May 8, 2009

The Second Childhood...!

Just when I was a kid,
I never felt the burden of any responsibility,
Everything was so filled with innocence,
Everything full of sanctity.

When I grew up,
Life was never again simple,
Such rough patches,
My skin's wrinkle.

Today I stand alone,
Like an oak tree,
I see these children,
Climbing the mountains in a spree.

I've lost all my glory,
Lost the twinkle in the eye,
The dull remembrance of everything,
All frozen up within.

Tonight as the sun sets,
When I am growing old by another day,
I have a wish in my heart,
Do not cry, just remember me all day!

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Anonymous said...

like the imagination Artz! :)

from a golden sunset, u have brought about a childhood nostalgia! :) and sad but beautiful present description!

old oak tree? u? :D

and i loved the last line esp.! :)
new poetry darling? :) ;)

Priyanka said...

sweet poem aarthi...childhood....lovely memories na...but d child within remains alive alwys... ;)

Aarthi said...

@ Leo,

Hehe... me not an oak tree re!

Poetic Darling? Thanks for the nick! :)



Aarthi said...

@ Pri,

Very well said...the child finds its place in us no matter how old we grow!