July 2, 2009

The New Look!!!

Hey everyone,

Pragmatic Utopia has got a new makeover done. Like this? I personally loved it.

Thanks a lot Leo for helping me get this done. Guys, shhhhh!!! I am a zero when it comes to html and stuff! :P
It has got a lot of red and charcoal grey in it. It looks fabulous now. Don't miss that previous template that had that cup of coffee... ;)




Anonymous said...

Its good ! but i will miss the old one sure :)

freelancer said...

its awesome...gud work vinay!

Aarthi said...

@ Pratsie,

Aww... *Hugs* :P

You'll start getting used to this one!

Aarthi said...

@ FL,


PULKIT said...

I am particularly a big wala fan of three layer template with the content in the centre! I LOVED THE LOOK!
I THINK IT would be ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST INFULENTIAL FIRST LOOK for any new visitor with this new desighn!

and god bless!


roshwrites said...

Wow I love this template! Good choice Aarthi!

chirag said...

its gr8888

Anonymous said...

Wow wow nice!

Anonymous said...

hey artz its a cool one..

Sowmi said...

Hey Artz.. sooper baby... really its cool...i've a dress in this combo which is my fav :P

btw one suggestion dear, put the shoutbox below followers list or relocate the followers to shoutbox's place and bring the shout box up.. it will be easy for us to leave a msg da... its somewhere down...

Aarthi said...

@ Sowmi,

Sure da! I also just gave it a thought! :)

Will just bring it below the followers list! :)