June 4, 2009

50. With This, It Begins...

Alright... With this, I begin with my 50th post... the much awaited and my longest post!!

There is no big celebration as such in the form of awards or something like that. But ... But... But...
This post is going to be very big!! This post contains something for each one of you...

Shall we start with it...?


1. Stephen aka Ste -

Hey Ste, I am really thankful to you for introducing me to this beautiful world of blogging. You have always been very sweet to me. You taught me how to use orkut, how to edit a profile or how to change a template of my blog and stuff like that! Hehe... I did not know even a single thing... Lol...

When I was new to blogging, Ste made calls to me regularly to teach me new things and he introduced me to The Writers' Lounge! A great guy at heart... sometimes I feel like pulling the hair out of his head... A great writer!!

Sometimes I find him to be to arrogant. But I know that he is not at all bad at heart. When he is angry he says things on my face, but then he never keeps them in his heart and never does he indulge in bitching about anyone. Truly, a gem of a person you are!


2. Arjun aka RJ -

He was the first follower of my blog and a regular one at that. He always had something to tell me that would motivate me to write more and even better! He is one sweetheart, very emotional, quite kiddish at times.
But with time, I have been able to witness a lot of changes in you da... you have gone mature, you know how to handle me and my mood swings. This guy is a storehouse for me. I can go and tell him anything I want to and he would be there to understand me. His patience levels are increasing day by day! Phew!
He is very spontaneously humorous! :)
Thanks for being there da! :)
Thanks for giving me the nick - Arii... I keep falling in love with it over and over again! :)


3. Pratibha aka Pretty Me -

Ah, she is my sweetest sister! :)

What an inspiration she is! You write amazingly well Pratsie.
I have always looked up to you... your ever-smiling face, that love with which you have treated me always, the way you comfort me by your mere presence!
Sometimes she just renders me speechless by those sweet little things that she does for me. Love ya sis...


4. Kajal aka Shona -

What do I say about her...
My alter ego, my pillow when I cry. She has been a constant support all through.

As I have always said, her heart speaks to me through her blog. She has always given me that warmth, that hug that was much needed, that smile. She always makes me feel so comfortable... woh apnaa-pan hai usme! :)

I have always wanted to say this to her and yays, today I have the opportunity -

Na kuch poocha Na kuch manga
Tune dil se diya jo diya
Na kuch bola na tola
Muskura ke diya jo diya
Tu hi dhoop tu hi chaya
Tu hi apna paraya

Aur kuch na jaanu main
Bas itna hi jaanu
Tujhme Rab dikhta hai
yaara main kya karu
Sajde sar jhukta hai
yaara main kya karu!

I would not want to thank you for anything Kajal. Really. I would just say that I am always going to be there for you! Thanks for the nick 'Sherni'...aweee! I love it! :)

I have never tried to hide anything from you... That 'Dear B' thing did hurt me! :)

Love ya!

5. Sandeep Balan -

He is a sweetheart! For me, he is not any jester... he is my big brother! :)

No body has ever given me that 'feel good' factor that he gives me. :)

He hardly visits my blog par inke permission ke bina ek patta bhi nahi hilta. :P
He gets to know everything. Thanks bhai. Its such a pleasure to have you in my life!

6. Vinu aka Leo -

This guy is so sweet! I hardly know someone as sweet as him.

He is my bestest friend. I have hardly seen him getting angry on me. He sounds so serious, almost like he only knows how to ishmyle and he doesn't know how to laugh! But, nope, he does laugh out loud... :)

He has a heart made of gold, an amazing poet and a wonderful person.
Thanks a lot for almost shoo-ing me away to go to the doctor whenever am unwell. He always pushes me to write more poetry. I so much need that push everytime being the lazy soul that I am... :)
I reached my 50th post so soon... Vinu...you are one of the reasons for this.
Thanks for the nick Dop! :) Its cho cute! :D
Thanks for being there... :)

7. Chirag -

An emotional sort of a guy, gets angry very easily. But a very good poet!

His writes are always bang on target. It has been a pleasure knowing you! :)

Every comment of yours, matters! :)

8. Priyanka -

She is a sweetu! :)

Quite like me... pagal hai, with an absurd thought process... thinks a lot... a dreamer! :)

We are so much similar da! :)

9. Chriz aka Chronicwriter -

He is my big brother. He has taught me a lot of things.

The humor king! :)
Thanks for all the support! :)


10. Nusrath -

A beautiful soul you are.

You are a sibling to me. :)
SO very emotional, stupid at times, but a sweetheart!

God bless you and Ziyaad! :)
You are always in my prayers! Rock it!

11. Arun Kumar -

He is my brother... :)

I mean what coincidence...me and Arun share the same birth date, same year! :)
He is one big idiot...a doctor to be... But I still love ya bro... :)

He has pissed me off many times, but I tend to forget all that asap! :)
Stop watching so many movies and study alright? Ya, I know what you want to say - 'Sisters are always like that.'

12. Kings, Rashi, Nik, Sonshu, Hashan, Bhargav and Pulkit -

You guys rock. Thank you for all the support!

Love ya all... :)

13. Sawan -

I do not know much about you dear, but all I can say is that I have seen him as a regular follower of my blog! He has always been there in my list of followers. Though I have never seen him comment on any post of mine, but its just that I have a feeling that he has always been around. Thank you Sawan! :)

With this I complete my 50th post. A big hug to all of you who have supported me throughout this journey and making this journey worth it! :)

Love ya guys... You simbly rawwkk! :P
Thank you! :)

The next celebrations will be on my 100th post...not before that! Hope to see many more names added to that list! :)



The Solitary Writer said...


party party

congrats Aarthi... .yippie 50th post after 6 months celebrations woww.... .this is a big milestone for u.. . woww. ....nice artz ....waiting for ur 100th post

thse beautiful words abt ur frnds here suggest me hw much u r bonded to this beautiful world of blogging... may god always bless u :)

Anonymous said...


( coz words cnt tell how glad i am coz of u, so i soare them for now)

hugz n kisses !

Anonymous said...

Hahah.. Thanks for writing what you feel in your heart about all of us!


Keeep Rocking Sweetie!

HAPPY 50th Post made us Happy too:)

Arjun said...

naa yenna solradhu uh..??

I'm kiddish AT TIMES aa?? wat have u observed in me da?? I'm always kiddish .. hehe.. just kidding... See i'm kidding abt being kiddish... hehe
sry sry sry... I'm going crazy....

But now that I'm mature.. I'll start behaving matured.. ;) Take life cool ya.. y waste time worrying..?? :P see.. wat u r getting to hear from ur emotional guy.. :P


I will always be there da :)

n sry for going crazy n makin ur comments page so messy :P


chirag said...

may this journey of posts goes long long and will never end
god bless you
and ha thanks to add my name
u are choo sweet

Arjun said...

n such a dumbo i am... Congrats on ur 50th POst da.... Raise ur keyboard.. Half Century.. :P

*three bows to u*

I'm also there.. been blogging frm one and a half years n completed 45 today.. :P :P



Priyanka said...

yeyy yeyy yeyy !!
half century!! congrats!

lovely post.... :) :)


Arun Kumar said...

lots of hugs n congrats artz...
he he...will try to limit my movie seeing... n study :-p (Arun gives a wicked laugh...)

PULKIT said...

Happy blogging artz! many more to come!
tc god bless!

Chriz said...

BIG brother makes me feel so old.. haha.. anyways thats true.. nearing the 30 mark...

congos girl..
and you made the day for many people..

thanks too