December 3, 2009

I Am Back! ;)

Alright guys, December begins! I am back here...

I've been out of blogsville for almost a month. In this one whole month, I noticed a lot of things, my imagination was at its best and also, I learnt many new things! Good? Yea!

I am not happy these days because of a lot of things. Be decent and don't ask me why's, what's and how's. Keep them to yourself. But anyway, I trust God and I am sure, he'll lead me through this. Second, facebook is keeping me quite busy for no reason... (Yea, it doesn't even pay me for being so loyal...MARK, are you listening?)

Last weekend, I went to my friend's place and while I was on my way, I got stuck in a traffic jam... typical Delhi! What caught my stupid wandering mind's attention was different people in different mode of transports... everything different, but just one thing in common. Guess what? All of them were busy looking out of their windows. I saw each one of them gazing out of their windows, thinking about something...or may be, nothing! Many people were with their family and to my surprise, no one was talking to each other! All were silent...

Why are we all like this? Why don't we want to spend some time with our loved ones? Why can't we just share a laugh with them? Are we really that busy or is it that we just claim to be so? I know some questions just do not have an answer.

But, some questions have their answers hidden in them. For instance, when I was in school, my schoolmates from my apartment always waited for our bus outside the apartment gate. Every morning a lady had a duty to make it a point to ask me the same question. Just when she saw me dressed in my school uniform, waiting for the bus, she used to ask me, "Beta, school ja rahe ho?" (Translation : Child, are you going to school?) And obviously my reaction, always, was...WTF! My mind always mumbled to itself, "No, am going to the circus!" Phew...!!

I also noticed one more thing... ladies can never stop gossiping! They love gossips more than their husband. Don't know when will this stop.

Anyways, I am back! And I missed you all...


Nyx! ;)


♪PŕİиСεSS ΝυCĥụ♪ said...

Aarthi Aarthi.. cool darling >>>hugs<<< Everything will be alrite soon dear :) God bless you :)

Jaky Astik said...

I am first to comment already. Anyhow, when did you go? I think that's the way it is, coming and going.

as for the gossip, you won't understand it till you become a lady yourself. You're still a girl not a woman. At least, I can assume that I hope.

freelancer said...

why are we like this? why don;t we want to spend the time with our loved ones?

these questions we have to ask ourselves first dear. how are we any different from them?

anyways welcome bk

parzi said...

hey Artz....
welcome back...firstly hats off to you...for being such a keen observer ...we all see this happening around us...but never raise a question...strange...guess we r all used to it...but it is something we should all be aware of n try to change....!
well i wont ask u whats wrong...but will pray that whatever is bothering you subsides soon!
take care dear...n plzzzzzz cheer up!
god bless!

chirag said...

nice to see u here again

welcome back

Amity Me said...

hey Nyx,

you a facebook addict? oh really? add me up then, me too, and it's to the point of jeopardizing my career here at blogville, he he he....nope, just kidding....:)

Princess Nuchu is a neighbor there at Fv and Cafe World. I play a third game, Island paradise.

re: your post, I was amazed to learn a couple more of things about you in India...:) nice sharing them dear!

i see your back but not happy? oh why?

miss yah Nyx!!!

Amity Me said...

P.S., add me at FB, search the name Beng Bagasol in Princess Nuchu's list of friends...:)

see yah there!!!