December 17, 2009

Another brainless rant... :P

Well, oh well... it's been a pretty long time since I landed here last.

Many reasons I have that forced me to stay away from my Utopian World - to begin with, I went on a family tour to Tirupati...needless to say, it was fun. Second, I went to Bangalore, met Prats, Abhrajit and someone new...Abhishek Maiti; the last...fever, cold and sore throat!

There has been a lot to think over in the last few days... I want to be a journalist (Any journo listening?), I want a Louis Vuitton bag, I want to revive the blogger in me, I want to earn big time, I want to be happy, I want to go abroad, I want to get married, have kids, stay happy...phew!!

Alright, let me have the privilege to cut my own crap and begin with some sensible 'gyaan' for you guys! o_O

Tirupati... a heavenly place! Lord Venkateswara (or Lord Balaji) rests over seven mountains. The place is called Tirumala. A pilgrimage, where thousands of people flock to just catch a glimse of the Lord. Mind you, you can just catch a glimse of him! When I came out after seeing him, all I knew was that all the time that I was there in the Garbagraham (the main spot where Lord Venkateswara is), I had my eyes fixed on him. I cam out with tears in my eyes. The only thing I felt at that particular moment was that now since I have seen him and mentally prostrated in front of him, all my worries will be taken care by him. He is the wire-puller and so he knows, what I want.

People from different states (even from North India) were chanting the name of the Lord while standing in queues. But... what was irritating was that... even while standing in the queue, the people were just not considerate towards the females. They were pushing each and everyone so badly while making their way towards Garbagraham. My maternal aunt accompanied us to Tirupati. She was close to 55 years old. I saw ladies who were close to 70 years old, being pushed by the uncles around.Sad... someone needs to teach them decency!

Anyways guys...these days, I don't know why, I am just not able to gather all my intellect and try and push myself to write something worth a read. Hope to be back soon with something that would ring a bell in someone's head.



Jaky Astik said...

ab me tuje gyan deta hoon. Kabhi mane tuje kitna pareshan kiya uske bare me to likh. no really..I want to read sometimes :)

anyways..have a nice day :)

Amity Me said...

Hi Nyx;

Oh, I've missed you...and hope ur aware that there's an on-going snow-filled contest at the WL....:)

good ur back, at blogsphere and u will stay for good...:)

i've missed you really....:)

Meow said...

How many ever times you see Lord Venkatesha.. you won't be satisfied.. such is his charisma :)

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

hey artz...think its d season for hibernating affecting us warm blooded humans too :( :P

come back with ur superb for now i think we are sailing in the same boat..blogger in me is so dead :(

PS the Pratsie said...

all will b fine at its own sweet time time gal :) n till den.. m there to listen u :)

captain slow said...

ahem...i'm sorry miss meow, but i'm not buying that. Forget about satisfaction, i was fed up once and for all see the religious flapdoodle that runs people crazy as the narrated incident ,which by the way is not unsual in any temple. Try seeing the destitutes one the way there and that'll change the whole perspective!