August 24, 2009

See ya! :D

Hey my dearest people,

Actually... am going to Bangalore day after! :) ... Many things left to do before leaving Delhi... gotta get groceries at home for my aunt, gotta buy medicines, and many other things. So today I plan to finish all the shopping work and tomorrow my dad is coming back... so I will be busy in office and packing my stuff! :D :D

Pragmatic Utopia will not be updated for at least the next 10 days!!!!! Sigh! I am going to miss you all...

Take care all of you... miss me a bit... I will miss you all loads...

Mwah to you! :)



August 22, 2009

The Numbers Tag

Thank you Vinu for tagging me. :)

1. Number of pets I have. Her name is Ginger... a daschund... Awww.... I so adore her! But when it comes to possessiveness... she is a BITCH (literally and otherwise). See below -
2. Number of blogs I have - Pragmatic Utopia and Darling Of Poetry!

3. My favorite number... My birth date adds up to 3... Muahahahaha! :P

4. The standard when I came first in school ... for the first time!! :P And... precisely, the last time when I came first! :P :P

5. Number of places in my body where I have stitches. I told you ... am a 'Fallen' Angel. :P

6. People I so love - Daddy, Mommy, Doggie, Sid, Roger and Vishakha.

7. Times I flunked in Mathematics! :P

8. Footballers I love - Ronaldo (Though I hate him for going to Madrid), Rooney, Berbatov, Lampard, Tevez (I miss you), Zidane, Kaka, Ballack!

9. Number of times I joined my classical training. Each time I had to discontinue because the teacher was going abroad! :P

10. Places I want to visit - Bahamas, Texas, Niagara Falls, New York, Spain, Italy, Paris, Goa, Andamans and Bermuda Triangle (Never to come back!).

11. Times I read Antony and Cleopatra.

12. My birth date... Moi loves my birthday! :P :P

N. No. of times I catch fever! :P :P (If you can count this.) 

And I stop right here. I further tag Anurag, Nuchu and Sowmiya!

August 20, 2009

Err... Umm... Awwww!

Hellozzz... all you wonderful people...

Actually I am completely blank while writing this post... I don't know why does it all feel so empty these days. Sigh! My dad aint in town... my mom is off to Bangalore... my friends are keeping busy these days... and I know you all will say that if my parents aren't at home, I should be partying around...but nah!! I am feeling so empty.

I don't have anyone to wake me up for my office at 8.30 A.M.

I don't have anyone to give me my morning tea.

I don't have anything to look forward to when my office ends at around 5.

I don't have anyone to fight with to watch my favorite channel.

I don't have anyone who would shout at me while am busy dirtying around my house.

I don't have anyone who would cook a plain rice and dal and still I would eat it and feel so happy.

Why is that am missing mom so badly... I mean, I am 21 now and I need to be a big girl now... But ahaan...err... I miss my mom yaa!

I hate her when she screams at me when am home... but why does this silence around me haunt me today??

She keeps on giving me some work or the other when she is around... but why do I now feel pathetic to go back home knowing that there would be nothing I will be doing once I reach??

Oh c'mon mom and dad... you can't just leave me home like this... for me to make a HOME ALONE part -4... shucks!
Though everything is going fine... am feeling ultra depressed! :(

Okay... now lets talk about what positive amongst these dark clouds...
1. Daddy is coming back on Monday! Yippee!!!!!
2. I am going to Bangalore to my mom on 26th, i.e. Wednesday! Double Yay! :)

Thats about it guys... so its Bangalore callin' this time! :)

But for now... its sigh time! Sigh!

August 14, 2009

Which One Is India's Biggest Problem?

After talking about drugs and old-age homes...its time for a little change! Today is 14th of August and technically tomorrow is our Independence Day!
Lets talk about India...where India needs to change!!!!!

What was new in India in the last few days? Umm... legalisation of Gay Rights? Section - 377...
True!! So much of happiness all around... so many controversies... so many arguments and what not!
Lets talk about India's biggest problem today... is it Gay Marriage or is it Arranged Marriage! Sounds stupid? Trust me... its not!

