November 25, 2009

Good Old Days!

Alright, so I am back with a post... after a long time indeed!

Know what guys? Whatever it is, it is damn cute! ... the thing is... my dad is attending his School Alumni Meet soon! And the best part of the story is that recently he received a mail from his classmate and you should have looked at the smile on his face... stretching from ear to ear. He was looking very cute. He is turning 51 on Nov 30th and at this age, when he got to know about his schoolmates etc., it was the return of good  times for him. Touchwood...

Without drifting away from the topic, I was just thinking, how would I feel when I would get to meet my classmate when I would be, say, 50 years old. Awesome!! I am already giggling like a kid. I saw the kid inside my dad come alive today. It certainly would be feeling amazing, isn't it?

How eventful that Alumni Meet would be! A group of friends... talking about their life after school, about their family, about their profession, remembering those days when they hated their Mathematics professor, etc. Wow! Life is beautiful at times, isn't it? I have a schoolmate - Nidhi. Say I meet her when am around 50 years of age, completely unexpected! We try hard to recognize each other and when we do, how would the reaction be?... like this? ...

*Mouth wide open*

Nidhiiiii? Oh my god... hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... how have you been??? 

Every word, every sentence would be exclamatory in nature! Right?

Life sometimes presents you with such pleasant surprises. Pure bliss! All the best dad for your Alumni Meet... hope you have an awesome time.


Your Daughter!

Guys, tell me how would you feel if you meet your classmate in a completely unexpected circumstance after may be 30 years? Pour in your views!