September 29, 2009

The Bundle of Happiness!

There lived a cheerful girl down the lane,
Aarthi Venkatesh is her name,
But I prefer called her the bubbly Artz,
Happiness is her second name,
And a Pragmatic Utopia is where she prefers to stay!

A Lounge brought her to my life,
The Writer’s Hub was which made me recognize her,
Her writing forever and ever made me sigh a exclaim,
And my writings made her sigh in her own claim,
Part of the ‘Sigh Girls’ clan we soon became!

She wrote and wrote with that beautiful Florence,
And I read and read with that unknown quest,
Then came the Penguin-Grasshopper series,
And I wondered at the similar varies,
She reminded me of the time that I had lived in my past,
And then another angel made me realize,
How we all were each other’s Hora Crux!

Today this girl has matured to complete a celebration of a hundred,
And I again wish for her to soon reach her thousand,
I wish for her to write and write till infinity remains,
And spell the magic of words on the beauty of her surrounds,
Happiness or gloom, Misery or laugher, Romance or tragedy,
I wish her to be versatile in all forms in her power of the pen,
And I promise to read her even when the eyes became weak,
Even if I feeble to understand, I will still read and celebrate all her ways!

This is just a small way to tell you Artz about how special you and your writings are to me. I am sorry for being a bit late in this guest post but nevertheless I am here.

Since poetry is something which comes easy to me so I thought of composing one for you on this occasion (*hope it wasn’t too bad*)

Congrats on you 100th post and I wish you go on to blog infinite number of posts and reach the zenith here and in your life forever.

Best Wishes for everything in life!

Love you loads



Aarthi said...

Hey Nabila,

This was such a beautiful gift to me. Thanks a lot for making this 100th so special. :)

Loved every single line written in the poem. :)

Best wishes to you too Nab...



Meow said...

Very Very Beautiful :) Nabila this is cute guest post ever :)

Leo said...

i've read cuter posts from Nabby, but this is right there with the best! I think this is there in top two guest posts here at Utopia! :)

lovely poem Nabz! :)

happy 100th Artz, come fast with 100th. waiting with curiousity and impatience! :) :)

Sona Pandya said...

beautiful post Nabila, heard alot about u from fellow bloggers, all impressive stuff..