With the number of divorces going high... it is so very crystal clear that even arranged marriages are becoming a big time troublesome issue. India, under the blanket of GLOBALISATION, has seen a lot of changes underneath it. Each one of us have started to adopt the western culture (or may be 'ape' the western culture)... night clubs, clothing, our accent in which we talk (most of the times fake) and certainly our ideologies... at least of those of the youth! 
Talk of arranged marriages...I really do not mean to generalise the lot here (please do keep that in mind)... I do believe that still a lot of people go with arranged marriages but... most of the youth prefer the other way round. 'Love' is in rage! :P
Young couples have been facing a lot of talking about those who got married in an arranged fashion! I have myself seen a lot of couples heading towards divorce... both husband and wife working... expectations do not match... ego clashes and boom! Its not only in the case of both the parties working... its also there where only the husband works. The flaws of marriages...everyone knows!

Lets come to Gay Marriages now. My point is... that if we are comfortable with Pubs, Boozing and for that matter, even sex... then why is the 'gay marriage' such a big thing! Let it be! Let them be happy with whatever they want... have they ever objected on you being STRAIGHT? Lolz... why to steal their rights??? I know, for people like us (STRAIGHT) sounds absurd... GAY marriage?? OMG! But come on... grow up. If you think its a taboo or may be some kind of a stain on Indian culture... then perhaps Indian Culture is completely under a big pool of mud these days... completely stained!
What I 'personally' feel is that... none of them, i.e. Gay marriages or Arranged Marriages, is India's problem! The problem is your thinking! As I said in my post 'Friends, Relationships and Marriages'... it is in your hands to make your marriage work. It might be tough, but it ain't impossible, ok? There are ups and downs in life... and you need to be strong to handle it and it'll be done.

And as far as gay marriages are concerned... stop taking it as cheap or vulgar or something derogatory, for that matter! It is something as natural to them as it is for us in being straight! So just chill, accept them as one of us... and treat them well!

India's problem lies within each one us... our mindset... Once we are through with setting it right, we all have a bright future to look forward to! :)

August 13, 2009

It Might Be You One Day!

Hmm... I suppose this is the season of strong writes from my side! :P
I happened to read Mr.K.Parthasarathy's blog ... He is 78 years old and is perhaps the oldest blogger! I read a story (real-life story) in his blog about old-age homes, and trust me...what he wrote about is so emotional and so true!
Surely these days the number of old-age homes are at an all-time high! I don't need to tell you that, do I? I visited an old-age home in Bangalore once... I do need to mention that it was a very well maintained one. I entered the home with lots of sweets and biscuits...
There was a couple, perhaps waiting to see their parents. They had a three month-old baby in their hands... and just then the baby started to cry! I saw an elderly couple coming out of their room holding hands... and the old lady said to her husband, "Some child is crying nearby... feels like Aman has come." That old lady could barely walk or see...and Aman was her grandson!
It felt pathetic... It showed how much she loved her grandson and how much she wanted to be with him...with her family!!!
I was in Chennai recently and I met this friend of mine... Arv... he promised to spend the day with me and other friends... but he pulled out because he had to take his mom to her relatives'. He could have comfortably sent her all by herself, but instead he chose to go with her... I was so moved when I heard it... He said, "You know... I don't want her to travel by the local train or something." Hats off to you Arv... I was really touched!
Why do these elderly people deserve this? What have they done to deserve such a fate!! Did they not raise their kids to the best of their ability, did they not love you, do you not see the tears in their eyes and that heart shouting out to you to take them home with you? Sigh! Modern people, modern values, craving to match up to the society's standards (whether they are really worth it or not)... sigh! Does it really feel good when you tell people that you have thrust your parents/grandparents into such old-age homes??? You bet...such people would surely avoid answering such questions!
No matter how well equipped or how super classy that old-age home is...what those elderly souls need today is not comfort, not an Air-conditioner or not a super soft mattress to sleep on... what they need is a liitle time of yours... a smile from you... one or two words of comfort... that is all!!
Today we take a decision to put them into one such old-age home... but tomorrow you never know... even you may land up there one day... why repent later? Sort it out today! Don't treat them as a burden...treat them as a blessing by God!

Drugs, again!

Hey Guys,

In my last post I spoke to you about the 'drugs' thing...

I have been following the series 90210 on Star World for quite some time and I am completely in love with it...
Its about the life at Beverly Hills... the different follies of the youngsters and how they give in to different practices...

