June 30, 2009

What is happening with Artz???

Helloz dear people... Wassaaap? Uh?

I am just back after a small vacation... a three day trip to the holy Ganges!

I had a good time... not so good though... because of very obvious reason... the scorching summer, the sweating etc. But yes, I had fun splashing water on all my colleagues! Oh yes yes, I went with my colleagues! ;)

Phew! It started raining there making the roads all the more miserable...! :(
Oh yes yes, I enjoyed a tonga ride as well... tuk tuk tuk tuk! Lol! :P

Ok, coming to the main point, I am back... will be getting back to blogging soon... having a block these days! Feeling terribly tired right now... need to catch some sleep!

Signing off for now!


June 26, 2009

Fairy Tale?? May Be!!

Sorry people, I have been out of this blogging business for quite sometime now...
I was just a little overloaded with work and stuff, so did not have time to connect with you all...
But, nevertheless, I am back now... back with a piece of fiction this time! ;)

He was constantly gazing at the clock... What was he waiting for?

In just a few minutes' time, the clock struck 12... He stealthily got out of his bed, went towards Shalini, switched on the table lamp which rested on the side-table!
The light from the table lamp forced Shalini to forcefully open her eyes...

"What is wrong with you Akash? Where are you running to?"
He pulled out a beautiful piece of necklace and kissed her on her forehead and said, "I knew you were stupid, but never knew you would be so stupid to even forget our anniversary!! I love you my Shona."

She was so surprised and utterly clueless of what was going on!!

All the permutations and combinations began inside her head... its 12 in the night, Akash is awake, he has bought a necklace for me... yesterday was 24th and today is 25th of December... What is it?

And just then, something rang inside her head like a quirky alarm clock!

"Oh shoot!" she exclaimed.

He had never seen such a stupid yet innocent expression on her face ever! They both hugged each other and whispered...'"Happy Anniversary"...

Akash rose to bring her favorite chocolate truffle cake he had bought for her.

Shalini followed him to the kitchen and just when Akash took out the cake from the refrigerator, she brought out her hand... On her hand rested a PlayStation Portable 3... he was a gamer from the very beginning...

"And you thought I would forget this special day eh...?" she said smilingly.

Sounds more like a fairy tale eh...? I love such fairy tales... I am one such girl who has dreams of having a guy like Akash in her life... ;)

Dear God,

Just in case you are listening to me and reading this post of mine, you know what I want... don't you?? ;)

Artz! :)

June 20, 2009

Happiness - Acrostic

Hovering between anger and remorse
A soul
Purgatory by nature
Prayed for happiness
I was heard by him
Nature has set me free
Every moment spent in its company
Sprinkles blessings on me
Smiles galore and I am back to ME!
Submitted to Acrostic Only

June 19, 2009


Preaching peace
Reaching the hearts
A collection of my thoughts
Many faces it exhibits
At times pessimistic
To me my utopia
Inhibitions set free
Ceaseless my thoughts flow

Upset when I am
To talk to someone I wish
Open is this space for me
Protective by nature
I pour in my thoughts here
A heavy soul now set free

June 18, 2009


A day when I fail to remember
Love that you all gave me
Zealously I pray, let it never happen
Hear my cries oh lord, hear me
Ever if it happens
I may please be forgiven
My memories have deserted me
Every moment it might be painful
Read my love for you in my eyes
Sadness is what they might speak

"I rushed to show this piece of paper to my mom! I somehow knew who's handwriting it was... my grandmother's!
"Mom, I saw this diary in my closet... went through a few pages and see what I saw."

My mom glanced through the pages. I was right! It was my grandmother's diary.
"Oh dear! I feel so sorry for her. May be she knew what was going to happen to her and hence, she wrote this."

I could see the tears in my mom's eyes.

My grandmother was a very cheerful lady...ever smiling! She always enjoyed meeting new people, talking to them, spreading smiles everywhere she went.
Suddenly she had started keeping to herself... she did not come out with us anywhere we went. She even stopped talking to me!

That afternoon when I came back from my school, she saw me through the door and refused to recognise me! At first I thought that she was joking, but later on I was told that she was not. In a few days' time, she stopped recognising everyone around and had started withdrawing herself from everything and everyone around.

