May 13, 2009

Congrats Dear Poetic Princess :)

Hug Graphics

Dearest Poetic Princess,

Through this post I take the opportunity to congratulate you on reaching this milestone of 100 posts!!

Wow!! What a journey it was...isn't it??

Its not been very long since I know you but reading your writes has been a wonderful experience for all of us!

You are such a sweetheart!! The 145+ followers' count makes it all the more evident.

May God keep our Poetic Princess happy always. May that smile never fade away!!

Your writes teach me a lot...they really do!! So, keep writing...!!

Today you've posted your 100th one, and no soon will that count jump to 200th. :)

So glad to have you as my friend. May you be the reigning Queen of the blog world. May you grow with every passing day. May God be kind to you.

Thank you so much for all the awards you honoured me with!
This is for you Kajal -

Love and hugs,

Artz!! :)


Anonymous said...

i hope i am first! :)

and yeah callie will love this! :)

way to go Artz! :)

Chronicwriter said...

wonderclip arts is doing wonders.. kajal 100 you go there girl



Anonymous said...

awwwweeee this was such a pleasant surprise.. awweeee hugsss! :) thank you soooooo much.. :)

please put up the awards here.. can't wait to see them all here.. :)

Aarthi you are one of the sweetest friends I have..

and I am no poetic princess, just a very sensitive girl...and you know it well.. :)

Aarthi said...

@ LEO,

I pray that she does :)

Aarthi said...

@ Chriz

Thanks :)

Aarthi said...

@ Kajal,


Muah darlin'...

Surely you are our Poetic princess... :) Dunno abt the rest, but for me you are...!!

Gonna put the awards soon!! :)



Arjun said...

Nice gesture Kajal..!!

Nice gesture Aarthi..!!

*hugs to both of u*


KingS said...

way to go pinks... 100 is just a note of things going to come... keep it coming....

nice gesture artz...