March 18, 2016

Let's Start Again...?!!

Hello blog,

So, we meet again..?!!

Coming Soon...

May 8, 2013

Just Passing By..

Probably an year has passed ever since I came here. I do not know the reason why I stopped writing. I have even stopped reading what people have been writing.

How have you all been people? Oh yes, I have been good. Life has changed for me. God has been extremely kind to me. I am now a happily married woman. Thank you. :)

Got married on January 17th this year to someone whom I have known for 3 years now. Really loving every bit of my life. You can't really say I am a housewife. I work from home, take care of my beaaaaaaauuuuutiful house and my super amazing husband. And how can I forget to tell you.. I moved abroad. Not in India anymore. I miss India badly. No country can ever make you feel like what you feel when you are in India. I miss it. I miss my parents. I miss getting up at 8.45 am and be in the office by 10.00 am. I had nothing to do back then. Just had to take care of myself and my work. But, I am happy today... Happy that I can take care of him and be with him.

Loads of friends are getting married, getting engaged. Happy for all of them as well.

Special thanks to Mridupawan and Heena for making it to my wedding. I love you both so much.

And for all those who couldn't make it to my wedding.. here are the pictures. :)

May be this is it? Rest later.. 

March 19, 2012

Electric Eleven

The rules :
1. Put the rules on your blog.
2. Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 other questions.
3. Let the people whom you've tagged know you've done so.
4. Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
5. Really do tag 11 others; don't go all "if you want to take this tag."

My questions from Leo are :

1. If you could change your name to any other, what would it be? (Same name can't be the answer)
2. How would you change your worst nightmare into a most beautiful dream?
3. The one person who can make you to smile even in the darkest of times.
4. An addiction that you have never regretted.
5. An addiction that you have always regretted.
6. What defines weakness in a person.
7. Favorite desert.
8. What food perks you up when you are feeling low.
9. Favorite movie of all time.
10. Does the look of a blog tell the quality of its content too?
11. A suggestion for my blog.

Here are my answers :
1. Nandini. I somehow love this name for no reason. :)
2. By probably thinking of what makes it "Worst" and substitute it with everything that can make it the most beautiful.
3. It has to be none other than someone whom I love the most - Hari.
4. I have never regretted being a kid at heart. Don't know if you can call it an addiction.
5. Being there for everyone at every possible time is one thing that I do not want to do anymore. Period.
6. Anything that can overpower your strength and intellect. It ranges from a person to a habit. It can be anything.
7. Chocolate Fantasy with Ice cream.
8. Umm... Chinese!
9. Alaipayuthey, Pursuit of Happiness
10. Never. It would be stupid to judge it that way. Can you judge me by the way I look?
11. Can never do that! You're so experienced already and i'm still starting all over again!

Before I find people to tag... Thank you Leo for tagging me and certainly for making yourself and few other people happy by bringing me back to blogging again.

Thank you so much.

My questions for the ones I tag :

1. One thing you wish you had never done?
2. Someone whom you'd want to wipe off from your memories and why?
3.Your sinful indulgence?
4. Life according to you is?
5. Is Love bad?
6. Favorite book of all times?
7. Your alternate profession would have been?
8. Are you what you are because you wanted to be this or, because someone else wanted you to be what you are right now?
9. How do you think bloggers can become authors?Suggest ways.
10. One thing that you want to say to me?
11. One thing that you'd want to enjoy doing with me?

I tag - Freelancer , Esther , Arv , Chronicwriter , Tan , Amity , Arjun , Shravan , Chirag .. Sorry can't tag more!! :(

July 15, 2011

...Everything that was once a part of what I called 'My Life'

"Remember those walls I built,
Well, baby they're tumbling down,
And they didn't even put up a fight,
They didn't even make up a sound..."
...Says Beyonce in her outstanding track called 'HALO.'

Everything is just going to amount to something really big in the coming few days. REALLY BIG!

Yes, I am here almost after eternity. Someone has been forcing me a lot to write. But, I am here not because of that someone today. I am here because I really have to take it all out of me. I really feel the need to 'vent' it out on someone. I do not want anyone to tell me - 'Do this or do that.' I really need someone who can just listen to me. And, no one else better than this blog (which was my Utopian World) can come to my rescue.

There is just nothing that is permanent. Every thing, person, emotions and situations undergo the stage of transition. Trust me, the recent best understanding of mine... there is nothing that is YOURS forever. People will break your heart (and yes, this time, they didn't even make up a sound), you would be royally screwed from all sides, no one would ever tell you what to do, there would be no running away, no tears and no comforting hugs always by your side!

Sometimes it is better to be YOU... alone, struggling but happy! least you don't owe a goddamn explanation to every person on earth. It can be so difficult at times to stand someone who just knows how to be stubborn, to dominate and wants you to sacrifice your dreams so that his dreams become a reality!

Male chauvinistic society, I tell you.

It would have been much better if I was born a Muslim. I would at least have valid reasons for me being this way!

And today, you are also going away. For the better, of course, I trust.
I do not have a problem. I am not complaining. I really wanted everything to be good. But now, I am see, what is really going to come in front of me. Because now, I have learnt it the hard way that... this is LIFE! ...No dependency, no hard feelings, no more crying. Wish you luck!

Pathetic it may be, but this is Reality! ...and this time, I am not running away from this.

Take Care people.
More rants coming your way!


