May 28, 2009

Smile ever,Hurt never...

"One smile can stop 1000 tears"
How thoughtful this statement is.It is just a statement ,but think the impact it creates on ones mind. Parul always used to remind me of this statement time and again and tell me the hidden meaning behind it.Have you ever wondered what a smile can do ?A smile is a catalyst which has the property of melting even the heart of a dictator.By dictator,I refer to people who fail to understand the feelings of others.They are the people who consistently hurt others.Life is all about joy,sorrow and the things that surround us.There are certain things in life which may not remain constant forever.For instance,smile belongs to only those who learns to cherish and enjoy life.Life is all about ups and downs.If we try to rectify the reason behind these shortcomings,then life will be miserable.Being a smiler admist problems is a difficult task.

The other day I met a person who lives in a slum . I was amazed at the kind of life he was living. His life is full of sorrows and failures.Instead of cursing his fate,he learned how to overcome the difficulties in life.
We are not here to talk about smile and happiness.I just want to ask where we people are heading.As a firm believer of Islam and Prophet Muhamad,I would like to ask my fellow friends something.Did almighty Allah ever say that violence or extremism is the answer to all evils happening in the world.Could any one succumb to do such things that would hurt others.
Writing a blog is one way of expressing yourself. Blog is one such medium that gives the liberty to express yourself.The Pink Orchid,Chronic writer,The Solitary Writer,Yem Bee Aye,Busy writer,Simply Me,Pretty Me,The silent soul ,Common Man and many have used this meduim to reach their readers.I am not using this post to promote these bloggers.I just want my readers to take a note of these guys.Well,I don't want to divert the topic. Hurting people is an art.Well its crazy ,but thats my view and I should say that I have mastered this art of hurting people.Initial half we concentrated on "SMILE" and now lets lay our emphasis on "HURT"factor.I would say better think twice before hurting any one.The great Napolean Bonaparte was said to have hurt his soldiers,but later on he regret for his actions.Hurting one through words or actions is very easy. The 'COMMON MAN' in this country needs to learn a lot. God knows why RK Laxman sketched his infamous "COMMON MAN" character.This is just because he was confident that through his art character he could reach people.But it should be noted that the 'COMMON MAN' has no rights of hurting others verbally or by any means.Well ,look who is talking?To talk about Buddha ,you don't need to be Buddha.I have hurt this girl several time.Parul would better answer this question when you ask her how many times Stephen has hurt her and why.Infact she could better create a blog . Not just Parul ,many others would answer it of which most of them are my beloved ones.Hurting is bad and this statement coming from me may not and should not surprise you.I'm an experienced pro in this matter.Thus I want to conclude that smile ever hurt never.
A smile can change your life, but few words that tend to hurt others should be avoided.It induces something which would create enmity between friends.It can turn great friends into worst foes. A smile is a medicine for all your wounds. Life is a pool of water which contain ripples of joy and sorrow.Try throwing a stone on the pool,it will splash water on you.Try implementing this in real world scenario.Help others, and it would get counted as a blessing.

About this guest post,I would like to thank Aarthi for giving me this opportunity to write for her blog.Her baby has just started growing and it has turned 6 months old.A proud moment for a Mom.Aarthi would be proud as well.My bond with Aarthi is too old.When I met her I was not the Solitary Writer.I was just normal Ste to everyone.I would like to drag you to the summers of May 2006 when I met her first time in this real world of virtuality.She was my 5th Orkut friend.(God!!I remember this).Later on 320 friends joined the list.But she is amongst my oldest friend who is still in touch with me.She is a sweetheart friend,my sister,my alter ego and moreover a great person.
Don't have words after seeing your gesture.I don't know I will return back your gesture.She entered the blogworld recently and thanks to Sensational Ste.He was the one who inspired her to write blogs.Now someone please pat on my back.Guys!!Our gang is large . Sandeep, Asbah ,Insi, Leo, Rashi, Aarthi, Arjun, Priyanka, Kajal and our list goes on.So all Common girls,Common boys, Common man,Common woman, Common uncle,Common aunty, Common brothers, Common sisters,Common fiances (ouch!!not common ),Common best friends,Common engineers and Common doctors ...we are not sleeping here....Time is the wisest counseller..Hahaha.

With this I conclude this post.Once again congratulations to your baby"Pragmatic Utopia"for turning half yr old. Congragulations Aarthi for this milestone.


Aarthi said...

Heyyy... that was wonderful Ste!!

Loved your post da!! :)
Thanks for such a nice 'pravachan'...

The ending was like hilarious!! :)



Arjun said...

U know wat Stephen.... This is one of the best posts of urs that i've ever read..!! So straight from the heart.. Man.. so nice.. :)

Not to mention that i was laughing like mad in between... :P :P

Happy for u Aarthi..!!


Anonymous said...

An emotional Ste writes it all !! nice one :)

Anonymous said...

three cheers to our big gang!! :D

Aarthi said...

@ Pretty,

Mast tha na yeh post??

Aarthi said...

@ Kajal,


Hip Hip Hurray!! :) :D

The Solitary Writer. said...

yays......glad u like it...:)


Anonymous said...

keep smiling Dop :D :)