January 30, 2009


Hey guys and girls,

'THANKSGIVING' is a new series started by me. In this series, I would be writing about all those people who have mattered to me in some way or the other...some might have helped me, some might have made me smile, some I may dislike and some of them might mean the world to me.

But this series does not include my thanksgiving to my parents because already a post has been dedicated to them. This is a post dedicated to all my friends, acquaintances and foes (if I have any).
So, guys and girls...check this series regularly and keep watching for your name!!! Who knows, you might be lucky!!! (Sounds too much like those MTV chatter-boxes eh...?)




Arjun said...

hehe.. nice idea....

Good thing to do so.. Go ahead..!!


Anonymous said...

wonder if i'll be featured in this series sometime :)

Anonymous said...

on the other hand, saying thanks to me is no use...

i wont accept anyhow! :D