August 28, 2010

'H' Effect...! ;)

Stupid sms'es, cuppycake ringtone, coming to gmail, writing a post ... its all for him these days! Seriously... I mean, I never thought I would be so crazy about someone.

It is really funny to see that every second if there is something I expect is him...! His calls, his sms'es, his pings on gmail... his voice... his eyes... his smile...! The whole scenario... me walking on a Delhi road with a 'south-indian' guy talking in Tamil and people staring at me... this gave me jitters! But today, I walk on Delhi roads proudly, clinging to his arm while he hugs me tight, talking to him in Tamil and just not bothered about people staring at us as if Tamilians are aliens. :)

This guy has changed me... seriously. I never wanted to put my head into the work I was being forced to do. But today, my dad (or should I BOSS) is so happy with my work... it's all because of him. 'He' is the reason behind this. I saw him working...putting his heart and soul into it and that is when I realized, after all working doesn't make horns grow on our heads. It's all for good.

Even small things have changed... :) ...I have been too much into Tamil music these days. I was never even bothered about A.R. Rahman or Harris Jayaraj creating masterpieces down south. But today, I listen to all these songs and yes, I like it. Kajal has been replaced by an eye-liner. Yea, that sure is funny! But, this is what it is today...only because he likes it this way. 'Dont-you-dare-mess-with-me' attitude is being replaced by 'I-don't-care-about-you' and 'I-have-the-best-guy-in-the-world' attitude.

I was always bothered about those small things that disappointed me. They completely spoiled my day. He taught me how to be more adjusting in nature, how to accept things and not to crib about it. I know that he does want to pamper me like a kid, but most of the times... he avoids doing it just to make me stronger to face this world. I know how much I mean to him. He means the world to me.

The first time I saw him panic seeing a cut on my finger and a little blood on it, the moment my eyes woke up to see him sleeping with his mouth a little open ... I lost myself to him. It all began then... till forever.

It's called the 'H' Effect...!

Love you Mr. Srihari Menon.



August 6, 2010

Dedicated to HIM... :)

Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end... I am sure a lot of you would agree to this little something.

I have been in love before, I have had my share of infactuations too ... this time it's the same, nothing different. Something that has completely changed are...the times. I am happy now. I have evolved as a better person after all that happened in the last few days. June' 10 will be a biiiiiiiiggg part of my life forever. The owner of this little space is NOT single anymore, forever! :) :) ... Happily Committed, yes... that too ... FOREVER! His name is Srihari Menon... :D

I never expected this... it all came all of a sudden. Trust me guys, this is for the better...rather the best.

Better late than never, I realized... Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the momories, learning from the past, and realizing ... people change.

This post is completely dedicated to my guy... Srihari.


I am in love with you! :) ... I promise to give you all that you have dreamt of.

I'll always be by your side till the very end. I'll smile when you smile, and feel all the pain you do... if you cry a single tear, I promise i'll cry too. I have understood that sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you had always wanted. Thank you for coming into my life, taking my hands into yours and teaching me to walk happily towards what we are destined.

I have fought with you so many times, have even made you shed tears... but I was stupid... didn't know how much I meant to you. I have changed now, for the better... for you.  Trust me, it's all fine now.

I never believed you when we fought and you said you'll keep me happy... when you hugged me and said i'll wipe your tears. But now, there is no one I trust more than you. You belong ONLY to me and I ONLY to you.

I wanna grow old with you... see the first wrinkle under those chinkey kinda eyes... be the one to hold you whenever you need someone, see our babies growing and in the end, wanna die in your arms!

Love you always... :)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Guys, this is something that I wanted to share with all of you because you all are an integral part of what makes me ME! :)

Love you all,


May 4, 2010


Life can sometimes be a bumpy ride, sometimes a straight path, sometimes too curvy, sometimes a disaster but sometimes, just luckily, a FAIRY-TALE.

I have been out of the virtual world for quite a long time now. Trust me, I feel happy to know that I DO NOT FEEL INCOMPLETE. I am happy... I am still eating... still growing fat... still sleeping...and most importantly, still BREATHING! But there is one thing that keeps reminding me of the virtual world... an amazing set of friends that it has given me. I happened to meet a few blogger friends last weekend... it was a super feeling as usual. Sometimes I just wonder (happily) how happy my virtual friends make me. He he ... ok I guess I can stop grinning now. :D

Know what guys, last few months have a roller-coaster ride for me. I attended a family friend's wedding and her brother fell in looooouuuuuvvvvve with me. No, that isn't good. He is one of the most irritating person I have ever come across...probably a sadist of sorts. Yuck! He is 30 and he wants me to marry him... I should have booked him under the Child Molestation case. :P
Then, I happened to meet Nuchu. Yes, she is in India... super cute she looks I tell you. And to talk about Hafsa (Nuchu's niece)...GOD...Angel would be an understatement for her. She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL female I have ever seen. She is just 8 months old? Woohoooo.... and guess what, the moment she was in my arms, she didn't want anyone else. No, not out of love... but she found me to be a DUNLOP mattress sorts. Lol... yes! She was playing and smiling and laughing in my arms. Yay! Many people wanted to lift her, but she was just not ready to go to anyone... AWW... ;D

One of my friends is getting married to the guy she loves...yay yay yay. that makes me super happy! All the best girl...Keep Rocking!

That's all as an update from me to you... Love to all.