When I wrote about Adriana in my fiction, I had Adriana from 90210 in mind... she gave in to drugs because of her mom's crazy nature. Trust me... yesterday when I saw was a shock! The drug busting racket hits the Beverly Hills...and Adriana who always carried drugs in her lipstick box... starts crying in front of Naomi, her friend.
Naomi saves Adriana but lands up in trouble herself when the police finds her flushing out all the white powder! Naomi is called for a trial...and she somehow talks to Adriana and convinces her to come to the investigation in the evening and confess that the drugs were hers!

Adriana goes back home...sees her mom talking about how Adriana's recent achievement (bagging a movie role) will solve all their problems... Adriana was there to speak to her mom about her drugs issue.

The last scene shows Adriana dead! Dead...because she had gone so weak mentally...she didn't know what to do... she failed to understand what was right for her... she feared hurting her mom's expectations and ruining her mom's happiness and her life!

I hated it!

I don't know the reason behind me writing and researching so much about weeds, drugs and stuff... guess reading a book by Karan Bajaj...titled 'Keep Off The Grass.'

But this issue...I really want to propagate more about this! I will be talking more about all this very soon...

August 12, 2009

You deserve something better...

One day when Adriana was returning from college, she saw her best friend Angela talking to a few guys, who later handed over a few packets to her in return of huge amount of money!

"Angela... wait..." she screamed. She saw her running frantically, trying to avoid talking to her.

"Stop running Angela and listen to me."
Angela stopped. Adriana caught hold of her hands and snatched away those packets from her...

"What are you up to? And what are these packets? What is it Angela? Will you explain?"
After remaining silent for nearly a minute...Angela gathered the guts to speak...

"Look Adriana...I just don't need to explain all this to you... But anyways, as you see...these packets contain drugs!", Angela said, trying to free herself away from Adriana.

Adriana walked back home... she had her mind crowded with thoughts about Angela...


Adriana hears a beep. Text message.

"Come soon... there isn't much left!" said.

Twenty minutes later... Adriana was sniffing...smoking... She was not a part of this world anymore!
Drugs ruled her life... Adriana had slowly given into it. She hailed from a middle-class family...she had two younger brothers... no elder siblings.

A few days later, Adriana's younger brother caught her taking drugs! She was taken for counsellings...but no help. Her mom took the last resort... she was sent to the Rehab  Centre!

Six Months Later

Adriana was strolling around when she saw her neighbour's daughter running towards four guys who had that same dreadful thing in their hands... She stood there silently for a minute... her past started to play hide and seek with her! She could not see someone else live her past in front of her own eyes!

She ran to the girl, brought her home... showed her the pictures of her past... her life... as a drug addict... She told her about her life at the rehab... how difficult it was to get out of all that mess...

With this she had saved a life...

There are many others who give in to all this... drugs! Their reasons might be different... some for peer pressure, some for the sake of fun... some may be to run away from their problems... 

It might cost them a few grands to buy it and enjoy it...but it truly costs a costs a lifetime for their family and friends! The pleasure they get from those drugs might last for a few hours... But the damage it does to them, their family and friends lasts for a long time...

P.S.: Quit drugs guys... this is my humble request to all those who have gone for it... its the weakest way out... If you're facing a difficulty (whatever it might be)... drugs is the weakest way! Please... stop killing yourself... you deserve a better life!! 


August 11, 2009

Friends, Relationships and Marriage!

Life is a journey... an endless one! And, in this journey we meet 'n' number of people...and we can categorize each one of them...

A few people just come, stay for a while and then vanish...
Some come, teach you a few things, leave a mark and go...
Some come, stay with you, but they have hardly anything to do with your life...
There is another category... these people come, stay, make an impression and continue to inspire and motivate you throughout!

We generally get along with people with similar interests or with people with a completely different set of opinions, isn't it? Some become our friends, some best friends and some more than friends... of course, not to forget, there are a few relations to which there are no names! :)

Once we get into a relationship, the dynamics are altogether very different. They say that people tend to change when they are in love... we forget about everyone...
My purpose of this post argue whether it is good to be in a relationship always or whether it is better getting married! There may be varied opinions about the same! One of my friend really believes in that 'live-in' concept... according to him, everything changes after the marriage! Kids, responsibilities, questions... to cut it short, it becomes a 'living-in-hell' sort of an experience!

