May 11, 2009

Thanksgiving No. 2 ... SEBY!

*Coughs again*
*Music plays*

I proudly present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Seby John!!! No, no, no...not the Security Exchange Board of India! :P

I met him three years was his freshers' party. I was his senior in college. There was a classmate of mine, lets say A, who came running to me and told me about this guy...she was telling me how cute he is...and she went blah blah blah about him. I was not attending college just when the new session had I just had no idea about who Seby was!
Then I was told that A was trying to test her luck and she had tried striking a conversation with Seby and she pronounced his name as Saby...he striked back saying... "Its not name is Seby...Seby John!" Whoa!! James Bond style...not bad! I still wonder how A would have! She was trying her best to start a conversation with the so-called new kid on the block...and he stops her right then!! Anyways, lets continue with the Thanksgiving now. far as my memory goes, he is the one whom I loved like my own kid. I could never and I still can never see something happening to him. During my college days, he was the most precious possession of mine! As I just said, it was almost as if I POSSESSED HIM or may be as if HE WAS MINE. :P

May be I was stupid, but I know Seby understands why I felt that way!
When we had just started talking, I realised that we hit off immediately. Being a sort of person who gets uncomfortable in front of strangers, I did not even realize how everthing had turned around.

He is one emotionless wreck...nope, may be that is what some people feel! Outwardly an emotionless wreck may be! But all those 'revelation sessions' we had during our late night! Thank God! I know, he aint a robot!
Chocolate boy kinds with a super cute lover boy image...yes, that is what he looks like!
I am not in touch with any of my college friends after I graduated. But this is one guy whom I cannot do without. I have cried a million times whenever he fought with me. I've laughed a zillion times when I was with him. I never knew what life had in store for me...glad to know it was him!
I know how possessive we are about each other, the amount of love we hold in our hearts!
Once there was a fight in my college which had me and him involved in it. I tried my best to support him and guess what guys, at 4.45 AM in the morning I had this guy messaging me. He messaged me this -
"Yaar Aarthi, neend nahi aa rahi...teri yaad aa rahi hai :(
You've supported me so much. Agar aaj tu nahi hoti toh sab meri &%#2% maar dete.
Pata nahi how am I gonna make up for everything that you've done for me. I'm surviving in this college only because of you. Thanks a lot.
You dunno how much you mean to me, may be I wont be able to express either. Muah, bye!"
And people call him inexpressive and he??
Atleast for me, he is not!
He was my bestestest friend, my support system! I was myself in front of him and he loved me that way!
Dear My Beast, this is what I still feel for you. I was never able to do without you and its still the same. You mean a lot to'll always be this way! Please lets not fight anymore! :)

P.S.: Sorry for that message thing :P
Love you tonnez!! Muah! :)

P.P.S.: That the worst pic of ours. But its okayy! After all, its just the feelings that matter! :P


chirag said...

that's nice
hope that ur friendship never breaks

Chronicwriter said...


and i feel sad.. that i should have atleast had one junior girl as a friend...

i ragged almost all the girls and no one ever talked to me..



Hina said...

all i can say is..... "TOUCHWOOD"...!! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Chirag,

Thanks for the wishes! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Chriz,

Hehe, poor you! :P

Aarthi said...

@ Hina,

Thanks sweetheart! :)

PULKIT said...

have followed ur blog aarthi!

I WILL share with u someday... about the best friendship between me and one of my senior at college!

she is the the best friend of mine!

thanks for reminding me of her...
I will just give her a call...
missing her a lot now!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post

Bhargav Saikia said...

That's the sign of a very very strong friendship :) God bless both of you!

Bhargav Saikia said...

By the way, just saw your Shelfari rack..I like Jane Austen too!

chirag said...

best friend

kya bat hai hero

kuch to hua hai
kuch ho gaya hain

Aarthi said...

@ Pulkit,

I'm temme abt your friend! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Nuchu,

Thanks sweetie :)

Aarthi said...

@ Bhargav,

Thank you for the prayers!! :)

N wow, you too like Jane...?? *High Five*


Priyanka said...

loved this post!!
so sweet...!!
three cheers to ur frndship! ;)

roger said...

nice hai..hidden feelings aa gayi bahar..just kidding..nice no holds barred description wid d most intricate details as u

Anonymous said...

a very long lasting friendship may it be! :)