June 9, 2009

C.R.O.S.S.R.O.A.D.S (My first acrostic)

Confusion overpowers my senses
Rough patches ahead
Oblivious of my surroundings
Smiles beginning to fade
Should I stop thinking about you
Rantings of my brain
Of all I can say today
All my smiles have lost the lustre
Do you still love me
Still I await an answer

P.S.: My first acrostic... I promise to get better with every acrostic I try.
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Edited at 16.06.2009 -
Guys, this post has won the BWA Honorable Mentions Award at Amias' blog! :)

This is the first big recognition I have received for my poetry! Thanks a lot!


Leo said...

me first!!

(i hope!)

acrostic is very nice Dop!
u might give me a complex soon! ;)

no wonder I call u Dop!

very good first try on an Acro!
who's the question for? :)

Sowmi said...

Hey Aarti :) I loved it... simple, beautiful, meaningful, awesome and fantabulous ACROSTIC


Let your confusions get cleared soon by the answer :)

Arun Kumar said...

Nice one...

First acrostic...cud have begun on a happy note :-) ... anyways ...congrats on that... n keep goin...

Chriz said...

what was the answer?

is he a hot guy?

chirag said...

nice one
i vl try this

mona said...

wow... "crossroads"... some topic that is.. !! lovely acrostic.. must say... ! especially the first four lines.. realy nice!!

Savannah said...

I like this. The first four lines speaks volume.

BlossomBlue said...

First one n u did it well.. Sweet one..

Arjun said...

No words for this..!! The best of all the three...

Feelings dipping away.... :)

lovely write...

Clear ur confusions arii .. ;)


Savannah said...

Congratulations! You won Acrostic Only BWA Honorable Mentions.

divsi said...

i loved this one:) u ve got a nice blog:) esp the diary template:)