September 9, 2009

TaGgEd... :P

Tag season is back I guess! :P

Thank you Kaka for tagging me! :)
Alright guys, so this is called the BRAND TAG! :P

My Laptop Brand - Lenovo

My Mobile Brand - Nokia

My head phones Brand - Moser Baer

My watch Brand - Fastrack

My Shoes/Sandals Brand - Reebok

Other Brands I use - Brittania, Amway, Oriflame, McD, Nike, Lakme, Samsung... :)

Such a short and sweet tag! :D :D Thanks guys for bearing with me through this! I tag... Stephen, Leo and Kasabiangirl. :)


Kaka said...

neat.....hi5 on fastrack,moser baer and reebok...

The Solitary Writer said...

thank u madam...will do it soon

ani_aset said...

that was quick :)