February 3, 2010


I am back from the so called period of 'exile' that I had forced myself into.

Something is just pissing me off these days...something or the other. Lol... i just don't know why. But amidst all this, there was something that I saw on t.v. which can be called as OUTRIGHTLY HILARIOUS. Any guesses about what it could have been? 


The girls, the set-up, RAHUL MAHAJAN... OMG! I so remember what happened in that episode. All the girls had to write a diary for Rahul. A girl wrote something in the purest form of Hindi and she quoted to Rahul that he was as capable as Lord Krishna who had 16,108 wives. Lol. Lol.

I really think NDTV IMAGINE has gone NUTS! How about featuring my swayamvar on your channel eh? Jeez!!

Moving away from something that was outrightly hilarious, its time to talk about something that is outrightly serious.

It feels so good to have people around us...friends and family. They are our real strength. I recently found a source of strength...a new friend (a friend for life). That person is my twin, in the real sense of the word. We are going through the same phase of life and I am so glad that we are coming out of that phase holding hands - TOGETHER!

In front of the whole wide world, I welcome you - ESTHER EVELYN to my sweet little world. :)

*A welcome hug*

Life is so colorful, isn't it. Yes, you cannot ignore the shade that I hate the most - BLACK.
Every person who walks into your life is different, every minute is different... and in each passing moment, we have learnt how to lie to ourself. Yes, you got that right.

We really find no trouble in committing something that we cannot do. For example, how about promising a friend for a lunch with her and you know you have some other commitment that day? You know you can't make it right? Then why commit?

This is how it is. Every moment we do something like this, we are being untrue to our own self as well as the other person. Being untrue to our own self hardly makes a difference to us today right? Because we see no consequence of such an action of ours. BUT, something that is so startling is the fact that not being true to yourself is day-by-day becoming our habit. Such a habit can do no good. All it will lead us to one day is a point where we would be breaking the trust that someone has on us. Trust, a bond , is very flimsy. You need to handle with care. As they say, it takes a second to break the trust but years to build it; and once broken, there is hardly a way to rebuild it.

Think about it for a second. Try keeping a check... for say a week.

Check how many times do you say something that you just don't mean. In the virtual world, to which we are so used to, how many times do you end up saying 'Awwwwww....baby you are the sweetest!' to someone...who, according to you, probably doesn't deserve this? Yes, this happens. It happens with me too.

I am trying to change it all. I am under a self check project and I need some like-minded people who would be ready to take up this challenge along with me. For a week, I am not saying or doing something that I don't mean. Are you ready?? :)


chirag said...

nice post
its nice that u are now happy and
u clear the storm with ur dedication and determination
happy to see u back....

bye tc

Jaky Astik said...

Hey Baby, that's how channels improve (Sorry, boost) their TRPs. This is not Rahul's swayamvar, it's Rahul's NDTV marketing plan.

Meow said...

Very happy to see ya back you know.. and totally good about what you've written.. the COMMITMENT thingy... it disappoint ppl so badly ya knw..

Evelyn is one sweetheart :) :)

freelancer said...

that was quite a post

pinky?? ur twin???
god save us!! :)
welcome back

Esther said...

I LOVE YOU GIRL ... and you made my day!!!! :))))
Mwah aartz... :P You're the awesomestest person I've met in 2010 ♥

You're a strong girl. And I'm sure we can figure out things and shake a fist together at all the weird stuff that happens around!

Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

heya artz..

nice to see ya blogging....aise sade channels ko ignore maaro yaar..

and be happy...thats what others want u 2 b :)

smrithi rao said...

lol ,, nice post :) had a good laugh reading :)


Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice one! Hope u have a great time with him. :)

Thousif Raza said...

i gotta tell you... that was one hell of a post... i was really touched... and for once i am being truthful believe me... :)

you dont wanna know how many times i have lied while commenting on other blogs....

a week, yeah challenge accepted... lets see i can continue for more.... :)

blogrolling you :)

take care and keeep writing...........

Anonymous said...

Ermmmm.. I was not able to read thsi post the other day!

Damn! I would have taken the challenge with you, to be honest!! I am beinga liar too , now a days.. :'( BIG LIAR, me!

I am sorry Aartz! Don't ask me why!
Take care!