April 17, 2009

And they say... BE AN INFORMED VOTER!! :P

Elections are on their way...in fact, they have already begun!

Phase - I of voting already over... Voter turnout 58 - 62 %...

I saw a new video on television a few days back... all our bollywood actors and actresses...UNITEDLY appeal to the nation... TO VOTE!!

Heeeeeeehhhhaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa *Evil Laughter*

I live in GHAZIABAD... I don't know if I should call it a city or a village!! The best part... want to know?? A few days back someone told me that Ghaziabad is one of the fastest growing cities in the world...in terms of development. You want me to believe that??

I shifted to Ghaziabad seven years back... Ever since I came here I can just see increase in the population and nothing else.

Anyway, my main motive here is to speak about the POWER CUTS!
My uncle was born and brought up in this city and he says that from the past 50 years, he has never seen an improvement as far as the power supply is concerned. Actually!!

Since last week, I sleep at 3.30 in the night and have to get up around 8...!! Poor me!! Now ask why 3.30 in the night?? Arey, there is no power!! Show mercy guys, its summer time...no masti time..!! I at least need a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But who is there to listen?? Those sleepless nights...nay, you got me wrong!! Sleepless nights...not because of my boyfriend, but... no power!! NO POWER = NO FAN = NO SLEEP!!

They want us to vote... To bring to power an idiot who will bring no change with him, who would do no good!! The power cuts will be the same, the road will be the same - a pregnant lady can give birth to a baby if she travels by such roads! Whoa!

What we say is write guys - KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA IS DESH KA!! No politician , no leader will ever bring about a change in what is already happening!! And we go to vote, we dream about a super-developed India!! Ain't it..?? Heeehhaahhaaa!! *Thumbs down*

Go, vote... Agar aap vote nahi kar rahe ho... Ask me... TOH AAP JAAG RAHE HO!! :P

Vote for the RIGHT PERSON (who is always wrong) seems utter shit to me!!

Boycott such elections and then they know...what they are actually supposed to do other than fooling the Indian Janta!! :P

Out of 24 hours if I see a power cut for 12 hours, this is what I can say, honestly!!

So guys and girls, vote for these @%*$&!$&* and have a great time!!