May 1, 2009

EaCh ExPeRiEnCe EnRiChEs LiFe!!

"Each experience counts."

You would have often heard people saying this, ain't it?

True! Each experience does count...

Let me explain this by being a bit more illustrative.

All of us hated going to school. For us SCHOOL meant - homework, classes, teachers, intelligent students, bullying, fights, principal...phew!! But it has taught us so much...if not anything, then at least we can understand the difference between the good and the bad! :)

Financial difficulties... This teaches you how to be stronger. When your friends become your foes, you are just left with the ones who are truly concerned about you...that is when you know who are the ones who care for you. Each difficulty that comes along with it only makes you stronger. You learn how to hold on to your God, you learn how to manage your family, everything!

When you have no friends...You learn how to be at peace with yourself. You learn how to grow.

When you see poverty around you, you learn how to be happy with what you have!

When you are in love, you understand the importance of giving that love to someone, no matter who they are. They might be your friends, family, a stranger or may be your loved one! You realize how important it is to care for them.

When you are sad and see a smile on somebody's face, you feel like being happy. That is when you realize the importance of a smile.

When you see your parents fighting for petty issues, you realize your to make peace between them, how to bring back that love in them for each other.

Go paragliding, you will learn how to curb that fear in you.

When someone does something bad to you, you realize how wicked the outside world is.

Each experiences truly enriches life, whether bad or good.

It acts as a coat to life that never wears out.... they mould you into a better human being. So whenever you face something difficult, it'll be for the better.
P.S.: This is a very random post. You may feel that there is no essence, but you'll have to bear with me because...this is my blog! Simple! :P


Arjun said...

wat can i say aarthi..!!

This meant and explained so much to me... especially me... :)

Couldn't agree more...

I dont know wat else to say at this moment arii..!! :)
Thnks :)


Priyanka said...

niceeeee post aarthi :)
loved d msg in each..well explained....
even i agree wid all....each experience counts!! makes us stronger...though it hurts...but then it does teach u something...

n i liked d P.S blog! simple! :D

chirag said...

experience is the most important step in life for going ahed
because when u fail
u didn't loose everything
but u gain the most imp thing that is

KingS said...

nice post sissy...a mature and well articulated post... the underlying feelings, the emotions and experiences..well expressed which we all undergo sometime , continuously or destined to our fate...

I cant agree more on this.. we all could keep discussing about on and on describing events and incidents in our lives... there are still people with much difficult and worse situations than we are...

thanking the almighty for our good fortunes...being humble...taking things as it comes...will relly help us being grounded... and truly each experience enriches life... just as i read the article and the comments.... giving me more insight and awe at the like minded ppl around me... ;) :)

KingS said...
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Anonymous said...

no essence? dont joke Artz :)

of course there is essence... if we hadn't experienced these lessons b4, now we can read n imagine through ur post! :)

kudos for this!