After a few months, she became bed-ridden! She could not walk... out of fear she threw away the food I got for her. She spoke of the things unknown to us, may be something unknown to her as well. I always got angry on her whenever she did such strange things. I seldom could stop myself from shouting on her!
Today, she is no more...
Today when I read what she wrote a few years' back, it makes me feel guilty for what I did to her! She could do nothing but had to give in to that remorseful fate of hers.

Sorry Grandma, I know you are listening to my cries tonight.
Will you ever forgive me for what I did, ever?"

And with this, she closed her diary... A tear fell on the last word she wrote. She was not sure whether that word had been wiped off by the tear that fell on it, but she knew that these words would have been heard by her grandmom and would have been forever etched in heart!

P.S.: I saw a post on the aged people affected by the Alzheimer's disease in a post at Leo's blog Conjuring Kreativity! My heart goes out to all those affected by Alzheimer's. I urge all their friends and relatives to treat them with love and compassion because these patients hardly know what they are doing, unlike us who are very much aware of our actions.

June 12, 2009

An acrostic for you - MEENA (A close friend)

Motivating me to fight every problem
Every second is pure happiness with you
Everyone smiles seeing you smile
Not a tinge of pain I see around you
And happiness is what I desire for you!

P.S.: She works in my office, a great friend of mine. Unfortunately life snatched her husband from her at a stage when she needed him the most. She is just 27, has 2 kids to look after... I sometimes feel very sorry for her. But her smile keeps teaching me how to keep that hope alive in you! :)
I bow down to you! :)
P.P.S.: She gave me a peck after reading this which makes me all the more happy pappy! :D

Image Courtesy

June 10, 2009


Rare but pure
Empty never, always full
Love it gives
Astonished it leaves you
Tough at times
Immense protection it gives
On your hand it rests, fragile
Needs to be taken care of
Sometimes painful
Holds you by your arm
It carries you through the storm
Precious of all

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Darling Of Poetry (Acrostic)

Avid learner
Loves laughing



Yours forever

Thats Artz aka Darling of Poetry! :)
Thanks Vinu for the nick...

June 9, 2009

C.R.O.S.S.R.O.A.D.S (My first acrostic)

Confusion overpowers my senses
Rough patches ahead
Oblivious of my surroundings
Smiles beginning to fade
Should I stop thinking about you
Rantings of my brain
Of all I can say today
All my smiles have lost the lustre
Do you still love me
Still I await an answer

P.S.: My first acrostic... I promise to get better with every acrostic I try.
Image Courtesy

Edited at 16.06.2009 -
Guys, this post has won the BWA Honorable Mentions Award at Amias' blog! :)

This is the first big recognition I have received for my poetry! Thanks a lot!

June 5, 2009



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word - TRUST!
Do you start thinking about someone on whom you can trust or do you think about the one who broke your trust?

Sometimes it gets so difficult to decipher what the word Trust is all about!
Let me share a small story with you guys about God and his disciple...

Once a village was drowning due to floods. The rescue operations had begun.
There was a village temple. The priest was a big worshipper of Lord Shiva. When the floods had just hit the village, all the people starting moving to other villages. They offered to help the priest, but he refused saying that his Shiva would come to help him.

The water levels had begun to rise. The commandos came in boats to rescue people, but the priest again refused the help offered saying that his Shiva would come.

The whole village was drowning in the flood. The temple also drowned in the water. The priest clinged to the tip of the temple tomb. Military officers came through a helicopter and they tried to help him. But the priest again refused it.
The next day, the priest died. He reached heaven and started fighting with Lord Shiva.

"I worshipped you day and night, not minding any heat or cold and you did not even bother to help me when I needed you the most," shouted the Priest.

"Dear child, I know who needs me when. Did not your fellow villagers call you while leaving for another village?'' enquired Lord Shiva.

"Yes they did," said the priest.

"Did the commandos and the military men offer to help you?" asked Lord Shiva.

"Yes they did," said the priest.

"You denied the help offered to you by me. I was trying to save you in the form of the villagers, the commandos but you kept ignoring my help and that is why you are here. Please do not doubt my intentions dear disciple," explained Lord Shiva.

