September 16, 2009

Its Your Life, Make It Large!

He ha ha ha ha...Ok... am sounding crazy! Actually, I just happened to log in to my orkut account... :) A lot of people talk about those weird friend requests they receive and I happened to receive one such request this morning... it read - "Hi Aarthi, this Rhoan (that meant Rohan) delguy (that meant guy from Delhi) wanna b my frands." Wah wah wah! ... Lolz... I have been lol-ing since then! :P

I have become very observant these days. At times I am so amazed when I find something so normal to be so peculiar. I mean to say that there are certain things that we do all day long, thinking that its 'my' characteristic... but after a few days, we see something similar in someone and end up feeling so eerie about it, isn't it?
A few years back, I was this chirpy, bubbly sort of a character. But today, I am not. People say I am a fighter, a very matured sort of a person... generally, it does not matter what they say, but honestly speaking, this time they are right. I belong to that section of people who are really very serious, do not prefer talking much and are constantly busy with some or the other thought. A few days back, this Mr.X told me that I have lost the spark that he saw in me a few months back. I completely agree with him! Yes, I have lost that spark in me... But for this, no one is to be blamed... Sometimes, things are not in our hand. Your life's incidents shape you the way you are! Life and the incidents design your caricature.
There are many people who might dislike you for some or the other reason... and we might find their reasons justified or futile. But, does that in any way, change his/her perspective towards you? It doesn't right? Recently, I have seen that a few people have turned their backs at me, without even listening to what I had to say... they might think that I am such an obnoxious sort of a girl, but then do I stop living because of what such people have to say? Certainly not... Life has many more reasons to worry or crib about other than this trivial reason - who likes you or who doesn't. Live your life on your terms, rather than living it on the terms of someone else... Why do you worry about doing something that you like? Why do you worry about your boyfriend not liking it? Each one of us have our list of likes and dislikes. Just as you understand your better half's list of likes and dislikes, he needs to acknowledge yours as well... am sure my guy would!

I have noticed this with so many people that they are one sort of a person when amongst friends and they are the ones who behave so differently when they are with their guy/girl. Somewhere I see that fear on their faces. They think so many times before doing something... why? Come on, don't you think that all the sacrifices or adjustments you did till date are enough? If you think your better half really loves you, he/she would surely understand you and your preferences.
Life is like this one big jigsaw puzzle. You need to find the missing pieces, identify the shape, color and the pattern...and then place the right piece at the right place! Phew...a hectic task. Why make it more complicated thinking about all the useless things...who would like what you wear or the way you look or the way you talk or the way you walk? Live it for yourself and live it for the ones you feel for... For example, I had this template change, but do you think about who is going to say, "Yuck, that looks so loud, and what makes you think this orange is cool?" Opinions do matter and they should, but not enough that they start ruling your life. I love this template and so it is here to adorn my space! :)

Guys, to cut the story short... we all hear people saying ... "Life is short, make the most of it"... or "Live Life King/Queen size"... It somehow holds true. Let go of everything/anyone who bothers you... Live for yourself... and once you do it, none of us will see posts full of endless rantings or people deleting their blogs or any other disappointment in the real world.


With this, I end my 94th post! The guest posts begin with the next... :)
My 95th post is from a very good friend of this space to know who it is! :D




Anonymous said...

i personally find this template endearing dear! :) very attractive!

live life the way u want! and not coz others would find ur space attractive or expect something of u...

happy journey to 100! :)

Shravan said...

hi hey.. know what? i hv been waiting for this sort of a post form someone.. seriously.. been trying to explain the same stuff " its my life, i live it as i like it" to some people who never understood it :) well done and nice template there :)

Kaka said...

this template is good but i feel since it is florescent it is a bit imposing on the eyes....situations change us and we may never be the same again....nice post..:

Eyeshadow said...

very true...artz!!

We should liv our life n never let nebdy rule our life!!

KParthasarathi said...

Your new template is different and catches the eye.It is your blog and you have the right to choose what you wish to.Others have no say unless views are solicited.

The other part of the post like curate's egg good in parts.Live life king or queen size or It is your life,do what you will is ok upto cerain extent.It is not that we should pay heed to the opinon of every second person we meet.But listening to close well wishers to know their mind will not go amiss.Finally it is you who is going to decide.

Chavi Mishra said...

nice post dear... i also want to explain the same to someone who never understood it..btw loved ur post n template too :)

ani_aset said...

its too short a life to live for someone else arthi you are so right...
Orange really is striking :)

parzi said...

hey artz
firstly the first part of the post was hilarious!
the second part serious...but so true n very well said...we all do things to get accepted....socially desirable behavior is the one we keep exhibiting...losing onto r individuality,our life...our prefrences... we all have one life...lets live it up!
and hey the blog template is very pen enthusiasm..loving it!
keep it going!
take care!