September 17, 2009


Artz! She is one of my sweetest blogger friends. We got along very well after just a few chats.  We never thought that we would meet so soon! It was a very quick meet. Though it was a very brief meeting , we talked a lot! We feel like we are soul sisters J Magic of time isn’t it?

I am not all that great a writer. I write random stuffs literally! So, when Artz invited me to do a guest post in her blog I was confused and I was (to frankly accept) afraid a bit too. I am a very impulsive person. Nobody can put my thoughts in one box and program my mind. I am an all let loose kind-of a thinker! So, the moment she asked me to write “Time” is what struck my mind instantly. I feel great to write the 95th post (Oh! I find silly reasons to celebrate :P now it is "Yay! Mine is 95th post!!!!!!!!)

Earlier I used to be very arrogant and a bratty gal arguing things. Long long ago so long ago my closest pal said something which I can never forget for a lifetime. We had arguments on this but little by little I realized he was true! Yes, he said “Time will heal you”. I said, “No way! Stop this crappy philosophy and get back to your work!” Now, today he doesn’t know what I am doing and I don’t know what he is doing. It’s all a magic of time. We thought we’ll never part but we parted and we are totally in different directions. When I look back, all I could remember about him is the statement which I mentioned above!!

Time is precious – is what I don’t want to tell because everyone knows that. I want to say time is MAGICAL. Yeah! It does wonders in a person’s life!

Sometimes we think that our friends will be with us forever but in reality they will not be! Sometimes we think that happiness last forever in our life! But life is not all that easy. It’s a cocktail of happiness, sad moments, tense moments and bitter experiences. To tackle all such things, the Almighty has gifted each of us with something called “Time”.

Time teaches us to commit mistakes and learn from the mistakes as well! Time will solve the problems that we face in our life. It makes us think profoundly. It might look like a situation is pressurizing us so much that we will be in the verge of breaking down but without our knowledge we come over it and smile! That is the magic of Time! Time will fly outside our window! It is in our hands to make the best use of it and learn all kind of lessons that it teaches to us! There is no point in repenting after letting your time drift off your hands! This is what I have realized of late.

Time gives us opportunities, chances, solutions, strength, experience, maturity, a balanced mind and everything we want. It’s in our hands to identify it and make the best use of it! We shouldn’t waste our time by spending a lot of time in thinking about our past and future. We should just live to the moment. This is because time and tide waits for none. There is no point in thinking about yesterday. At the same time, its never late than ever. If you’re not a person who doesn’t live the moment and keep planning for your future or sink in your past, please wake up and enjoy the moment.

Forget all your broken relationships, just extract the lessons you’ve learned out of them. Walk along with  time instead of walking against it or way ahead of it! Life will be a paradise! Did I sound like a philosopher?? Well! I am not all that perfect! I myself get messed up many times for not understanding the magic time accomplishes! Only now am I learning, as  I said, nothing late than ever. Start from today (not tomorrow), throw off all the grudges you have (I am dumping all my grudges in some dumpyard right now) and start to live the moment!

Was it all that boring? Come on, simple things always seem to be boring. But we got to accept the fact with a :) I think my post does make a sense to all of you :)

Thanks Artz for letting me write something in your space :) Guess I did some justice :) Love ya :)


Kaka said...

i was expecting one post from u soumya...:)....and a pretty good one too....sensible post and will relate to everyone who reads it....lets see who's next????i have a pretty good guess nix...:P

Aarthi said...

Hey Sowmiya,

Thanks a lot first of all for agreeing to do a guest post for me. :)

I don't know how do we manage that sync babe... you know what... I am at one such phase of my life where I need to surrender everything to time. And here you are with such a post on 'Time'...

The post was fantastic... And what did you say... you were afraid when I asked you for the guest post? Lol... Loosu thaan di nee.

Love ya tonnez! Mwah and a big hug to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Meow,

that was a beautiful write up! indeed time is magical. yeah, what u said is true. friends may not be with us all the time, same goes for happiness too. life ain't that easy!

forgetting broken relationships, walking along with life or way ahead... its difficult sometimes but its a challenge and that makes life paradise at times. living for the moment! perhaps! :)

ur post made a lot of sense! :)

chirag said...

good one said...

nice post.

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