October 2, 2009

My 100th...

Hello people,

 So, here I am with my 100th post!! Feels great surely... sometimes it gives me jitters thinking that I started blogging... blogging to just prove to someone that I can write... and then came my 10th post. I was so overjoyed!! Slowly my passion grew...I wrote more and I was read by a very few people... they became MY FRIENDS! Today, with 100 posts and 960+ comments, I feel happy...yet that is a saturated happiness. I am not feeling ecstatic! Yes, you guys heard that right. Usually the celebration posts I see… they are dripping with happiness... it might be real or fake. Today, I plan to write my heart out...whether it is dripping with happiness or with tears! 

 Thank you Sowmiya, Esther, Nabila, Abhrajit and Arun for writing my guest posts! They were surely amazing… as I had expected them to be. Before I start up with anything… this is a small something for all of you (each and everyone who knows me in the blog world). Please do accept... 

 Thank you guys for reading anything and everything I wrote here! Sometimes, what I wrote just did not make sense… yes, I notice that when I look back. But some of you read it and were so humble to also comment on it. Ha ha… Some of my friends shower me with appreciations about the way I write or the topics on which I choose to write… thank you! I have also received a few critical comments… for all those who made such comments; I thank you because its you who have helped me write even better! 

 I pray to write better with each day because blogging has become more of a habit now. Thank you for being with me through this journey! 

 Signing off, 

 NYX! (I would prefer you to remember me by this name.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Artz,

happy 100 Posts! May you have a 100 more! :)
Nyx... a new chapter in ur blog life starts eh?

very cool. all the very best for it! :)
always there to read u, appreciate you and criticize u if needed! :) and to teach u too if i can! :)

Arun Kumar said...

okie dokie Nyx... Nal Vazhthukkal... Nooru ar(u)puthamaana posts eluthinathuku... Innum neria eluthu...

Priya Joyce said...

Happy 100th..keep going :P

Meow said...

Nyx :) very simple hundredth post I've ever read so far :) Let your journey continue Nyx... your destination has not come yet may be is what I feel :)

Amias said...

Congratulations! Keep on writing.

PULKIT said...

cheers and blessings to ya NYX :)
tc god bless!
you had always been an honest blogger and I love readin ya blog sis!
keep it up

The Solitary Writer said...

congragulations for ur 100th post.....its a gr8 achievement...keep writing :))

god bless

chirag said...

hello aarthi
congratulations for the 100th post
and when i meet you on blogger i know that you will reach this destination very soon..
because you write very well
and i know your journey will not end here it will go till you write.
thanks to you for the support you gave me in this blogger world.

once again congra8sss

Anurag said...

hi artz

Congrats for your 100'th ..may this 100 become 500 and may u go on and on with your wonderful posts :)

and NYX ..I like it :)

Thoorika said...

Congratulations NYX !!! You are right about the fact where you have mentioned about saturated happiness! But yet again, its also one of the memorable moments! I wish that such memorable moments should never come to an end for you :) take care!

Anonymous said...

hey artz, 100 posts, wow, congratulations..keep writing.
miss u girl.. wishing u all the best of luck in ur journey forward..:):)

parzi said...

hey artzz
congratulationsssssss for achieving this wonderful milestone!
100 posts...of amazing write ups...it is indeed one beautiful and successful journey n i m so glad that i got an opportunity to be a small part of it!
its not been long since i have known you but what of whatever i know..i can say without doubt..that u r a fabulous writer..n the beauty of ur words and thoughts are a reflection of your beautiful soul!
i jus want to say i adore u completely and love reading u works n really hope to see u achieve many such milestones !
so keep writing with all ur heart!
n i promise to keep reading!
congratulations once again!
you rock!
luv ya!

Eyeshadow said...

hey dear!!my heartiest congrats to u!!kip up d gud work

Eyeshadow said...

congrats dear!!kip up d good work!!

Amal Bose said...

congrats on ur 100th post.. :)
keep it coming
take care :)

roshwrites said...

Congrats Artz!!! I mean, Nyx :D
Hope you reach many more milestones :)

Arv said...

Congrats mate :)

have a wonderful time & keep writing :)

rahul aggarwal said...

hey congrats for the 100th post...keep going and keep writing...felt good when i read, some posts of ur's...made no sense..i guess same is the case for my posts...but improving...now

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

congrats dearie :)

Esther said...

Congratulations hunny bun.. :) Keep writing :) :)

PS: Love this template of yours. Orangy Orange!!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Aarthi,

for me, its a good feeling to have picked ur blog n ur 100th post occasion..congratulations and write many more..would like to come here again..

template is good..:)

Anonymous said...

Wow...100 posts?

Been away for a while now but I am back to full time reading once again. There's always something nice to find in your blog...Love the new template! It's really cheerful. Keep posting :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Aarthi:)

I really regret for not accomplishing your request.. Sorry I didn't have time :(

Anyways, Wish you all bests in life..

Keep Smiling :)

Keep blogging !!

ani_aset said...

congrats on 100 posts :) keep up the good work