Many say...relationships are the best. No matter whether you are committed or always have that freedom with you... you can choose whatever you want to do... whenever you want to do! If at any point of time, you feel that he/she is not the right one for you, you have all the rights to 'move-on'.

Coming to the other side of the coin... I prefer getting married! Be it arranged or love, there is always a special feeling attached to it! The feeling in itself...that you are now going to spend your life with this guy/ exciting! As my friend Arv says... 'Wife is for life, whereas a partner would become just a memory some day'... that is so true!

In a married sort of a life, you have someone by your side always...when you need them and also when you don't need them. In a relationship, there is always a risk! In a married life, one evolves as a human being with a lot more maturity which comes as a result of the different responsibilities he/she has...but in a relationship devoid of responsibilities, there is a certain lack of maturity!

There are lot many things that people learn after getting married... patience, perseverance... they learn how to hold on to things, how to make each day better, how to live for that special one, how to sacrifice and still not repent or crib... that is commitment! I know it is difficult for those who advocate live-in relationships to understand what I mean! I know they think its bullshit! There are many others who would agree to what I feel...

Love never dies... be it a relationship or marriage... Love teaches you a lot of things... Its sometimes sweet, sometimes painful... the best teacher! I myself wrote a post on whether love fades away with time... I guess not. It is up to you to keep it alive!! Just like you make sure that nothing goes wrong when you are in a relationship... the same way things can be taken care of when you are married!

A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. So true! :)

August 8, 2009

Another Tag! :D

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. What do your friends mean to you?
They probably mean a lot to me…no matter virtual or real. I equally cherish them. There was a time when I craved for friendship and thankfully I now have more than enough to survive with a smile on my face. They have been my pillow when I wanted to hide my face and cry… the stick I can walk with when I felt low and alone… they have always been special to me. They are the reasons why I have changed in such a positive way!

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
I have always realized my dreams with my efforts. I don’t think there is just 1 dream that I can limit myself to… so… will tell you once things start materializing.

3. Why do you blog?
I blog to stay happy… I blog to stay sane in this mad world outside that is waiting to take me in its clutches and torture me to death! It is my place where I can talk about whatever and whoever I want to… cry my heart out…knowing that someone would always be here to listen to me without even expecting a bit from me in return!

4. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I may or I may not… that can only be decided with time… But the thing is I would not want to… friendship is any day better!

5. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Both… being loved by someone you love is the biggest blessing. :)

6. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
A lifetime… sounds vague, but true!

7. Would you ask out the person whom you like?
Yes… I don’t believe in the age-old thought… only guys should take the initiative. There should be no issues in telling your special one how much he means to you! :)

8. What do you want to be known for when you die?
I admit I have made a lot of mistakes in past… but I would like to be known for someone who learnt from her mistakes and lead a good and decent life! And also, for my smile! ;)

9. What takes you down the fastest?
A fight with anyone!

10. What resurrects you the fastest?
A smile and a hug!

11. What’s your fear? What do I fear for?
I don’t want to die with no one by my side.

12. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
That guy… Shravan… Is quite cute. He is teaching me Malayalam…so my teacher!

13. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
I would rather be married and poor… rest I know how to fight and make my way out! And with him by my side, I’ll be the strongest.

14. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
The one whom I love more…

15. Would you give all in a relationship?
I had given it all, will surely give it all… there is nothing more that counts more than the smile on your loved one’s face.

16. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
I think yes, everyone deserves a second chance!

17. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
Being in a relationship is always special…

18. Who/what inspired you to start blogging?
The feeling that I can be ME here without any ‘what ifs’…

19. Why does one tag?
To kill time and boredom! And also if someone wants to know more about you, they tag you! Simple.

20. Tag 6 people:
I really don’t want to do this. Anyone who wants to do this tag, can take it up! :)

August 7, 2009


Purged emotions leading to redemption

And all other feelings now start to sink

In you I now find my true happiness

Nothing more I yearn for, just you my love

Hey guys,

This is an Acrostic Decasyllable acrostic that has 4 lines containing 10 syllables each. Vinu taught me this. He says that am a good student who has learnt two forms of poetry in one single day! :D :D

Thanks Vinu... its because of a great teacher like you! :) Thanks for curing my writer's block! :)

Me & You...My First Haiku! :D

My heart hums a tune
I gaze at your face and sky
And it starts to rain

P.S.: This is my first haiku!! :D Am so excited!! All the credit goes to my dear friend Vinu aka Leo... :) Thanks for teaching me! :D

Will you?

