July 28, 2009

Acro... Penguin & Grasshopper

Protective about each other
Ever playing pranks
Never will they part their ways
God knows why they met so late
Unleashing their secrets
In no time
Now inseparable they are

Glowing is their friendship
Radiance personified
A thought for a second
Smiles are back on the lips
Sadness fades away
Heaven smiles at them
Oh, it feels so great
Praying that the saga continues
Praying that it gets better
Ever if you need me grasshopper
Rest assured you be, I AM HERE!


Tara said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. :) Acronyms, very interesting yaar. :) The only acronyms I know are those silly stuff I made up to mug up Social Studies. ;) But seriously, wonderful! :)

PS. Me loves the template too! Awesome it is! :D

freelancer said...

grasshopper is better than penguin :P

Aarthi said...

@ Tara,

Thank you so much dearie! :)

Am all smiles! :D :D

Aarthi said...

@ FL,

Lolz... misconceptions personified! :D

Penguin is the best! Always! :D

Sowmi said...

Excellent Acrostic :D after reading yours, I think I've to try Acrostic too but It won't so good as yours.. Anyway I'll try too :)


Sowmi said...

ARTZ I AM GONNA TAG YOU. Check my next post when it is out da :)
I kindly request you to take up the tag for me :)


Anurag said...

Love this Acronym ...Lovely ending...btw did u write this keeping the freelancer in mind ?? :D

Aarthi said...

@ Sowmi,

Thanks da... and trust me...you can write better than me! :)

Try it!

Aarthi said...

@ Anurag,

Hehe...Yes... There is just one grasshopper and thats FL. Lol...

Esther said...

That was sweet!!! =) I like the penguin! =P

Aarthi said...

@ Esther,

You better like penguin! =D

Yamiiieeeee.... :)

purPLE haZE !! said...

Beautiful :)

RT, if you come accross some dark templates just forward me the link.. In My old template I can't add more widgets... :((

Aarthi said...

@ Hashan da,

Oh thanks... adn i surely will find a new one for you! I love the template-hunting business! :D :D