May 4, 2010


Life can sometimes be a bumpy ride, sometimes a straight path, sometimes too curvy, sometimes a disaster but sometimes, just luckily, a FAIRY-TALE.

I have been out of the virtual world for quite a long time now. Trust me, I feel happy to know that I DO NOT FEEL INCOMPLETE. I am happy... I am still eating... still growing fat... still sleeping...and most importantly, still BREATHING! But there is one thing that keeps reminding me of the virtual world... an amazing set of friends that it has given me. I happened to meet a few blogger friends last weekend... it was a super feeling as usual. Sometimes I just wonder (happily) how happy my virtual friends make me. He he ... ok I guess I can stop grinning now. :D

Know what guys, last few months have a roller-coaster ride for me. I attended a family friend's wedding and her brother fell in looooouuuuuvvvvve with me. No, that isn't good. He is one of the most irritating person I have ever come across...probably a sadist of sorts. Yuck! He is 30 and he wants me to marry him... I should have booked him under the Child Molestation case. :P
Then, I happened to meet Nuchu. Yes, she is in India... super cute she looks I tell you. And to talk about Hafsa (Nuchu's niece)...GOD...Angel would be an understatement for her. She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL female I have ever seen. She is just 8 months old? Woohoooo.... and guess what, the moment she was in my arms, she didn't want anyone else. No, not out of love... but she found me to be a DUNLOP mattress sorts. Lol... yes! She was playing and smiling and laughing in my arms. Yay! Many people wanted to lift her, but she was just not ready to go to anyone... AWW... ;D

One of my friends is getting married to the guy she loves...yay yay yay. that makes me super happy! All the best girl...Keep Rocking!

That's all as an update from me to you... Love to all.