September 10, 2009

Mind Boggling Observations!

Time to thank my friend SOWMIYA again! Last night...we were on phone... talking about heartbreaks and all the philosophies that surround the mortals, i.e. us! This girl just talks, and talks, and talks... certainly leaving me baffled and always giving me one more topic to blog about! Thanks da... without you... I would be a big time victim of Writers' Block! :P

Its strange... sometimes mind boggling... and a characteristic owned by each one of us! Oopz, forgot to tell you what am I talking about. Sorry! :P
Ever heard any friend of yours saying... 'Everything is over and I wish to live no more!'
Or may be... 'I've had enough yaa... I have seen so much! Now... I just seek death.'

Now, forgetting about which friend of mine said this to me... I can tell you guys one thing that I surely said the same statement to many friends of mine! Shucks man! :P
There are times and situations in one's life where everything seems to be going wrong and life seems to be a mere waste of time. It is too much to handle at one particular time... But have we ever noticed that though we use this cliche statement a lot of times that 'I wish to die now and I can't take this any more' , we generally move far away from all such situations, facing each one of them, cribbing about it, still emerging victorious... leaving our friends baffled and confused!?! :P :P

That is what confuses me. Taking a few exceptions into consideration (a fraction of the society that does give in to practices like committing suicide and things like that), all of us are knowingly or unknowingly strong! Isn't it? I mean... all of us have somehow witnessed some big pain or the other that made us wonder about our existing law/reason behind our existence in this world... To put it in the words of the Drama Queen in me... 'Bhagwan, ab main kaise jiyungi (Translation - Oh lord, how will I live now!)... But these laws/reasons change with time. All of us, wantingly or unwantingly, knowingly or unknowingly, learn to beat the pain and move ahead in life! :)

Personally speaking, I am a very emotional person! (Shucks yaa, secret revealed! :P)
There was a time when I wanted to pursue my B.Arch and for some reasons I could not. I mean, this was my dream ever since I took up Science as my subject in Class XII. I was totally shattered when I couldn't realize my dreaming of pursuing my B.Arch. I told my friends that I wished to die! :P Lol... 
But guys, TODAY I proudly present to you... My Blog - PRAGMATIC UTOPIA... a standing evidence of my existence in this world... technically 4 years after I told my friends that I wished to die! That's some news!! :D :D Am still alive! :P
Our problems seem so big to us at a point that leads us to such sudden outbursts of MAGNIFIED emotions! But, things generally take a new shape... with time! Time is a healer they say, and so it is!
When things go wrong, indulge in yourself, your family and friends... indulge in something that can take your mind off what is bothering you... (It sounds easy... and trust me, it is not difficult!)

Life sure is a snoozefest (Credits to Kasabiangirl) ... it gives you ample reasons to rant about... Each one of us are given ample reasons to cry and crib! But dudes and dudettes (:P), amidst these reasons, there are ample underlying reasons to be happy, to move on, to LIVE LIFE! :)

Find your own reasons and STAY HAPPY! :) ...And if you don't find the reason, am here for you all... come to me, we'll find it together! :)



chirag said...

nice thought
jindagi chalane ka naam hain ruknaa nahi chahiye
pata nahi kis mod par ek nayi shuruwat mil jaye


SiMbA tAgO said...

beautifully expressed... loved it... really.... and yeah u proved or maybe knocked many by saying that somehow or other each of us are living and trying to live...and at the rear we really come victorious....crossing every hurdle...

we really mean to give up our lives..but later when we feel us in the wonderland we really thank god that we dint die..

kudos...nice post

Anonymous said...

guess, firstly... thanks Sowmiya for getting rid of Artz' block! its so sad to get writer's block when ur on the sprint to 100 posts! :D

now that u r back, stay here. if u wish to die again, i know u'll be back like a phoenix! revive the dop blog too will ya?! :)

i have a nice reason to stay happy, and u r part of it too! :D take care TD :)

parzi said...

hey aarthi..
thats a beautiful thought provoking post and clearly depicts a hard core reality..u r right in an emotional turmoil or difficult phase of life we all feel like surrendering n quitting...not realizing the value of life and r loved ones...and the girl who has the power to make so many smile should not be feeling that low ever again..but if god forbid u do...then we guys r also all here for u dear!
take care!
god bless!

The Solitary Writer said...

u r awarded dear

Anonymous said...

Aarthi.. kalakura po!

Good going girl!

An Ordinary Gal said...

nice post dear...m agreed wid Chirag...we should always keep in mind that God has reasons in whatever he does..

Kudos to u..Keep Smiling :)

Sowmi said...

@Leo .... welcome

Artz... oops "Nyx" (I love this pen name :) ) Well put.. one theme you kept through out the post... "We don't know how strong we are until we come over difficulties and stand against odds"... when we look back one day we feel proud about ourselves na?? like "How was I able to go through all these things? How I managed?"

Life Rawks in its own way to me :)

Arun Kumar said...

Time n friends are my healers whenever i feel down...
Just ranting about it to my friends always helps...
Never keep the heart box closed...

ani_aset said...

"we are" thats a reason enough is a gift :)..and you have said it so well here..we all do have our lows but time heals :)