June 30, 2009

What is happening with Artz???

Helloz dear people... Wassaaap? Uh?

I am just back after a small vacation... a three day trip to the holy Ganges!

I had a good time... not so good though... because of very obvious reason... the scorching summer, the sweating etc. But yes, I had fun splashing water on all my colleagues! Oh yes yes, I went with my colleagues! ;)

Phew! It started raining there making the roads all the more miserable...! :(
Oh yes yes, I enjoyed a tonga ride as well... tuk tuk tuk tuk! Lol! :P

Ok, coming to the main point, I am back... will be getting back to blogging soon... having a block these days! Feeling terribly tired right now... need to catch some sleep!

Signing off for now!



Arun Kumar said...

How did u do it??
How did Ganges spare you??
I read in 3rd grade 'Sugar dissolves in water'.... (yeah. n so does salt..)

Am just in a :-) mood today...
So jus trying to stretch it out to everyone..

K. get some good sleep. zzzzz''''

PULKIT said...

wisha ya sound sleep!
take proper rest dear and then get back :)

Chriz said...

good to know that u r back.. take rest and come back with full vigour.. i am back too

Anonymous said...

Good to see you njyd :)
Sleep and rest well !

roshwrites said...

Nice to see you back!! :)

The Solitary Writer said...

welcome back aarthi :)

waiting to read your work :)

jai ho!

Aarthi said...

@ Arun,

Good to see you :-)

Aarthi said...

@ Pulkit,

Thanks dear! And I am back now! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Chriz,

Thank you! ;)

Aarthi said...

@ Lost Mermaid, Rosh and Ste,

Thank you guys! :)

Amal Bose said...

nice to hear that..
be back soon :-)

Anonymous said...

See you sooon :)