May 14, 2009


Your thoughts slowly creep
As I toss and turn in the sleep,
That walk on the beach
The happiness beginning to seep!

The dreams we saw
Of a happy tomorrow,
Once they were real
Once when you were here!

My life now colorless
To live I fight each day,
The withered soul
I wish I had you with me, i pray!

Why did you teach me how to smile
When you had to take it all away,
Should I blame it on you
Or should it be considered my mistake?

True was my love for you
You still wandering in my thoughts,
And you know what they say
Better not to have loved than to have loved and lost!!


chirag said...

nice poem ...keep itup

Hopeless Romantic said...


that was an excellent poem.I am glad u have got back and been more regular with blogging..u rock:)

actually we met first time on 20sb,and i am following ur blog for some time ! and its been a nice change reading u :)

I actually read in one of ur tag posts that ur from am too from the same school. i passed out in 2000. which batch ur from?

Do visit mine! Happy blogging ! stay well !


Arun Kumar said...

good one....very sorrowful...
Better not to have loved than to have loved and lost!!
yeap...100% true...

Aarthi said...

@ Chirag,

Thank you dear! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Amit,

Thankfully you told me your name! I was wondering who this hopeless romantic was...

Oh, you too from MTPS? I was from the 2005 batch! :)

No chance we would be knowing each other! :P

Thanks for all your comments! Loved them...

Yup, i have become regular more from my side for you to read!

Keep visiting!


Aarthi said...

@ Arun,

Thanks bro... :)

Yeap, a sad poem indeed! Me and leo are good at it I guess! :P



Priyanka said...

i totally loved dis poem yaar...!!
too gud...its ur best acc to me!
keep it up! :)

feelings well expressed..

Anonymous said...

PD indeed! :)

last verse hit the mark! straight on!

priyanka says its ur best!
so hope ur next one will be better than ur best! :) :)

take care Artz!

Arjun said...

nice poem aarthi.. :) .. loved it..

i wld differ with the last line though - Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved... :)


Chronicwriter said...

Lost gave a lasting impression with the last stanza


yamini meduri said...

Hello Aathi
nice poem indeed....loved the way the feeling flowed all through and the way the words are woven together...!!!

Make time and visit my place...!!!

Amal Bose said...

lovely work..
could feel the pain in it..
keep up the good work :-)

Princess Sonshu said...! lovely was deep and could feel the pain