January 24, 2009

Tagged :)

Thank you Ste for tagging me. This is my first tag ever.

I am so happy right now.

Lets start.

Here it goes -

1.What are you listening to now?

-Ok, I am in my office right now. I was listening to "Ay Hairate Aashqui" from Guru...beautiful track. I just love it.

2.What is your occupation?

- Basically I am a graduate and my stream was English Literature. As of now, I am working with my dad in his business as a Head Co-ordinator and am also heading the Architectural division (My dad is an Architectural Consultant).

3.What was the last thing you ate?

- It is 5:30 P.M. right now. Around 4 P.M. I had Matar Samosa with tea!! :) :P

4.Last person you spoke to on phone?

-I spoke to my dad, or should I say...I spoke to MY BOSS!! :P

5.How old are you today?

- 21 years , 1 week and 5 days!!

6.Last movie watched?

- Ghajini!!

7.Favourite day of the year?

- For a BIRTHDAY FREAK like me, it has to be JANUARY 12...MY BIRTHDAY!! :)

(Gifts in the form of Cheques and Cash are accepted.) :D

8.Favourite toy as a child?

- I always craved for Barbies!! I had a proper BARBIE DOLL KITCHEN SET. I loved that.

9.Favourite season?

-WINTER!! No second choice!!

10.When was the last time you cried?

- I usually end up crying when someone fails to understand me. I cried three days back when I had a fight with a friend of mine.

11.Who is the friend you have had the longest?

- Vishakha. I got to know her when I was in standard 6!! :) That is almost 9 years!!

12.What did you do last night?

- Had horlicks, spoke to my friend on phone and dozed off...!

13.What are you most afraid of?

- Generally accidents. But I am equally afraid of the day when i'll die thinking that I lived a life that was a waste and was never able to carve a niche in this world for myself.

14.Favorite day of the week?

- I love SUNDAYS. Ask anyone who has started working!! :P

To be honest, I get time for myself only on sundays.

15.How many states have you lived in?

- Delhi, Punjab and Pondicherry (I know that it is a Union Territory).

16.What is your wish for this new year?

- I would work towards fulfilling my dreams (though they have become distorted).

17.New year resolutions?

-I have already written a post on that. My most important resolution is to keep myself happy and lose weight. :) :P

I would like to tag Arjun, Vatsal, Chirag, Jack and Rinzu.


The Solitary Writer. said...

nicely done baby

Aarthi said...

Thanx Ste sweetheart..!!

Arjun said...

OH..!! samosas with tea... yummy..!!

Nicely done.. n thank u so much for tagging me.. :) :)


chirag said...

thanks to tag me

Chriz said...

this was my latest tag too.. glad you have your dad as your boss

jack said...

hey nicely done,
thanks so much, glad to see my name there

Anonymous said...

beautifully done! :)

even i am a birthday freak, but i love rakshabandhan day more than any other! :)

Anonymous said...

its the day anu ties me a rakhi and i swear to lord i will protect her and let no harm come to her!

i will stick to my promise too. she means that much to me :)

Aarthi said...

God bless!