May 9, 2009

I'm Waiting! :(

I'm waiting
I'm waiting for this plant to grow
That one day it becomes a tree
And from all the burdens it sets me free!

Twenty girls I liked
Twenty Five I proposed
Thirty slapped me
And therefore I tied this rope!

You know not the pain
We hold in our little hearts
The way we run after you
And you make us see the stars!

Damn all these damsels
I've now decided
Agonised is my soul
I feel alienated!

I trusted in you
Your 'No's have hurt me
All my savings
You've made me spend all the money!

I water this plant every day
Let it grow
And to end my agony
I've tied this rope!

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Priyanka said...

LOL....dat ws a funny one yaar! :D

ek flirt ki emotions..hehe...well written!

chirag said...

very funny and
very nice

Aarthi said...

@ Pri,

Hehehe...sahi hai na! Aakhir flirts ke bhi toh emotions hote hain! :P



Aarthi said...

@ Chirag,

Thanks! :)



Anonymous said...


seeing the pic itself i started laughing!

lovely poem Artz...
don't stop now, ur on a roll! :D

Chronicwriter said...

keep watering...

but over thanniyinaala alugi poyida pogudhu...plants