The priest was dumbstruck. He had almost lost the trust he had on his Lord which had made him to shout on his Guru. He cursed himself for this act!

It sometimes becomes necessary to bestow some trust on others. Otherwise, the survival becomes impossible. Don't we trust the one who delivers milk at our place? Don't we trust the ones who call us for a dinner at their place? Don't we trust our friends, our parents or our siblings? Sometimes we tend to trust a few strangers as well...

Life is all about trust. There will be an handful of people who would break your trust. They would force you to take a decision of never to trust anyone in life. But TRUST is like our thumb. We can't write without it, we can't hold a spoon without our thumb. It is that important. Trusting someone will give you happiness. And who knows, that someone would compensate for all those who broke your trust at some point or the other in life, isn't it?

Trust is the base of every strong relationship. The stronger the factor of TRUST, the stronger will be your relationship and hence, more happiness! :)

P.S. : I hardly know what went through my mind that forced me to write this. Hope you like it! :)

June 4, 2009

50. With This, It Begins...

Alright... With this, I begin with my 50th post... the much awaited and my longest post!!

There is no big celebration as such in the form of awards or something like that. But ... But... But...
This post is going to be very big!! This post contains something for each one of you...

Shall we start with it...?


1. Stephen aka Ste -

Hey Ste, I am really thankful to you for introducing me to this beautiful world of blogging. You have always been very sweet to me. You taught me how to use orkut, how to edit a profile or how to change a template of my blog and stuff like that! Hehe... I did not know even a single thing... Lol...

When I was new to blogging, Ste made calls to me regularly to teach me new things and he introduced me to The Writers' Lounge! A great guy at heart... sometimes I feel like pulling the hair out of his head... A great writer!!

Sometimes I find him to be to arrogant. But I know that he is not at all bad at heart. When he is angry he says things on my face, but then he never keeps them in his heart and never does he indulge in bitching about anyone. Truly, a gem of a person you are!


2. Arjun aka RJ -

He was the first follower of my blog and a regular one at that. He always had something to tell me that would motivate me to write more and even better! He is one sweetheart, very emotional, quite kiddish at times.
But with time, I have been able to witness a lot of changes in you da... you have gone mature, you know how to handle me and my mood swings. This guy is a storehouse for me. I can go and tell him anything I want to and he would be there to understand me. His patience levels are increasing day by day! Phew!
He is very spontaneously humorous! :)
Thanks for being there da! :)
Thanks for giving me the nick - Arii... I keep falling in love with it over and over again! :)


3. Pratibha aka Pretty Me -

Ah, she is my sweetest sister! :)

What an inspiration she is! You write amazingly well Pratsie.
I have always looked up to you... your ever-smiling face, that love with which you have treated me always, the way you comfort me by your mere presence!
Sometimes she just renders me speechless by those sweet little things that she does for me. Love ya sis...


4. Kajal aka Shona -

What do I say about her...
My alter ego, my pillow when I cry. She has been a constant support all through.

As I have always said, her heart speaks to me through her blog. She has always given me that warmth, that hug that was much needed, that smile. She always makes me feel so comfortable... woh apnaa-pan hai usme! :)

I have always wanted to say this to her and yays, today I have the opportunity -

Na kuch poocha Na kuch manga
Tune dil se diya jo diya
Na kuch bola na tola
Muskura ke diya jo diya
Tu hi dhoop tu hi chaya
Tu hi apna paraya

Aur kuch na jaanu main
Bas itna hi jaanu
Tujhme Rab dikhta hai
yaara main kya karu
Sajde sar jhukta hai
yaara main kya karu!

I would not want to thank you for anything Kajal. Really. I would just say that I am always going to be there for you! Thanks for the nick 'Sherni'...aweee! I love it! :)

I have never tried to hide anything from you... That 'Dear B' thing did hurt me! :)

Love ya!

5. Sandeep Balan -

He is a sweetheart! For me, he is not any jester... he is my big brother! :)

No body has ever given me that 'feel good' factor that he gives me. :)

He hardly visits my blog par inke permission ke bina ek patta bhi nahi hilta. :P
He gets to know everything. Thanks bhai. Its such a pleasure to have you in my life!

6. Vinu aka Leo -

This guy is so sweet! I hardly know someone as sweet as him.

