May 28, 2009

Just for you Artz ...

Artz completes six months in blogsvilla today !! So what's there for me ?? I will tell you... I found a sweet sis for me in her ... thanks to blogs ... I can never forget how you took care to defend me when i needed it most ... how you fought with me when i left lounge ... how you were so vwery happy to see me back there ... and how you fill my life with smiles by ech sweet thing you do and say ...

I am indeed blessed to know you.. and i know all who know you will be ... So here's a little some thing for the sweet you :

Some one once asked me,
tell me of colors i know,
I let my heart open to nature
With my eyes closed,
I felt.....
red love
white peace
blue dreams
brown hardwork
yellow hope
orange smiles
green ideas
pink success
black sorrow
transparent tears

rainbow is joy...
just one thing had no color,
but also all of them,i saw
varying hues of

Cares is what i give to you all time .. coated in love and respect !! May you grow stronger and wiser with every day ... God bless your ink and your pens and keyboard to handle the wonderful ideas of your brains !!

God bless ya !
Luv 'n' Luck !!


Aarthi said...

Yayyy!! I loved the poem Pratsie...

Cares... yay!!

I loved the special message you wrote for me!! :D are cho chuweet! :)

Love and respect,

Anonymous said...

anythign fr you dearie !! u just name it (except asking me to come n meet u rt now :P )

PULKIT said...

congratulations aarthi!
well written as always prats!

Anonymous said...


Aarthi said...

@ Prats,

Aa jao na! *Puppy face*



Aarthi said...

@ Kajal,

Hai na? Par bhabhi jaan se kam! Lol!!


Aarthi said...

@ Pulkit,

Thanks dear! :)

Arun Kumar said...

cute poem prats... loved it..

Anonymous said...