May 28, 2009

DOP's PU Becomes Half A Year Old :)

I wish I could tell you friend,
How much you mean to me,
I don’t have any words to express,
What our friendship has been.

A little sweet, a little sour,
Yet it has been the best,
In this little time we’ve been friends,
I feel that I have been blessed.

Very friendly, sometimes shy,
You’ve been quite a friend to me,
Giving me smiles and tears of joy,
With words that all could see

Loads of laughs we had together,
Shared the sorrows we have had,
Been by each other’s side indeed,
Both in good times and even bad

Little fights, a little madness,
Strong in our friendship throughout,
You were there when I felt lonely,
Coming to my side when I did shout

For you Artz, I don’t know dear,
What words to write, what to say,
I am your friend always and forever,
By your side, come what may.

PS: I want to write more Dop, but I am not getting words…. Additional one will write soon, give me invite to Pragmatic Utopia then also ok? Love ya loads, my bestest friend. Keep smiling, and I will definitely call you up and read out this poem to you! Heheh…

For You, My Silly Li'l Bestest Friend Artz!
Yours Always,


Aarthi said...


Vinu, I so loved it da!!

Mwah Mwah!!

I don't have words to express what I am feeling, nor do I feel that simple words would do justice to express what I am feeling for ya!

Yep, me and you...bestestest friends !! :)


Amal Bose said...

beautiful work..
it had a nice flow..
loved it :)
good day

Anonymous said...

cutie post :D