He is my bestest friend. I have hardly seen him getting angry on me. He sounds so serious, almost like he only knows how to ishmyle and he doesn't know how to laugh! But, nope, he does laugh out loud... :)

He has a heart made of gold, an amazing poet and a wonderful person.
Thanks a lot for almost shoo-ing me away to go to the doctor whenever am unwell. He always pushes me to write more poetry. I so much need that push everytime being the lazy soul that I am... :)
I reached my 50th post so soon... Vinu...you are one of the reasons for this.
Thanks for the nick Dop! :) Its cho cute! :D
Thanks for being there... :)

7. Chirag -

An emotional sort of a guy, gets angry very easily. But a very good poet!

His writes are always bang on target. It has been a pleasure knowing you! :)

Every comment of yours, matters! :)

8. Priyanka -

She is a sweetu! :)

Quite like me... pagal hai, with an absurd thought process... thinks a lot... a dreamer! :)

We are so much similar da! :)

9. Chriz aka Chronicwriter -

He is my big brother. He has taught me a lot of things.

The humor king! :)
Thanks for all the support! :)


10. Nusrath -

A beautiful soul you are.

You are a sibling to me. :)
SO very emotional, stupid at times, but a sweetheart!

God bless you and Ziyaad! :)
You are always in my prayers! Rock it!

11. Arun Kumar -

He is my brother... :)

I mean what coincidence...me and Arun share the same birth date, same year! :)
He is one big idiot...a doctor to be... But I still love ya bro... :)

He has pissed me off many times, but I tend to forget all that asap! :)
Stop watching so many movies and study alright? Ya, I know what you want to say - 'Sisters are always like that.'

12. Kings, Rashi, Nik, Sonshu, Hashan, Bhargav and Pulkit -

You guys rock. Thank you for all the support!

Love ya all... :)

13. Sawan -

I do not know much about you dear, but all I can say is that I have seen him as a regular follower of my blog! He has always been there in my list of followers. Though I have never seen him comment on any post of mine, but its just that I have a feeling that he has always been around. Thank you Sawan! :)

With this I complete my 50th post. A big hug to all of you who have supported me throughout this journey and making this journey worth it! :)

Love ya guys... You simbly rawwkk! :P
Thank you! :)

The next celebrations will be on my 100th post...not before that! Hope to see many more names added to that list! :)


June 3, 2009

Tips on How to Beat the Heat!

Mummmyyy... I woke up this morning after minimal sleep, sweat and irtitation!
All thanks to Delhi ki garmi! :P

Writing this post ... I am feeling dizzy. And the best part is that am feeling dizzy sitting in an air-conditioned room. Hehe... Howz that?
This is my first ever summer in Delhi. I usually spend my summer vacations in Bangalore. Sorry guys and girls from Bangalore for the cancellation of all plans. I never thought it could be so worse out here in Delhi. I mean, drink lemonades, bottles of water, water melons, citrus fruits, coconut water and still feeling dizzy at the end of it is ... grrrrr! :P

After trying every remedy... i'll now stick to basics...
How about this??

Phew!! This is the best option, right??

Thats me...
And my family has decided to do the same. Wanna see?

Hee haha...

So all those who want to beat the Delhi heat... here is the easiest option for you guys! He he he...

The first two faces in the pic are my parents'. The anger on their faces is because of the electricity problem. So, don't mind!

Okay...so guys and girls... coming back to some serious work... I am done with my 49th post with this. The planning for the 50th one begins.

Stay glued to the screen, i'll be back very soon.

Love ya all...

June 2, 2009

Wedding bells ringing?

Birthdays were so much fun till I was 18 or 19 years old. My 20th birthday made me realize that I was no more a kid. My college friend got engaged when she was 20.

My 21st birthday... 12th Jan, 2009... it got me scared! There was no flavour of happiness anymore. It was just another day, yet it had something serious attached to it. I was growing an year older. Why was I sad? Why was I not happy like I used to be? May be the very meaning of the day had changed...

An year older...
The first thing that comes to my mind is - I can anytime hear the wedding bells ringing! Damn!
Ever thought about it seriously? C'mon girls...think about it! I have started to think a lot about it!

So many of my friends are getting married so soon...

