June 20, 2009

Happiness - Acrostic

Hovering between anger and remorse
A soul
Purgatory by nature
Prayed for happiness
I was heard by him
Nature has set me free
Every moment spent in its company
Sprinkles blessings on me
Smiles galore and I am back to ME!
Submitted to Acrostic Only


Anonymous said...

wow! :)

a word just perfect for Dop! :D

it has come out just beautiful Dop! trust me... it has!

esp. the line you changed, the new one seems the best!

may loads of happiness be sprinkled as blessings on you!


Arjun said...

nature..!! :)

Very nice da Aarthi..!!

Acrostic queen or wat?? ;)


Arun Kumar said...

wow.... u r havin acro fever... (everyone is... except me..)

Loved the words "A soul, purgatory by nature"
nice thinking...

Priya Joyce said...

nice acrostic..nice flow of lines..doesn't look as u hav worked hard for each line there heheh :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

that was beautiful and deep. loved it. :)

vemuri said...

good blog i really liked your acrostic.....

will try it out inmy blog too....

roshwrites said...

Great acrostic Aarthi!

Phoenix said...

ooo acrostic... :)
how beautiful!!

really well done Aarthi :)

Finally im hopped on to your blog.. really nice blog here... :)

Lost said...

This is really good .. the pic is very apt :)

Savannah said...

Beautiful -- and hopeful.

Mermaid said...

loved it :)

Anonymous said...

Waare waaah!! :)