May 27, 2009

To My Tigress..

Hey Aarthi,

I am really honoured that you thought of me during this half yearly blog anniversary celebration. I am really excited that I am writing in your space. :D

You were always there in my gtalk list. Quiet! 'coz we hardly talked. But do you know what was the best part? You knew everything about me, even without me telling you and the same goes for me too.

I really don't want to write a story or a poem. All I want to say is that -

I treasure you and I guess I've never cared for someone so much, someone with whom I've not talked much. But you are this soft rose petal for me, full of fragrance, but delicate. Yet, you are my tigress, and together we make a bombshell team. ;) You look the best when you are happy, it makes everything look bright and when you are sad, it breaks my heart.

Do ask Sandeep, sometime, that how many instructions did I give him before he made that call to you? (though he didnt need any, but still) I am so proud that you found a brother in him. He would never let that smile fade. Never!

Do you get the point? I wouldn't want any kinda hurt or sorrow to even come close to you. You are in my prayers since the day we started talking. Now I pray for both my sisters that all the sorrows that are gonna come your way should be given to me and my smiles should go to you two. I will smile in your smiles and you could cry in my tears.

Gosh! I don't know why I get so emotional everytime I write something for you. I shall end it here. Just wanted to let you know, I am always here for you! ALWAYS!!


Keep Blogging and keep discovering yourself in your writes!! I am happy for you and every beautiful piece that you write, makes me immensely proud of you.



With all my love and care,


Aarthi said...


Kajal, am all full of happiness right now!! This is and would always be so special to me!!

Loved every word you wrote for me!
Such an unusual one... different from every other guest post!

It was like...'Just for you' types da!! Mwah!!

Love and blessings,

Arjun said...


U r such a sweet person omg..!! :)

Aarthi... U r lucky or wat...?? :)


Aarthi said...

@ Arjun,

You got it wrong...

With people like you all by my side, esp. Kajal... am the LUCKIEST!! :D

:) :)

Anonymous said...

yes dearie !! u got it all !! n u deserve it too :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Arjun.. :)

and yup it was 'just for you!' :) koi shak? koi doubt? :D

Aarthi said...

@ Pratsie,

Thank you sis! *Mwah*


Aarthi said...

@ Kajal,

Nahi nahi dadi ma, koii bhi shak nahi hai!! :P

Anonymous said...

kaju ka letter, direct dil se! :)

loved it :D