June 12, 2009

An acrostic for you - MEENA (A close friend)

Motivating me to fight every problem
Every second is pure happiness with you
Everyone smiles seeing you smile
Not a tinge of pain I see around you
And happiness is what I desire for you!

P.S.: She works in my office, a great friend of mine. Unfortunately life snatched her husband from her at a stage when she needed him the most. She is just 27, has 2 kids to look after... I sometimes feel very sorry for her. But her smile keeps teaching me how to keep that hope alive in you! :)
I bow down to you! :)
P.P.S.: She gave me a peck after reading this which makes me all the more happy pappy! :D

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Anonymous said...

I truely appreciate meena for being so courageous n strong..
God bless her n her kids abundantly..

Nice of u to convey it in such sweet manner.. Such ppl aroun us make us realise that with "hope" in r heart, we r never alone..

Good work dear..

Anonymous said...

so sweet dedication !!and the pps was really cute :D

Arjun said...

Oh Meena madam..!!!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiii .. :)

Thats the spirit .. :)

Inspiration is always just round the corner right ?? :)

Lovely dedication da..


Aarthi said...

@ Vasudha,

Thanks a lot for your wishes dear! :)
They really matter a lot! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Prats,

Thanksie! :) :D

Aarthi said...

@ Arjun,

Yes da... inspiration is just round the corner! :D

Arun Kumar said...

sweet of u to dedicate this acrostic... nice one..

Wishing meena happiness...

Princess Sonshu said...

Wonderfully written artz!!! Im sure she is proud and happy to have a friend like u!! Ur a darling...i loved the way uve written it..

Brosreview said...

That is a beautiful dedication. It is simple and sweet. There is nothing extravagant in it. And, that is what is nice. It is straight from the heart.

Your friend is blessed to have a thoughtful friend like you and you are fortunate to have someone so strong beside you.

Keep writing!!!

Riya said...

I really appreciate meena for being so courageous.. really one should learn from such people who inspite of difficulties keep a happy attitute n some people only fret at small things..

roshwrites said...

Lovely acrostic Artz! I'm sure that Meena is happy that someone has written a beautiful acrostic for her :)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

Meena would like this... :)

Chriz said...

i now know what to do to get a peck from the girl living in the opposite door

hary!! said...

Yu definitely get some good and motivating thoughts when yu get to meet some person like Meena...and we crib about small things we have lost in life..when the reality is bigger! Nice post