The engagement ceremony, haldi ceremony, henna, laughters, music playing loud and all that jazz...!
Just yesterday she was a happy-go-lucky sort of a girl and today all of a sudden, her life takes a big turn...the biggest turn! What would she be feeling? Wasn't she so free from all responsibilities till now? Wasn't she free to get up at 10 A.M. in the morning and still not be answerable to anyone? Wasn't she free to enjoy that 'laughter'? Wasn't she free to speak to anyone she wanted to? Wasn't she free to do no household chores and still not be blamed for it?

And now, she would be so much more accountable to everyone in her family. Her life is no more hers. It would always be about her husband, her kids, her in-laws and then about her. So many responsibilities all of a sudden, her thoughts, her fears... no one can answer them!

One of my friends just got married on May 31st... What I could see on her face was more than just happiness, she was tensed...she did not know what will happen... she had so many things to look after. This was the time when she would have to build up the base of the most important relationship of her life... a relationship that would determine her future! Everything would be on her... maintaining the house, taking care of every household activity, building strong relationships with everyone, it would now be about 'her family'.

With every single day passing, my heart is skipping a beat! I just pray that 'THE DAY' never comes. I am behaving like an idiot I know. But that is what any girl would feel. Every single discussions we have without our parents about getting married at the age of 25 and not before that... stops making sense as soon as they find a good guy! Hah!
It almost seems that we never had a life of our own...nor would we ever have. Sigh!!

My message to my friends who are going to get married -
We know we can't help it, isn't it? We epitomize strength. We can handle it girls...
Get married... You can do it... Shrug away all the fears, break all the inhibitions! :)
May you be blessed with all the happiness and strength. Stay blessed! :)

June 1, 2009

A Pain That Will Last Forever!

Everything is so unpredictable these days, isn't it?

Life has itself become a Roadies Battleground or another Splitsvilla for that matter. Yesterday, I saw an episode of real life (And not reel life) Splitsvilla. My friend's girl friend (now his ex-girl friend) got married to someone else yesterday... big day for both of them.

This is not the time to think about what went wrong, what could have been done or anything as such. It is the time for pure emotions, confessions, tears and hugs. It is the time when your friendship with that person gets tested.

I don't know what all would be going through your mind dear, but of all I know, I think this is what you want to tell her -

Dear Love,

I do know what went wrong between us. I do know that I was at fault. The world knows how much we loved each other and that love was not fake.

Today you are getting married and I am all alone here thinking about where I went wrong, what I did. I don't know all that but all I can say is that ever since you came into my life, I loved you with all my heart and soul. I don't know if I would be able to forget you. I love your smile, that hug with which you greeted everyone, that strength in you, that vigour to support someone you believe in, that will to fight life's harsh bends and curves, that love that you showered upon me...I love you!

I have made you cry a lot of times gurl, but tonight I have compensated for it. I would continue to do it all through my life. Thinking of every moment that I had spent with you are today giving me goosebumps...

I know you can never be mine now... But my hearts yearns for your love... It pains when I see you with somebody else... I know I am a loser... But my heart denies to accept the fact that you can now never be mine!
My heart still loves you and no matter what I do, I will always love you!

With Love,
Yours Truly.

Hey guy, all I can say is life goes on. I know what you are going through right now, but trust me... You will get over it and you will have to get over it. Khush reh yaar...sab theek ho jayega. I cried the whole night for you...I know that no one can share the space that she had in your heart, but as a friend, I will always be there with you to share that pain. Love ya...and you know that! Mwah! :)



My 50th post in a few days...

Hey guys,

My 50th post is coming up soon. No grand celebrations this time, but yes, there will be a big post from my side.
The world of blogging is so different! I mean, this world just never ceases to amaze me...phew!

Talk about different genres of writings or about different types of people...some people become your friends, some just take you for granted and writing anything they feel about you on their personal blogs, some just backstab you, some become your bestest friends...all these things amaze me.

In these six months time, I have made many friends and a few foes as well... I have also had the opportunity to feature on some wow-type blogs! :)

Anyways, I am coming up with my 50th post very soon. Thanks for all the support guys (good or bad). If ever I go away, I would miss all of you! :)

Love ya all... Take care! Mwah! *A Group Hug*