October 22, 2009

Blog Silence


I am in Chennai ... yes, you are right! I am writing this blog post just to let you people know that this blog... My Space... PRAGMATIC UTOPIA... might not be updated for quite long now. You might not find me online for may be a month at a stretch till I come to find you...to talk to you.

I am moving to Chennai for an year. Life is destined to be pathetic I suppose... but either ways, I have to deal with it. That is my life.



October 19, 2009

Unsurprisingly surprised!

Sometimes we know everything, still pretend to know not a word! Why?
Sometimes we want something to happen and still react as if it shook the ground underneath! Why?

‘Alice, I need to say something to you…and somehow I feel, you know it.’

‘What is it George? I have no idea what you’re talking about.'

‘Well, Alice, it has been quite sometime since we became friends, but since last few days I feel that it is just not friendship. I am… I am in love with you Alice.’

A big smile wrapped it up at the other end of the call. She knew it all along. She knew it that this was coming. She loved him too, but you know what she says? This…

‘OMG! OMG George, I just can’t believe this.’ 

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October 16, 2009

What My Pet Can Do For Me...

I own a Dachshund... her name is Ginger, and I am sure you want to see her... so there you go!

Basically, this is a super random post, and you can guess that by the topic, can't you? Ha ha...
Why I am writing this is because I feel that all of us need a pet! Yes, you heard it right. You think you don't? You are wrong. I know many of you would be scared of pets...cats, dogs or whatever! I was the very same. I was terrified whenever my brother's dog landed on my lap. I would always end up screaming like an idiot. Lol. Sometimes it so happened that deliberately, to make me scream, my brother would suddenly lift his dog and put it on my lap. Hah, what stupidity. A few years later, my brother's bitch gave birth to puppies, and I gathered guts to lift them for the first time. Needless to say, I was super nervous. With time, I picked them up with ease, started playing with them. The matter of surprise was that I brought one home. We named her Ginger. :)

The day I started raising her up, all my notions changed. Now, I just love dogs. Yes, it is me who is saying this. We have heard people saying that dogs are very trustworthy. They surely are. Those little things they do can just take off all the worries that are inside you. They have that in them! Once we had to go on a vacation. Ginger knew it that we were going and she so wanted us to stay back...and guess what she did... this -

She ran and got onto the bag and sat there for almost half an hour... barking at everyone whosoever was coming to pick her up from there! Sweet.

My mom says that she is my younger sister, damn. That get my nerves ticking I tell you! But, when I don't see her for a day, it feels incomplete. She is now a part of my family. Sometimes when she does something wrong and she knows that she'll be scolded for it, she just runs under the sofa and does not come out from there till the evening. She is really damn intelligent.

Each one of you need a pet. Know why? Simple, because all of us are tensed one way or the other. We do different stuff to ward off our tensions... watch tv, play games, talk to a friend... But if you watch closely, except for talking to a friend, every other thing just aggravates our tensions. We tend to watch television, but all that idiot box provides us is some scene that we can relate to and end up feeling pathetic. Since the day I have Ginger with me, it has never been that difficult. The way she behaves, the way she does all those little cute things can just get me smiling at any time of the day.

So, that is just about it. I feel having a pet is quite essential and I am glad, I have one... or should I say... THE CUTEST ONE!

October 12, 2009

You Have It In You!

Ok, with thoughts of ups and downs crowding my head (Oh, don't get me wrong here you naughty minds... When I say UPS and DOWNS, I mean mood swings), all of you surely need to bear with me! :P

I really am thinking about what all are the things that lift my spirit when I feel low... when I feel that my life has been ONE BIG DISASTER or may be when I feel that every other person in my life has tested his Penicillin on me! :P
Each one of us have our own set of things that can get us in our best of spirits after a dark phase, isn't it? So, what is it that you do when you are not feeling good? When it comes to me, I act really weird...and yes, I have no issues in accepting this fact as well. I cry a lot... (Lot more than Rupali Ganguly perhaps) or sometimes I can go on laughing (More than our very own Siddhu paaji)... I sing real loud (Louder than Mudvayne)... I play like a kid doing weird stuff (Weirder than the kid in the movie 'Home Alone')... I go for a walk alone... and see all those underprivileged people in my neighbourhood, just to get a feeling that my life ain't that big a trouble.
All of you (those who read me) are my well-wishers, I truly agree. But you know what guys, sometimes I want you to let me be me here and write what I feel. I don't want that shoulder sometimes which would re instigate that feeling in me that yes, my life is a pool of *&%@. Instead, I want you to tell me how did you find my write up to be. Was it good, average or bad! :)

When I celebrated my 100th, a few people felt that I should redo it. But, if I am not writing here about what I am actually feeling, then this is not MY UTOPIA. We generally tend to write, say and do things that are socially acceptable. But guys, this is my space, isn't it? I have all the right to be ME here. If I am low, you would be able to see how weak I can get... and if I am strong, then you would know how strong I am.

