July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Roger! :)

Hey guys,

Its my friend's birthday today... Roger!
I just want to wish him a very happy birthday... May all his dreams and wishes come true!

Have a great day and may all the bad times end today and may you see a happy tomorrow! :)
Do you guys know something?? He calls me Puchu! :P And I love it when he calls me that!

Roger, Puchu loves you...and yes, thank you for those 'n' number of times when you have stood by my side knowing I was the one who did a mistake! Mwaaah! :)
Yours Puchu! :D

Something Strange... ;)

Hehe... I am feeling so weird writing this already!! :P
I know this is so...umm...ajeeb!! Strange!! All of us, in our late teens or early twenties are bound to know the internet, this gtalk, yahoo messenger thingies...we do make new friends, endlessly chat with them, hide the mobile and message them...blah blah blah! Innit?

But just imagine, how strange it is if our mom makes new friends and chats with them through sms...obviously without hiding her phone...duh!! Earlier, it was my mom who shouted on me whenever she saw me messaging my friends without even looking at the keypad...and now, when I see my mom messaging her friends...umm... i notice her message typing speed has increased!! Oh lord, hell, why am I being so possessive about her!!

Out of the blues, when she shouted on me - "Aarthiiiii, whom are you messaging?? What are you kids up to??"...I always felt like asking her what her problem was and why she could not give me the space I want!! But hell, now when I see her messaging her friends... I feel like snatching away that phone from her and asking her friend - "What is your problem??? Can't you just stay away you fool???"
Sigh! Sigh!
I now understand the reason behind her behaviour when she objected to my messaging my friends or talking on the phone for long. Damn, this is a terrible feeling I tell ya! :P
Is it out of that possessive feeling that we tend to feel awkward? Or, is it because of the fear we have that something wrong should not happen to them? I just don't know what it is... It is just that i'll take a little time to accept that she can also make new friends, she can also feel the same way I do! Am going crazyyyyy!!!!! :P :P

But yes, amidst all these, one thing that I have realized is that...she understands me more now! :) She understands why we need those friends in our lives, what makes them so special for us! She understands why we need to keep in touch with them...messages, calls...everything! :)

Haaaa....phew! Relieved! ;)
I love you mom. Trust me, I am a very protective and possessive smart li'l kid you have!! I don't want to see something wrong happening to you. Please forgive me if I behave irrationally at times!! Want to see you happy always...

Artz! :)

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July 30, 2009

One Word Blog Meme! :D

Where is your cell phone? On my table and the other one, on charging! Yea, I shamelessly own two!! :P
Relationship? So Complicated! :P
Your hair? Medium
Work? Yes, as a facade consultant. Dunno what is facade? Google try karo! :P
Your sister? Pratsie...she fills up that void in my life! :)
Your favorite thing? My camera! Love clicking pictures! :P
Your dream last night? I saw Rashi, FL and Prats...don't remember what and why!
Your favorite drink? Pespi! Or Iced Tea!
Your dream car? Audi :) *Drool*
The room youre in? My bedroom :D
Your fears? Lizards!! Eekksssss!!
What do you want to be in 10 years? Settled, madly in love!
Who did you hang out with this weekend? I was travelling...so all my co-passengers! :P
What are you not good at? Staying angry for long!
One of your wish list items? In the last tag i spoke of Jimmy Choo's and now...its Louis Vuitton bag!
Where you grew up? Delhi (Mind you, not Ghaziabad).
Last thing you did? Had tea
What are you wearing? A girlie dress...churidar! :)
What aren't you wearing? Shoes
Your pet? One oversmart bitch... GINGER!
Your computer? Samsung
Your life? Is not going the way I want it to...but this also ain't bad.
Your mood? Umm...inquisitive!
Missing? No one! :P
What are you thinking about right now? how to complete this tag
Your kitchen? Sweet enough!
Your summer? Spent a few days in Chennai...yuck!
Your favorite color? Black
Last time you laughed? When I spoke to FL today about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... :P
Last time you cried? July has been a wonderfully bad to me... so you know what I mean! I've lost count!
School? Graduated! :)
Love? Yes!

Thanks Ste for tagging me... I further tag Anurag, Sowmiya, Rashi and whoever wants to take it up! :D

July 29, 2009

I miss you, do you?

I knew it would never be easy
Easy not to think about you
You gave me the reason to believe
Believe in the truth and in you

You always said the truth
Truth that I would be missed
Missed when I am gone
Gone to where I was from

From that day I am waiting
Waiting to hear from you
You are the one I am longing for
For you is to where I belong…
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A to Z... and something about ME!

