As am waking up,
To let them know...
Am here...Am here...

I'm here to GROW!!!

I read this piece of poetry somewhere. I could relate myself to it almost instantly.

So true...we all grow! Some stumble, some fail but some make it to the top!

When I was a kid, i longed for everything...dolls and gifts and chocolates and dresses and perfumes...I always thought that I would get a big Barbie or Cinderella on my birthday, but I never got any of them. Obviously I was disappointed, but I guess it was for good. I hated my parents for that. But my life did not stop there.

When I was in my teens, I wanted to go for outings with my friends...but I was refused. I cried... I wanted to do everything that my friends did...but I realised that I would never be allowed to! Today I am free to SAY that THIS IS MY LIFE...yet I know that I CAN NOT say that! Today I am free, but I am not. Today I am happy, but I am not. I smile...is that what you say? Peep into my soul and you'll see that I lost it when I was a kid. You say I'm optimistic, you must be kidding.
But I've grown with all this...with each disappointment, with every tear, every setback...I've grown!
I will grow...and I will show you...I am not weak, I am not broken.

I am the MASTER, not the SLAVE,

You call me INSANE, but I am no PRETENDER,
I wear no MASK, I wear no VENEER,
I weave the web of my own destiny,
Where I stand today, bears the testimony...!

February 4, 2009

Thanksgiving No. 1 - VISHAKHA!! :)

Vishakha Arora...that is her name!

We had just shifted our base. We had a rented accommodation. The name of that area was Mayur Vihar Phase - III. It was around 6 P.M. when me and my mother reached our new locality in an auto. Within a span of ten minutes my dad arrived with all furniture and the other items loaded in a truck. They unloaded everything from the truck and we were waiting for the house-owner to bring the keys of the house.

I remember...I was sitting on the pavement and my mind was clouded with thoughts. I was studying in standard VI and I had my history exam the very next day. Also just like an icing on the cake, I would have to make new friends here...all over again.

I woke up the next morning and left for school. I mean, everyone in my locality literally stared at me as if I was an alien...two antennas over my head!?! :P

Around 6 P.M. I thought of going for a stroll and just when I came out I saw a girl and a cute little boy playing a typical girlie game called T.V.! I went up to them courageously and almost instinctively initiated a conversation. I asked her every possible question...about her school, siblings, parents, since how long she is a part of this locality and x, y and z! I started meeting her everyday. Sometimes I wondered whether God still makes such innocent people! God had surely been extremely kind to me this time.

She introduced me to other kids in the locality and soon I had a big group of friends (oh no, I was not the group leader or something). Days and months passed and our friendship grew stronger with every passing second. She understood me in and out. Every single day, as soon as we returned from the school, we made calls to each other asking what was made for lunch...and sometimes I rushed to her place for lunch and sometimes she rushed to mine. Chatting, giggling, eating from a single plate and all those gossips...heaven!

We were inseparable! I loved her a lot...I still do! She is and will always be my best friend.

I stayed in that locality for four years. When I had passed standard IX and moved to standard X, my parents had bought a new flat and we were supposed to move in there. It took me months to get myself mentally prepared that I would have to leave this locality. The day that I had to leave Vishakha had gone out with her family to her relatives place.

The truck got loaded with every possible thing that was there in my house. We were about to leave. I was waiting for Vishakha near the main gate of our society. I kept waiting for an hour. I had to plead in front of my parents so that I could wait. That day she got late. I had already left when she came.

But after that sad day, there is something good that is still there. I keep meeting her whenever I get time. I visit her place. We still enjoy the same way we did in the past.

You know what, Vishakha is into her MBBS now. YAY! She is going to become a doctor soon. I'm so happy for her. Its been eight years of our friendship and still everything seems so fresh!

Thank you Vishakha...because it is YOU who has always been there for me. I know that you love me for what I am and not for what I could be. I love you too... :)
P.S. : I will be uploading her picture soon.