February 9, 2010


Last night was an eye-opener sorts for me. I have a reason to support what I felt.

As any normal person complains, I too have my set of complaints. I do think and brood over them. I do cry thinking about my problems. I do suddenly feel the urge to do something that would bring all my problems to an end and I do admit that I have a habit of 'sometimes' blaming someone else for my problems. It is a matter of shame that in the last few months, I have blamed my parents for the problems I face.

I know that what I felt, was the biggest mistake I did ever in my life. Last night there was one surprise in store for me. My dad called. No, that is not the surprise I was talking about. My dad called and he was talking to mom. While talking about other things, there was one thing he said, "We earn quite a good income, and inspite of that I have never done anything for my daughter. Every time I plan to do something for her, God gives me some problem or the other." My mom told me that he sounded to be in pain.

I could not sleep last night. Realization dawned on me. I really did think abour how hard he works to bring us out of all the problems we are going through. I have never done anything for him. I 'work' or may be just pretend to do so for the sake of it. But I hardly care of my work brings any returns or not. I have been living an awful meaningless life. I have just blamed my dad all this while. I have never helped him.

But, that soul (My Father) has always taught me lessons...those lessons which has only got me better.

I am sorry dad to have let you down till date. I promise to work hard. I promise to hear it one day from you that you are proud of me. After all that happened yesterday, I can just say one thing - 

'Expect the worst and the best is yet to happen.'

Last week I wrote a post. I promised to speak the truth for a week. Trust me guys, it was difficult... way too difficult. I did try my best. And to my surprise I could manage it well. But I did fail... three times in that week. Still, I learnt the art of being honest.

This week, am not putting the blame on anybody for anything. I am going to take the responsibility for my actions...whether good or bad. Even if the worst happens, it is only going to make me strong and capable of handling everything that comes my way.

Best Wishes,



Jaky Astik said...

I think this is not a lesson learnt by you. It's a lesson taught to me by you. You know na what I am up with all day. Okay, chal. I'll take the challenge - I'll speak truth for one week from now, no matter what questions come. Let's see.

freelancer said...

so you gonna work more hard?? you already give your best over there

Meow said...

Eye Opener Really :) Such a sweet heart you are de :)

PULKIT said...

He is a proud father aarthi!
u have a long road ahead to prove him that u do care,
there is nothing more important in life, then the acceptance and willingness to improve about which u just wrote
god bless sis!

chirag said...

mere hisab se this thing happens with most children sometime in life they blame their parents and suddenly they reliaze that
their parent's care very much for them
and this lesson was one of the important lesson in everyone's life
iam nto sure about everyone but most person get this lesson
parents are the image of god on this earth

cupidslunatic said...

Most parents are proud of us (children) no matter what we do... they jus dont say it...

take care n good luck on ur venture into hard work... :)

♪PŕİиСεSS ΝuCĥụ♪ said...

I went through this phase too!!

PARENTS ARE ANGELS!!! and we children are always the devils!

Arv said...

Just love him all your life and let him feel it too :)

Knowing and feeling your love is the best thing your parents can ask for from you :)

kasabiangirl said...

That was a heartfelt post...your parents are lucky to have a nice daughter like you..You can so much for their happiness :)

Thousif Raza said...

you know i had that exact same thought couple of days ago... and i gotta say it really works.. or at least a lil better could happen rgt.....

you know i too tried, and i have been honest (mostly on blogs though :P) that was a promise and i fulfilled it... i m proud ;)

take care and keep writing...........

Dead Angel said...

salute u!!!!

Rohit said...

So true. The words are honest and beyond anyone's opinions.

Your determination to make them proud, simply inspires me.

Good Luck with your new mission.
Do post away how you fared.


Thousif Raza said...

hey yaar.. no posts still... hope to see you soon. i couldn't find your email so replying here... be back soon... hope you are well and good....take care :)

Pavitra .... said...

Wow...A real eye-opener...You are an awesome person you know? The fact that you are willing to improve and work hard is really nice...
Take care and good luck with achieving this!