January 6, 2009

Welcoming Myself Into This World.. After 21 Years ;)

JANUARY 12, 1988

(8 A.M.)

She was yelling and crying in pain as she was rushed to Karthik Nursing Home in Erode (in Tamil Nadu). Dr.Suguna Balasubramanian had to attend to her. The moment Dr.Suguna heard that she had been brought to the hospital, she ran to see her patient.The doctor could see that this case had now turned complicated.

(8.30 A.M.)

Dr.Suguna's husband is also a doctor. He was also called by Dr.Suguna to assist her in the operation. The pain was now unbearable. So many emotions were taking birth inside her..

She was happy that she was going to bring her first child into this world..

She was in acute pain that was unfathomable..

She was scared.."What if i'm not alive to see my baby??".. and such questions clouded her mind even more.

(9.30 A.M.)

Dr. Suguna came to Mr.Viswanathan and informed him that his daughter's case was a very serious one. It was a question of life and death for her. She was in a serious condition and it was possible only for either of them to survive..either the baby or the mother. He was made to complete all formalities before the doctor could begin the surgery. His hands shivered while he was filling the form and signed it. He said, "Doctor, if it is a question of life and death for her, i would want my daughter and not the baby."

(10.30 A.M.)

Dr. Suguna went inside the operation theatre and the red color light above the door went on..

Each and everyone was praying for her, her husband was called from Delhi..(we have a custom that the first baby is born at the mother's place). In the midst of the operation, the doctor found that the blood pressure of the patient had shot to 210/180..and the patient got an attack of epilepsy!!

The doctor gave her heart and soul in saving her patient. The operation continued for 2 hours..

"What would i tell Venkatesh if Subha doesn't sur....," thought Mr.Viswanathan. Obviously, he would have had to answer every question that her husband would have asked him if something would have happened to her.

(1.15 P.M.)

The hospital heard an intense, high-sounding and piercing cry of a baby girl.. :)

Mr.Viswanathan, was thrilled when he heard the cry of the baby, but suddenly he was reminded of his daughter..

"The doctor said any one of them would survive and if the baby has..then what happened to Subha..??"

He was anxiously waiting for the doctor to come out.

(1.45 P.M.)

Dr.Suguna came witha big smile on her face and said..

"Congratulations, Subha and your angel, both are fine."

Mr.Viswanathan could not understand what to do..to cry or to smile!! He took the angel in his arms and called his son-in-law and told him the good news!!

January 14, 1988

Mr.G.K.Venkatesh reached Chennai. It was a long way before he could reach Erode which is another 260 kms from Chennai. January 14 was the day when the Tamilians celebrate Pongal. All modes of transport did not work that day and he had to take lifts from strangers, sit in a lorry and finally after many such hardships, reach Erode. When he took me in his arms, his joys knew no bound and all the fatigue had vanished.

January 15, 1988

Subha regained consciousness after 3 days. She did not knew what had happened to her baby. Mr.Venkatesh came in, gave her the baby in her hand and he became the sole eye-witness to what his wife felt at that moment. (Ahh, i wish i could have seen her at that time.)

January 12, 2009

The angel is now going to turn 21..!! Her name is Aarthi Venkatesh..!!

They love their angel and their angel loves them too..!!


My dad's name is Mr.G.K.VENKATESH and my mom's name is SUBHASHINI VENKATESH.
I dedicate this post to them. It is because of them what i am today and I thank them for everything that they have given me..!!

P.S. : I just wanted to share this incident with you.

And the biggest and beshtesht P.S. : I have tears in my eyes just when i have just completed writing this post..!!


Arjun said...

Oh u sweet Aarthi.. :) :) :)

How happy they would feel when they read this... What else can they ask for from their angel....
A very nice gesture from ur part...

I'll wish u on ur Birthday.. ;)


Aarthi said...

Thank you my friend!! :) :)



Arnab said...

i am proud of u...nd i understand why u r an angel...really...!!!

Anonymous said...

i read this at WL :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday madamoiselle...

Anonymous said...

u can consider it advance for next year or belated for this year :D ;)