June 18, 2009


A day when I fail to remember
Love that you all gave me
Zealously I pray, let it never happen
Hear my cries oh lord, hear me
Ever if it happens
I may please be forgiven
My memories have deserted me
Every moment it might be painful
Read my love for you in my eyes
Sadness is what they might speak

"I rushed to show this piece of paper to my mom! I somehow knew who's handwriting it was... my grandmother's!
"Mom, I saw this diary in my closet... went through a few pages and see what I saw."

My mom glanced through the pages. I was right! It was my grandmother's diary.
"Oh dear! I feel so sorry for her. May be she knew what was going to happen to her and hence, she wrote this."

I could see the tears in my mom's eyes.

My grandmother was a very cheerful lady...ever smiling! She always enjoyed meeting new people, talking to them, spreading smiles everywhere she went.
Suddenly she had started keeping to herself... she did not come out with us anywhere we went. She even stopped talking to me!

That afternoon when I came back from my school, she saw me through the door and refused to recognise me! At first I thought that she was joking, but later on I was told that she was not. In a few days' time, she stopped recognising everyone around and had started withdrawing herself from everything and everyone around.

After a few months, she became bed-ridden! She could not walk... out of fear she threw away the food I got for her. She spoke of the things unknown to us, may be something unknown to her as well. I always got angry on her whenever she did such strange things. I seldom could stop myself from shouting on her!
Today, she is no more...
Today when I read what she wrote a few years' back, it makes me feel guilty for what I did to her! She could do nothing but had to give in to that remorseful fate of hers.

Sorry Grandma, I know you are listening to my cries tonight.
Will you ever forgive me for what I did, ever?"

And with this, she closed her diary... A tear fell on the last word she wrote. She was not sure whether that word had been wiped off by the tear that fell on it, but she knew that these words would have been heard by her grandmom and would have been forever etched in heart!

P.S.: I saw a post on the aged people affected by the Alzheimer's disease in a post at Leo's blog Conjuring Kreativity! My heart goes out to all those affected by Alzheimer's. I urge all their friends and relatives to treat them with love and compassion because these patients hardly know what they are doing, unlike us who are very much aware of our actions.


Anonymous said...

Dop, this was brilliant. The acrostic combined with the story was just awesome.

The narration was so heartfelt, I got teary and for a moment, thought it was a real story and nt fiction. God bless all of them and let that situation not come upon any aged person.

Its a cruel way to die.
Kudos to you for such a beautiful post!
as Dop would say, "this was Zooper".

PS: Thank you for linking my old poem! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Vinu,

Thanks a ton dear... :)

All thanks to your poem for the inspiration! :)

Arjun said...

wow.. That was emotional...

Reminded me of my grand father..... :)

Nice post aarthi.. acrostic combined with this write up.... :)


Aarthi said...

@ RJ,

Awee... thanks da! :)


Arjun said...

sometimes na... in old age.. memory loss is such a boon u know..... :)

Its not a cruel way to die :)


Aarthi said...

@ RJ,

Ummm... yes, true, agreed! :D

Savannah said...

This was very touching. A sober thought to begin my day. You and Leo did well. Profound and thought provoking.

parzi said...

hieee...a very beautifully written heartfelt post..
wish such things din't happen to anybody...its so painful not only for the patient bt fr the ppl close to him/her as well...hope God takes care of them all.
it was really touching aarthi...n i wont be saying anything new if i say that u write really well:)

Aarthi said...

@ Savannah,

Am so glad that you liked it! I feel honoured. :)

Aarthi said...

@ Parzii,

Very well said babe!

N yes, thanks a lot for all your compliments... I really wonder if am worth it! :)


Anonymous said...

this was the best psot i read on the disease !! very perfectly written ... 100/10 for this one Artz !

PULKIT said...

a very senti wala emotional post! cheers to the amazing human being in u! :)

@ Ps - my prayers with all those too!!

roshwrites said...

This was really touching :) Thanks for posting this... I'm sure this has inspired lots of people to treat people with Alzheimer's with love and care :)

Arun Kumar said...

Superb acro n touching story Artz...

Yup its one of the worst cruel ways to die... have seen 2 cases of alzheimers... both of them poor n deserted by their families... felt really sad after meeting the second patient... she was so kind n cooperative...

Hope modern medicine comes up with something to reverse alzheimers...

Sowmi said...

touchy one really!!! Good one da.. I don't know to comment more than this about this beautiful and emotional post.

Amal Bose said...

that was a brilliant post Aarthi..
made my eyes well up a bit..
its a really sad way to spent their last days..

paramveer said...

hmm..what to write..post in itself heavily full of emotions that if pour one more emotion....it would be overloaded..:(
a very senti effort!!


Aarthi said...

@ Param,

Welcome to my blog dear... and thanks a lot for your comment! :)

Dr.Kumar said...

A brilliant post aarthi..... ur blog is full of emo nd feelings....
A very good one.....
Keep penning down.....
If u get time visit my blog....