Al right, without much of deviation from the main story, lets get back to business. :P
In my previous post I talked about the phase when one feels low. And with this post, I bring to light the things one generally does to get out of that phase.
Some people go shopping...an expensive one at that to get their mind off the thing that is bothering them. Some people fall into the 'cry and crib' category...they just cry their heart out. Some people just get into a nutshell...they go into hibernation (try it out, its good). I sing... I sing real loud and sensible too... one song that can get me back into form is 'Yeh Honsla' from the movie Dor...

Raah Pe Kante Bikhre agar,

Uspe to phir bhi chalna hi hai,
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din Dhalna hi hai,

Rut ye tal jayegi,
Himmat rang layegi,
Subha phir aayegi.

Whenever I listen to this song, I feel that nothing is impossible! :)

Trust me guys, there is nothing that you can't do. And as Will Smith says to his son in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN'T DO. NOT EVEN ME!

You have it in you to do anything and everything you want to do. Best things are always for you. You are the blessed one. Just believe in this!

Stay Happy! Stay Blessed!

October 11, 2009

Give me what I want...

She sat alone... Whining... Crying... Her eyes red, full of tears, her forehead resting on her palm. Alone in a big house she sat, with no one who could wipe her tears! 

"What have I done?" she asked herself. 
This was not the first time she felt this way. Time and again life bestowed her with pessimism.  But she knew...she loved being happy. She wanted someone to pamper her, someone to lift her up, someone who could be a kid when she wanted to play a big smart girl and someone who would keep a watch over her when she becomes a kid while rolling down a slide! If this is what she wanted...why was she alone today... all by herself?? This loneliness was killing her.

Do YOU dread such a day in your life?? I DO!!

Guess what... there is some bad news and there is some good news as well. Lets end this post with a happy note...so that means the bad news comes first!

The bad news is that... EACH ONE OF US will see such a phase in our life when he/she will be alone... in the same situation that I described! When you would pick your phone to make just any random call and flip through your phonebook... you would find not even a single name you want to call. That is life! Strange, weird...you hate it... yet you want to live it each day. :)

Now the good news... EACH ONE OF YOU who sees himself/herself in such a situation can deal with it. Know how? Just be yourself and do what makes you happy. You get up and feel like crying? Cry...if that is what makes you happy! You get out on the road and you have 10 friggin bucks in your pocket and all you want is a bar of chocolate. Hah...don't mind... go get one! You know you have seen a lot of what you don't deserve and you also know that it's time to do what YOU want! You love that sparky YELLOW?? And you know... you would be looked down as an alien when you wear it? 'YELL OW'er them and go for it because if yellow was that bad a colour, why would someone even teach you in your kindergarten what YELLOW is?? :P

I know we can't always be SELFISH and live for yourself, but sometimes when nothing seems to go the right way... you need to do this! They say great things come in small packages. Two days of spending your life your way can give you an year full of satisfaction!

Live happily, Live Sensibly! :)


October 2, 2009

My 100th...

Hello people,

 So, here I am with my 100th post!! Feels great surely... sometimes it gives me jitters thinking that I started blogging... blogging to just prove to someone that I can write... and then came my 10th post. I was so overjoyed!! Slowly my passion grew...I wrote more and I was read by a very few people... they became MY FRIENDS! Today, with 100 posts and 960+ comments, I feel happy...yet that is a saturated happiness. I am not feeling ecstatic! Yes, you guys heard that right. Usually the celebration posts I see… they are dripping with happiness... it might be real or fake. Today, I plan to write my heart out...whether it is dripping with happiness or with tears! 

 Thank you Sowmiya, Esther, Nabila, Abhrajit and Arun for writing my guest posts! They were surely amazing… as I had expected them to be. Before I start up with anything… this is a small something for all of you (each and everyone who knows me in the blog world). Please do accept... 

 Thank you guys for reading anything and everything I wrote here! Sometimes, what I wrote just did not make sense… yes, I notice that when I look back. But some of you read it and were so humble to also comment on it. Ha ha… Some of my friends shower me with appreciations about the way I write or the topics on which I choose to write… thank you! I have also received a few critical comments… for all those who made such comments; I thank you because its you who have helped me write even better! 

 I pray to write better with each day because blogging has become more of a habit now. Thank you for being with me through this journey! 

 Signing off, 

 NYX! (I would prefer you to remember me by this name.)