May 4, 2009

And I Finally Saw You...

Three years back
Just three years back
You turned away from Me
And I couldn't call you back!

My soul in anguish
My dreams you shattered
You turned away from Me
As if I never mattered!

I ran away from home
It is my wedding tonight
I can see you, feel you and speak to you
They say I am not alright!

I know you still exist
I am not wrong
They call me insane
But to you I belong!

I've run a long way to find you
A long way tonight
And to be one with you
Is going to be my last rite!

In the midst of this starry paradise
I gaze at the sky
I see you looking at me
And you winked thrice!

I finally saw you tonight
To prove to everyone that I am right
That our love is true
And I finally saw you! :)

P.S. : Thank you for choosing the picture for me and inspiring and motivating me to try my hand at poetry dear Vinay.

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Arjun said...

OMG..OMG..OMG..!! How good that was...

So sweet n so full of feelings... :)

Aarthi.... very nice da.... ;) ... U have it in u for writing poems.. Gr8 :)


Priyanka said...

yup..sweet it was aarthi!!
loved d 2nd, 4th n 5th para d most.. :)

fan is rite..u hav it in u....keep goin da........ :)

Aarthi said...

@ Arjun,

Ya ya! OMG I have it in me! :P

Thanx da...



Aarthi said...

@ Pri,
Thanks da... :)

Me too love those stanzas...shame to shame! Hehe!



chirag said...

that was ver good
and it made me your fan
and another thing
whom you saw again

Aarthi said...

Hey Chirag,

I'm glad you liked it!

And it? Thank you! :)


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! :)

so beautiful poetry! hidden all this while!

super artz! this is sooo musical too! a song in a poem! super! :)

The Solitary Writer. said...

i'm sure u will write better day

dnt knw felt to me a bit childish.........nice try

Chronicwriter said...

lovely.. write more of these.. you can create a mark in this genre


Anonymous said...

this one is sooo sweet !!!!

Aarthi said...

Thanx Pratsie :)


Anonymous said...

ur the Dop! :) perhaps not as good as the previous two, but still a darling :D