February 4, 2009

Thanksgiving No. 1 - VISHAKHA!! :)

Vishakha Arora...that is her name!

We had just shifted our base. We had a rented accommodation. The name of that area was Mayur Vihar Phase - III. It was around 6 P.M. when me and my mother reached our new locality in an auto. Within a span of ten minutes my dad arrived with all furniture and the other items loaded in a truck. They unloaded everything from the truck and we were waiting for the house-owner to bring the keys of the house.

I remember...I was sitting on the pavement and my mind was clouded with thoughts. I was studying in standard VI and I had my history exam the very next day. Also just like an icing on the cake, I would have to make new friends here...all over again.

I woke up the next morning and left for school. I mean, everyone in my locality literally stared at me as if I was an alien...two antennas over my head!?! :P

Around 6 P.M. I thought of going for a stroll and just when I came out I saw a girl and a cute little boy playing a typical girlie game called T.V.! I went up to them courageously and almost instinctively initiated a conversation. I asked her every possible question...about her school, siblings, parents, since how long she is a part of this locality and x, y and z! I started meeting her everyday. Sometimes I wondered whether God still makes such innocent people! God had surely been extremely kind to me this time.

She introduced me to other kids in the locality and soon I had a big group of friends (oh no, I was not the group leader or something). Days and months passed and our friendship grew stronger with every passing second. She understood me in and out. Every single day, as soon as we returned from the school, we made calls to each other asking what was made for lunch...and sometimes I rushed to her place for lunch and sometimes she rushed to mine. Chatting, giggling, eating from a single plate and all those gossips...heaven!

We were inseparable! I loved her a lot...I still do! She is and will always be my best friend.

I stayed in that locality for four years. When I had passed standard IX and moved to standard X, my parents had bought a new flat and we were supposed to move in there. It took me months to get myself mentally prepared that I would have to leave this locality. The day that I had to leave Vishakha had gone out with her family to her relatives place.

The truck got loaded with every possible thing that was there in my house. We were about to leave. I was waiting for Vishakha near the main gate of our society. I kept waiting for an hour. I had to plead in front of my parents so that I could wait. That day she got late. I had already left when she came.

But after that sad day, there is something good that is still there. I keep meeting her whenever I get time. I visit her place. We still enjoy the same way we did in the past.

You know what, Vishakha is into her MBBS now. YAY! She is going to become a doctor soon. I'm so happy for her. Its been eight years of our friendship and still everything seems so fresh!

Thank you Vishakha...because it is YOU who has always been there for me. I know that you love me for what I am and not for what I could be. I love you too... :)
P.S. : I will be uploading her picture soon.



thats wonderful...

Arjun said...

Hey tat was sweet...

Did she read this?? If not make it a point to make her read this... :)

Childhood frnds somehow remain best frnds for life.. :)