July 1, 2009

They Said YES!!!

He woke me up that morning! Just the night before I had cried...cried like never before... cried so much that the whole of the town could drown in my tears!

I could hardly open my eyes since the curtains were drawn out and the sun peeped straight on to my face! Phew!
Why is it that I cried last night because of the two souls I cherish the most? Why is it that they could see me crying and still do nothing? Why?

Anyways, I saw him standing right in front of me, winking! I gave him a short and sweet smile and tried to drag myself out of this cozy bed. He leaned on the bed, came close to me and whispered something in my ears...
I jumped out of the bed... stood there for a minute...shocked!!! I don't know how he did it! How??? How was this possible...that too in such a short span of time!!!

He pinched me to bring me to my senses!!!
He had a big grin on his face and I had a bigger one! :D

I hugged him... hugged him tighter, hugged him in a way that he would never be able to forget this hug!
He said..."They said YES!"

I could not believe that they have approved of this after last night that was full of arguments and resentments...
I hugged him once again and whispered - "Thank you bro! It is because of you that I am going abroad to continue my studies! Thank you so much! I love you..."

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roshwrites said...

Hey Aarthi... nice post! =D
p.s: 50th post at my blog has finally arrived! Please check out for your award!

freelancer said...

whoa!!!kahani mein twist!!! i was expecting something...completely different

Arun Kumar said...

Didn't expect a 'bro' twist at the end... Was expecting something romantic... :-)

PULKIT said...

smiles! :)
the pic made me wonder something else though... :P
twist in the end was worth it

Anonymous said...

gosh!! that was really amazingly done !! loved it :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Haha.. Very nice post! Well maintained suspense! :D

Priya Joyce said...

u goin abroad gr88..all dah bst..

bhai ho toh aisa :P


Aarthi said...

@ Rosh,

Happy 50th girl... I visited Roshwrites! :)

Thanks for the comment! :)

Aarthi said...

@ FL,

Dimaag mein romance ke alaava kuch chalta hai??

Aarthi said...

@ Arun,

Yeppidi twist!!! ;)

Aarthi said...

@ Pulkit,

Glad! :)

Aarthi said...

@ Prats,

Hehe! Thanksie!

Aarthi said...

@ Ashrita,

Thanks girl!

Aarthi said...

@ Priya,

Nope... am going nowhere Priya! This was supposed to be a fiction girl... LOL!

Sowmi said...

Interesting!! Had a beautiful twist at the end :) Loved it :)


freelancer said...

@ artz
ji haan chalta hai..tujhe toh main dekh lunga!

Anonymous said...

Oh god!! How I missed out this post all these days!

It is really nice :)

ViDiShA said...

@....was really nice ...!.."bro" twist was really gud