May 21, 2009

Dear Mom...!!

Dear Mom,

I always wanted to know
How much you love me
Staying awake through the night
I cried for that love

That love
That I wanted to see in your eyes
I never saw it ever
Why mom? Why?

Why do you make me cry
Can't you see the pain in my eyes?
I know you know my pain
Still you never hold my hand
My tears all in vain!

Hold me dear Mom
You mean the world to me
Let me share your worries
Will I ever see your love
Raining on Me?

Will you let me confide in you?
A moment of happiness
A single moment of bliss
Is all that I desire!

When I try to hug you next
Please do not push me away
Let me rest in peace there
Because that is my world
My world to stay!

- Your Daughter!


Priyanka said...

amazing poem daa!!
really very touching...too very good!!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

lovely poem!!!

The label says it all...-Unrestricted emotions!

Good one!

Anonymous said...

the best poem from a daughter to her mom! :)