February 16, 2009

25 branches of the tree called ME...!

Thanks Arjun for the tag... This is precisely the second tag that I am attempting. Please bear with me if I make some mistakes. I really hope that this tag makes a good read...

1. I am very moody by nature. I can never change my mood according to the situation. Rather, I always want people to change their mood according to mine. (Fine, I know that is bad...now you don't overreact!) :P
2. I am a bookworm. At the age of 21, I am still not able to digest that I am working and that NO MORE COLLEGE is the status message!
3. I am a shopaholic...I can shop till I drop. But...BEWARE! If I don't get what I had set out for, you can see my worst mood swing. I still wonder what sort of a preset thinking this is of mine.
4. People and incidents don't fade away from within me that easily. I remember the good and the bad done to me.
5. Many people (and by 'many' I mean except a handful) find me boring, disinterested and yes, I can make them feel awkward with my silence. I take a lot of time to start talking to new people.
6. I am a great cook...my family and friends love the food I prepare. My friend has given me an award for this - "The Fastest Cook In The World."
7. I am highly pessimistic. My blog might not demonstrate it to you all, but yes I am.
8. I hate what I am being made today! My dream was to become a journo...yeah like the so-famous Barkha Dutt... I know...'BE happy with what you have' is what I should do...but I am sorry...I do not want to help it and I can never digest it!
9. I find life very complicated. I seek simplicity in it.
10. My dad says that just when a baby takes birth, you should keep a hand just below its head because a baby's head is unstable for three months. But in my case, it is not the head but my feet. I just keep stumbling down the staircase...no matter if I am running up the staircase or down. :P
11. I cannot skip the habit of reading the newspaper every morning. I've just started improving my G.K. I might not read something important but yeah...that's OK!
12. I cry a lot! I can cry on anything and every possible thing!
13. I love black...no...not the movie but that color! :D
14. I love buying new clothes. I tend to get bored with the ones I have easily.
15. I love doing tags...just that not many people know me in the blog world and I get to do the tags not that often.
16. I always wanted a sibling...an elder one! He/she could have been my saviour.
17. I sing well...had a fair chance of becoming a singer! I love singing.
18. I am a narcissist. I love myself. I keep myself happy by gifting things to myself!
19. I hate coffee...I think it tastes awful.
20. I lose my temper very easily.
21. I have a bitch...a daschund by breed. My mom and dad treat her like their second child (They even call her my sister). I am jealous! I hate her...but yeah...I just cannot live without her. 22. My mom's sister gave my bitch a name - CHULBULI. C'mon...that is such a funny name. I wanted to give her a name that would sound both cute and cool...but this act of my maasi just poured a full cup of hot tea over my ice-cool names.
23. I want to own a Labrador one day.
24. I am getting bored of this tag...thanks to you Arjun.
25. I am an English Literature graduate...but I don't watch many Hollywood flicks. I find them monotonous! No naach gaana and no gaana bajana...huh!

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...finally I am over with this tag!


Arjun said...

Hey Aarthi.. u said u r a narcissist and u got bored of this tag??? :P

hehe.. anyways, nice to know so many things abt u.... Should be careful with ur mood swings... Dont show them on me (if possible) ... hehe...

#5 is exactly as mine..... They feel I'm dumb and boring the first time... :)

Well done Aarthi..!!


Anonymous said...

11, 12, 13, that's me! :)

Mohita said...

Hey, i don't believe it..
We share a Aimilar life story.
I felt as if someone was narrating my life..
looking forward to read more from your kitty.

Anonymous said...

*am very moody by nature
i know but its what u r! love u jlt!

*People and incidents don't fade away from within me that easily. I remember the good and the bad done to me.
i know, it happens to me too! :)

*I cry a lot!
wanna shoulder? just ping!

Anonymous said...

*I always wanted a sibling.
bestest friend can be like a sibling... but the perks are more :D

*I sing well
yeah i know :) i've heard u :)

*I hate coffee
that means CCD out of the list when we meet! :P

*I lose my temper very easily.
i know :) but its again why u r dop! :)