May 25, 2009

Emotional Atyachaar...!!

I remember one day when I was in my home town, and was sitting in the courtyard of my house. We lived in an Agraharam, a lane where only Brahmins could live {Link}.

I saw two school boys perfectly dressed in uniforms walking past my house. From the other side of the lane, they saw two old men walking towards them. Those were the times when the school declared a holiday on the event of a death of any old person from the village!

The name of the first boy was Ramalingam and the second boy's name was Shyamu.

Enjoy the conversation:
Ramalingam - Hey, do you see these old men coming from the other side of the lane?
Shyamu - Oh yes da, why?? Whats wrong?? Do you know them??
Ramalingam - No, not about knowing them. But it feels as if our TWO HOLIDAYS are approaching towards us. Wonder when will we get them!!
Both winked at each other.


Same is the case with the Indian Government. After the campaining (begging), polling and results of elections 2009, all I see is many more holidays to come!! :)

With the office bearers' age bracket as 65-75, I see many more holidays and hence, more happiness and smiles.

All the best to the Indian Government!! :)


chirag said...

that's perfect
when i was in school
we always thought when this person will die ,when will this one die

hoping for a holiday.

Chriz said...

yesss. thats a good one..

agree with chirag.. always wanted someone to die when in school..

this link thingie is becoming popular now **wink

Hopeless Romantic said...

lol....good one!


Arun Kumar said...

he he...i could use a holiday or two now...
college is getting stressful nowadays...classes even in sundays...YUCK...

Anonymous said...

heheh :D love the pics dear! :D

and the post hits the mark! lol lovely! :)