Before going to the tag, Sowmi says I've to post the rules. So here we go-
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share the ABCs of you.
4. Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

A to Z about me. Main gita par kasam khaa kar kehti hu ki jo bhi kahungi sach kahungi aur sach ke sivai pata nahi kya kahungi. :P
AAvailable/Single? - Ummm...none!
B Best friend? - Someone who knows me in and out - Vishakha
CCake or Pie? - Pie
DDo I want something right now? - A pair of Jimmy Choo's...
E Essential item you use every day? - Body Shampoo [:P] and Mobile.
FFreedom to me is? - Believing in what you are and doing what you feel is right!
GGiggle / Laughter - Giggle...anyday! I am famous for it! :P
H Heart / Brain - I would go with my heart...incidentally, my heart makes more sense! :D
IIndulgence? or Addiction? - Music and Blogging
JJanuary or February? - January...because my birthday is in January!! :D :D
K Kids & their names? - Wanna have two, thought of their names already - Arghya and Aaruhi. ;) :P
LLife is...? - A search... a push to walk that extra mile!
M Mom - Subhashini... sweetheart! Mwaah momiee! :D :D
N Number of siblings? - :( None... Wish I had at least one.
OOne thing I hate to accept? - I'm highly egoistic! :
P Pictures / Reality - I believe in the saying - Seeing is believing! So...no pictures for me! :P
Q Quote for today? - "Men are like a deck of cards. You'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks." :P Tsk Tsk Tsk... :P
R Reason behind my brain working these days? - I might move to abroad very soon. My parents are thinking on this quite seriously...UAE is the likely destination!
S Season? - Winters. Living in Delhi can be one heck of a thing...extreme climates... Summers are unbearable and winters here are amazing!!!
T Tag 3 People? - Parzi, Anurag and Freelancer.
U Unknown fact about me? - Though am online almost throughout the day... I also work...and that too hell lot of!
V Vegetable you don't like? - Bittergourd, Beans...
WWorst habit? - I think way too much! :)
XX-rays you've had? - Don't remember how many! :P
Y Yea yea...thats what I say very frequently
ZZodiac sign? - Capricorn...typically one! Very goal-oriented! :D :P :P

Alright... so I have finally completed this task! :D Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!!! :D
Sowmi, you can keep tagging me...I just love doing tags! :) Thanks girl for this! :)

July 28, 2009

Acro... Penguin & Grasshopper

Protective about each other
Ever playing pranks
Never will they part their ways
God knows why they met so late
Unleashing their secrets
In no time
Now inseparable they are

Glowing is their friendship
Radiance personified
A thought for a second
Smiles are back on the lips
Sadness fades away
Heaven smiles at them
Oh, it feels so great
Praying that the saga continues
Praying that it gets better
Ever if you need me grasshopper
Rest assured you be, I AM HERE!

Thank you!

Hey all,

My blog has been hitting that hibernation mould since long. And this time, it stretched to a little longer...

I know you would all have been so very happy without my crap but am so sorry... but I can't help it, am back to bug you! :P :P

Ohk...so where do we begin with? I had been to Chennai for 20 days!! :-o Yes, and that is surely a big thing in itself! Damn, its like I have never stayed in Chennai for more than a week!!
I met many of my TWL friends...enjoyed to the core! Thank you Freelancer, Heena, John and Thoorz... you made my weekend! :D :D
Thank you Arv for making it... ;)

I am feeling kinda rejuvenated, happy, back to my smiling self...trust me, this was much needed. Thankfully, I am back now... back to my blogging! :D :D
Will be posting a small post shortly. :)

I will also be there at your blogs very soon! :D :D
By the way, did you guys miss me? Even if you didn't, this post is to tell you that I missed all of you... I missed you a lot... :D (Yea yea, I know am sweet!) :P :P

C ya soon guys! :D :D


July 4, 2009

Dad, this is for you.

I bow down to you
Your patience
The unconditional love
All those teachings

For those sleepless nights
When I cried in the cradle
For that shoulder
On which you put me to sleep

For that first alphabet
You taught me
For that first day I won an award
The encouragement you gave me

The tremendous support
I've always had from you
Those smiles you gave
When in times so blue

No one can do
What you have done for me
Nor can words do justice
To what I today feel

You would always be my star
That even shines on a rainy night
I love you dad
You always be the reason behind my pride!

July 2, 2009

The New Look!!!

Hey everyone,

Pragmatic Utopia has got a new makeover done. Like this? I personally loved it.

Thanks a lot Leo for helping me get this done. Guys, shhhhh!!! I am a zero when it comes to html and stuff! :P
It has got a lot of red and charcoal grey in it. It looks fabulous now. Don't miss that previous template that had that cup of coffee... ;)



July 1, 2009

They Said YES!!!

He woke me up that morning! Just the night before I had cried...cried like never before... cried so much that the whole of the town could drown in my tears!

I could hardly open my eyes since the curtains were drawn out and the sun peeped straight on to my face! Phew!
Why is it that I cried last night because of the two souls I cherish the most? Why is it that they could see me crying and still do nothing? Why?

Anyways, I saw him standing right in front of me, winking! I gave him a short and sweet smile and tried to drag myself out of this cozy bed. He leaned on the bed, came close to me and whispered something in my ears...
I jumped out of the bed... stood there for a minute...shocked!!! I don't know how he did it! How??? How was this possible...that too in such a short span of time!!!

He pinched me to bring me to my senses!!!
He had a big grin on his face and I had a bigger one! :D

I hugged him... hugged him tighter, hugged him in a way that he would never be able to forget this hug!
He said..."They said YES!"

I could not believe that they have approved of this after last night that was full of arguments and resentments...
I hugged him once again and whispered - "Thank you bro! It is because of you that I am going abroad to continue my studies! Thank you so much! I love you..."

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BLINDNESS - An Acrostic

Been deceived by God in birth
Lonely I was till my soul saw you
It is through your eyes
Night that lasted long came to an end
Destined I was to see
Nature, smiles and happiness
Every moment I am reminded
Seeing is believing
Seeing through my own, or yours!