It seems like a fairy tale… It has been five years since we exchanged vows… you’ve been the best…All those promises fulfilled, that love has been blossoming ever since.

Will it be the same always?...this question terribly frightens me.

Will you love me till eternity? Will you be mine forever?

P.S.: I leave this open ended. What are your views about this? I have often heard people saying that everything changes after a few years' time. But, I have also seen a few couples...that 'magic never dies'...this is what I feel when I see them. What are the reasons? Do things really change?

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August 6, 2009


So yesterday was Rakshabandhan and after all the morning chores me and my mom planned to go out for some shopping! :D :D :D
And guess what all I bought...

1. Nokia 7210 Supernova - GOD!! I so love this phone! :) It is that super sleek, classy handset perfectly crafted for the girls... :)

My handset is completely BLACK (I love black, remember?). With a memore card of 1 GB and data cable, I bought this one for a good 4.7 grands! :) Thats quite affordable... hehe and I am so glad, yesterday we got the rakshabandhan special price! Lol...

2. A sexy chic skirt and a super-hot top - Lol... ;) Yep yep... Kinda trying a new look you see... :D :D I spent a whole two grands on it...absobloodylutelyyyy crazy! :P

My mom was shocked when she saw me in that skirt and top...she said, "I really don't know what you are up to...but trust me, its cool." And I went lol-ing away to glory! :P :P

So, thats the story... Artz went out for some good shopping yesterday and it was so much fun! :D :D

August 4, 2009

Kitne saare tags! :P

So finally I am here with another Tag and trust me this one is interesting. My virtual daddy, Ste aka The Solitary Writer has tagged me this time! :P

More about the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five people.

My five favorite words:

1. Friggin’ – Yea, I use this word a lot…whenever I am hyper angry or shocked out of my wits! :P

2. WTF! Yes, I know that’s a phrase and not a word! :P

3. Zooper – Hehe… love saying that!

4. Awweee – Am an emotional creep, so that sums it up!

5. Geee… :D – That is supposed to be an innocent grin! Lol…

My five favorite celebrity crushes:
Richard Gere – He looks so handsome despite his age!!
2. Arjun Rampal – Drroooool! :D :D
3. Big B Yes, he has that aura around himself! :D
4. Kabir Bedi – Old men are more handsome. Sigh! :)
5. Daniel Vettori – Cho chuweeeeet! :D

My five favorite random things:
1. Mobile Have to keep it with myself all the time… :)
2. Computer
3. Any gadget on which I can play songs…music brings back all the happiness. :)
4. My doggie… if that counts! She is the one whom I can irritate! :)
5. Books! What a relief they are from boredom! :)

My five favorite Comic characters:
1. Archie
2.Calvin & Hobbes

3.Tom & Jerry

4.Olive Oyl

5.Mr.Bean…if that counts! Lol

My five favorite Literary Characters:

1. Antony from Antony and Cleopatra
2. Achilles
3. Deb from Of course I love you…till I find someone better!
Jane Eyre
5. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice

Finally, I am done with this tag! :P
I further tag Freelancer, Leo, Anurag (yea, again) and Sowmi.

August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Hey all you beautiful people,

Wish you all a very very happy friendship day! :)

With this post I wanna thank all those who now make me who I am, who complete me...thanks Roger, Arnie, FL, Ste, Vinu, Sandeep, Kajal, Nidhi, Abhishek, Parzi, Pratsie, Rashi, Arun, Sona, Roshni, Nuchu and each one of you... :)

I know friendship
a gem rare and pure
But I just don't want any more
Since I have found all of you!
Also, I want to welcome everyone who has just met me...Sowmi, Shravan, Kasabiangirl, Esther, Anurag...stay around guys! :) Happy friendship day to all of you once again! Love ya loads! :)